Can detect obstacles and can automatically call the police. Wuhan students design smart crutches to win prizes

Chutian Metropolis Daily, November 18 (Reporter revealed that the correspondent Guo Lei) is not only controllable, but also can detect obstacles and real -time positioning. When an accident may occur, they can automatically call the police through the APP. Today, the reporter learned from Wuhan City Vocational College that in the just -concluded “Challenge Cup” National College Student Academic Science and Technology Works Competition, the school’s participating team participated in the creative work of peace of mind and intelligent crutches, winning the national third prize of the national -level award This is also the only team in Hubei Higher Vocational College to receive national awards.

The reporter of the Chutian Metropolis Daily saw that this blind stick with voice recognition and voice output function was spliced ​​from 4 rods with a length of about 25 cm in length, and the interior could be folded. Due to the light material, you can hang directly on your body or put it in the backpack after folding. At the handle, a card slot is set at an intimate manner, which can be used to put a bus card. GPS chips have built -in GPS chips near the card slot, which can be located in real time, and can also measure the heart rate and blood pressure of the user.


“When the user walks normally, if the positioning of more than 5 minutes has not changed, the information will automatically transmit to his family’s app and make reminders.” Wu Mao, one of the participating students, introduced that there is a built -in radar in the part of contact with the ground. You can accurately detect obstacles within 2 meters, such as the sinking water pits, raised steps, etc. Not only that, users can also use crutches as FM radios. If necessary, you can also call for help by calling for the positioning of the headset Bluetooth device for positioning.

This creativity stems from a public welfare activity more than 2 years ago. Yuan Bo, a team instructor and teacher of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Wuhan City Vocational College, recalled that at the end of 2017, he took the students to the Jiangxiayi Welfare Academy to visit the lonely old man and found that the old people had a high dependence on the cane, especially for some physical inconvenience or some physical inconvenience or Old people with poor vision. After returning to school, he formed a team of students several times for brainstorming. After more than 50 modifications and consumption for nearly 2 years, this multifunctional reunion crutch was formed.


“The most difficult link is the programming of radar ranging.” Wu Mao said that at the beginning, the radar detection was very unstable, the accuracy rate of detection obstacles was very low, and the detection distance could not meet expectations. Under the guidance of the teacher, they spent more than half a year and revised the programming more than 20 times before allowing the radar to have the current accuracy and sensitivity. “”

It is understood that the “Challenge Cup” National College Student Series Science and Technology Academic Competition is a national college student extracurricular academic practice competition co -sponsored by the Communist Youth League Central Committee, the Chinese Association of Science and Technology Association, the Ministry of Education and the National Federation of Education. There are two parallel projects in the “Challenge Cup” competition, one is the “Challenge Cup” Chinese University Student Entrepreneurship Program Competition, and the other is the “Challenge Cup” national college student extracurricular academic science and technology competition. The national competitions of these two projects are carried out in turn, and each project is held every two years. Among them, the “Challenge Cup” national college student extracurricular academic science and technology work competition is known as the “Olympic Conference”, which is known as the scientific and technological innovation of contemporary college students. It is the largest, highest specifications, and the most competitive comprehensive student science and technology innovation competition in China.