The stainless steel pot is “dirty” inside and outside! Teach you a soil method to easily remove stubborn dirt

Every household has a stainless steel pot that you like to use,

However, because of long -term use, it is found that the bottom of the pot will produce black dirt, which looks very dirty, and it is not clean with ordinary dishwashing.


The most annoying thing is that this kind of thing will occur in the pot. If you have this situation,

Then I will teach you a simple way to easily remove all stubborn stains.

Why is the bottom of the stainless steel pot yellow and black?

Because most of the pots are made of stainless steel, stainless steel is often roasted by fire and can cause yellow hair and black.

Because oxidation effects will occur at high temperatures, the above similar situations will gradually occur.


In addition, stainless steel itself will change a color when encountering high temperature. The gas we often use contains a lot of carbon ions. During the process of cooking, these carbon ions are not fully decomposed.


Slowly stick to the bottom of the pot, coupled with the oil pollution produced by cooking, the bottom of the pot will become more and more difficult to clean.

How to deal with yellow and black pot bottom?

Most people try to use steel balls and washing essence when cleaning stainless steel. Although this combination is very effective,

However, it is still impossible to clean the bottom of the pot, and even you will leave severe marks every time you wipe, losing the service life of the pot.

You need to know that the kitchen is the most important place in our family. We love here to create a variety of foods.

Increase the comfort and happiness of the family, but the stubborn black stain really affects your mood of cooking.


I used to try a lot of cleaning products, but the final effect was unsatisfactory. In the end I found a clean product called [Potal Discover Ointment].

It really solves the problem of my family, and insisting that use can achieve the effect of maintenance.

Because the bottom of the pot is multifunctional, in addition to helping you clean the stubborn black stains, even the rust on the stainless steel can be easily solved.

Not only these, even the old pot that has been placed for many years will become clean under the cleaning of the pollution cream.


It’s really easy to use. With the existence of decontamination paste, it really helps save a lot of housework.


I usually like to use it to clean the hygiene in the kitchen. No matter how stubborn stains, only


You need to wipe it gently to clean it.

You use a clean cotton to dip a little to remove the paste, and then apply it to the place where the dirt is more serious. You only need to wipe it a few times. After a few minutes, you will find that the stains are gone. Finally, use the water to wash it.

The ingredients of stainless steel cleaning cream are the active agent and natural plant essence. The ingredients are very good.


Do not worry about hurting the skin at all when using it.


If you want to better guarantee the hygiene problem in the kitchen, you can only develop the habit of rubbing at hand.

After using the kitchen every day, clean up.

People who often use rags will find,

It is impossible to use it to clean the oil pollution at all, and the more you wipe it.

It will become greasy for a long time. It will breed bacteria in order to ensure the health of the family.


It is recommended that everyone throw away the candles.

Compared to the rag, I prefer to use [Kitchen to decontaminate wet towels], because it also has a super active agent,

It can help you clean all the stains on the stove and range hood.


Because it is a disposable design

We can throw it away directly after using it, so we don’t have to worry about breeding bacteria like a rag.

The most exciting thing is that after using the wet towel, you can clean it, and you can use it to wipe the shoe and rub the furniture.

Because it is a degradable material, we can throw it away directly.


Summary: Many people cannot solve the health problems of the kitchen. Only you use the correct method.

Only to live a comfortable and clean life. If you have the above problems, try it.