Rural Taobao participated in Double 11 for the first time, Liu Qizheng praised Ali

Liu Qizhen inspected the rural Taobao Fengjie Operation Center

Rural Taobao has developed more than 9,000 villages in the country and will participate in Double 11 Carnival for the first time. On the morning of November 7, Liu Qizheng, member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Secretary of the Central Secretariat, and Minister of the Central Propaganda Department, accompanied by Yan Ping, member of the Standing Committee of the Chongqing Municipal Party Committee, Minister of Propaganda Department, and Tan Jialing, Deputy Mayor of Chongqing Municipality, etc. In the center, Liu Qizheng asked Alibaba’s preparations and highly evaluated the rural Taobao operation model, praising “Alibaba has done a great thing for the country.”


Liu Qizhen cares about rural Taobao

Liu Qizhen first listened to Feng Quanlin, head of the central and western regions of the Rural Taobao Division, to introduce the entire rural Taobao operation model. When talking about the report of Taobao partners in the countryside, Liu Qizheng carefully asked how talents were cultivated. Feng Quanlin introduced that Taobao partners in rural areas are mainly selected from returning to township workers and college students. In addition to helping villagers to buy cheap products, they are also willing to promote rural economic development with Ali.

On the display wall of the operation center, Liu Qizhen became interested in several works of the deep image exhibition of the rural Taobao. Before a photo of a “buy area”, he asked the rural Taobao to help farmers shopping and sell agricultural special products. Happening. Feng Quanlin introduced that rural Taobao has been able to provide diversified services such as the day and the next day with the help of Cainiao Network. At the same time, Cainiao Network also provides safe and reliable warehouse -matching services, decentralizing product control, packaging, circulation and other links to provide integrated logistics solutions for listing and sales for agricultural products. Liu Qizhen also carefully asked the online sales price and offline sales price poorly, and affirmed Ali helping villagers to reduce costs to increase income.

Liu Qizheng also observed the buying and selling process of farmers in the simulation village of the Rural Taobao Fengjie County Operation Center. He particularly cared about the processing process of farmers’ dissatisfaction after buying goods. When learning that in order to improve the villagers’ trust, Taobao coordinates the manufacturer to set up sample display at the village point, and the villagers can enjoy the service of after -sales protection, return and exchange without worry, and be sure of the construction of Alibaba’s integrity system, and hope that Alibaba will help the entire society as a whole society Improve network integrity values.


The first time in rural China participated in Double 11

Alibaba Rural Taobao has opened the first rural Taobao service station in Tonglu, Zhejiang last October. As of November 7, the rural Taobao service has covered more than 9,000 villages in more than 20 provinces across the country in one year, and has developed nearly 10,000. Returning to the hometown became a partner of Taobao in rural areas. This year, the villagers covered by more than 9,000 villages will participate in Alibaba’s double 11 carnival for the first time.

Since the pre -sale period of product pre -sale on October 13, through the promotion and mobilization of the rural Taobao partners in the early stage of the village, a variety of affordable and easy -to -use products have been “ribbon” quickly. Thickening and velvet yellow vest (warm clothes), such as the original price of 430 yuan and the dual 11 price of 59 yuan, the dwarf quilt in autumn and winter thick quilt quilt, it is very likely to become the ultimate explosion of rural Taobao during the double 11 period this year.

According to statistics, the current hot selling TOP5 items are: TCL55 -inch TV, TCL32 -inch TV, Wanlida speaker, TCL 8KG washing machine, and down. The village -selling TOP3 items are: Arctic velvet gold armor, down quilt, and Wanlida speaker.

Xu Xingying, a 50 -year -old villager of Tonglu Yong’an Village, Zhejiang, opened a rural Taobao service station on December 27, 2014. This year, she set the goal of 1 million sales for herself, hoping to travel to South Korea after completion. To this end, she launched her relatives and friends and kept promoting more than 30 explosive models that the rural Taobao maintained this year. At present, she has pre -sold two cars, including a BMW of about 300,000.

The rural Taobao partner of Zhaojia Village Service Station in Tonglu Baijiang Town, and the first college student child, also extended the business tentacles to kindergarten and dental clinics, sold to more than 100 sets of sportswear in kindergarten to open a Games, and sold to dentists. chair.

After the Alibaba Group was listed in the United States in September 2014, it clearly proposed that agricultural e -commerce -related e -commerce as one of the key development directions in the future, and announced in October 2014 that the “Thousands of County and Wancun Plan” rural strategy will be launched. Within 5 years, he invested 10 billion yuan to establish 1,000 county -level service centers and 100,000 village -level service stations. In other words, by building the two -level service network of the county and villages, full use of the advantages of e -commerce, breaking the bottleneck of logistics and information flow, talent and consciousness, realizing the two -way circulation of “online goods go to the countryside” and “agricultural products enter the city” Functions, then build smart rural areas, realize rural urbanization, and optimize the county’s economic structure.

Sun Lijun, general manager of the rural Taobao business department, said that participating in Double 11 for the first time has special significance for rural Taobao. The significance is not GMV. The benefits bring to the people and let the people experience the Internet. “I hope this time it will not only have a buy and sell. I hope how to make the people be happier in these 24 hours and how to enjoy the arrival of the Internet era.”

Liu Qizhen inspected the rural Taobao Fengjie Operation Center