How to use curly hair stick perm curly rolling stick brand recommendation

Having an elegant curly hair is the dream of many female friends. But the price of hair is expensive and spent time. Using curly hair stick perm can quickly achieve the effect you want. If you want to achieve this goal, first of all, you need to know how to use curly hair rod perm.

How to use curly hair rod perm


Roll down the hair with curling sticks sideways. Such curls are more curly and more natural.

Vertical coil

Just roll the hair along the curly hair stick. Remember to divide the width, otherwise it is not easy to curl.

How to use the constant temperature electrical roll stick

如何用卷发棒烫发 卷发棒品牌推荐

The general usage can rotate at 360 degrees, and the hair rolls the hair on the electric rod without injury. It is better than ordinary use.

After twisting, the hair is twisted and then rolled with curls, the effect is better ~

Two layers of rolls are rolled directly, and the hair is twisted and rolled up. The top will be more fluffy, and the bottom will be more natural.

The curling method of straight clip is generally used

如何用卷发棒烫发 卷发棒品牌推荐

Use a straight clip like a curl device, the effect is almost the same ~

You can curl your hair if you pull straight at a rolled straight plate. Use a straight clip in every section of the hair. Remember to use a fixed agent.

Rolling Baseball Brand Recommendation

1. Sassoon vs

(Founded in the United Kingdom in 1954, the hairdressing tool industry is bright stars, enjoying a reputation in customers and markets, and Procter & Gamble authorized Meikangya International Trade Co., Ltd.).

2. Philips Philips

(Pioneer in the Netherlands in 1891, a well -known trademark in China, a world -renowned brand, the world’s 100 most valuable brands, Philips Electronics (China) Investment Co., Ltd.).

如何用卷发棒烫发 卷发棒品牌推荐

3. Panasonic Panasonic

(In 1918, Japan, Fortune 500 companies, world brands, large multinational companies, one of the world’s largest electronic manufacturers, Panasonic Electric (China) Co., Ltd.).

4. Feike Flyco

如何用卷发棒烫发 卷发棒品牌推荐

(China’s well -known trademark, participating in the formulation of national standards for the shaving knife industry, enterprises that integrate shaving knives and small home appliances, Zhejiang Feike Group Co., Ltd.).

5. Bulang Braun

(Developed in Germany in 1921, Procter & Gamble, a famous brand of small home appliances, large multinational groups, European and American high -end market brands, Germany Boran Co., Ltd.).

6. Kangfu

(China’s well -known trademark, a well -known trademark in Guangdong Province, an electrical manufacturing enterprise integrating development, design, production, and marketing, Guangdong Huanengda Electric Co., Ltd.).

7. Pentium Povos

(China’s well -known trademark, Shanghai famous trademark, high -tech enterprise, top ten hairdressing tool brands, Shanghai Famous Brand, Shanghai Pentium Enterprise (Group) Co., Ltd.).

8. Tan Carpenter

(Listed company, a well -known trademark in China, a list of intangible cultural heritage in Chongqing, has a number of patents, wooden combing leading brands, Tan Carpenter Holdings Co., Ltd.).

9. Superman SID

(China’s well -known trademark, a national high -tech enterprise, is committed to the research and development, manufacturing and sales of shaving knives, hair dryers and other products, China Superman Group Co., Ltd.).

10. Wall Wahl

(In the United States in 1919, a manufacturing company with professional haircut and beauty appliances, ten major brands of hair tools, industry -leading brands, Wall Shear (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.).

In addition to introducing how to use curly hair stick perm, the above editor also introduced some better curly hair rod brands. If you want to buy curl sticks, the above editor introduces that the brand is worth considering buying.