Qi Wei’s rectification is because of less reading?

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The popularity of the heat has been gradually. During that time, Qi Wei’s double eyelids were higher than the plot.

Why does Qi Wei look beautiful enough to toss blindly?

The moment when Qi Wei’s face value is relatively peak, it is three thousand gold in the Xia family. Not only is it beautiful, but also very distinctive and recognizable. In the entertainment circle where the girl’s face is popular, Qi Wei has a sparsely rare

Cute Royal Sister Fan.

The short face of the young state was washed away by sharp eyes and high nose bridge, and it was 20%cute mixed 80%sharp royal sister, like


Young and promising female boss



Traditional Royal Sister


A lot of age is much less.

The state of the above photo is very good, but then Qi Wei became the picture below.


In this TV series, Qi Wei contributed his outstanding acting skills, but

Obvious traces of plastic surgery seriously dragged the hind legs of the acting skills.

Crying is no matter how real, the double eyelids also play in minutes.


The original beautiful female celebrities have not been a small number of cases of disabled, each with their own reasons. For Qi Wei, many netizens thought that she was married to a Korean husband, and slowly aesthetically leaned on Korean aesthetics.

Korean aesthetic rough point summarizes

Gentle and gentle

If the goal is this, Qi Wei will certainly dissatisfy the original self.

Aesthetic ability and aesthetic tendencies are essentially a problem of sociology and psychology, because

“Why do you think this is beautiful?”

More importantly, students in design positions should resonate with this. For example, the works that they feel good, the customer scolds nothing, and they feel that they can’t take it out. The customer applauds the thighs.

Therefore, the key to aesthetic issues is to whom this beauty should be explained. For individuals,

How to build his aesthetic standard for a person’s intellectual and resume;

For society,

How to map the spiritual needs of the group to the fashion trend.

For the face, most of the recognition is due to defects.

If you want to be fascinated, it will inevitably be less pure; if you want to sting the world, it is inevitable. for example,

Give you Shirahara’s face, will you make plastic surgery to improve the convex mouth?


It is important to understand the right understanding of the United States!

In order to help everyone recognize their beauty and do not easily deny themselves. Today I recommend some books to you. After reading it, you will feel that “beauty” is just like this ~!

Surprisingly, Uncle Oxygen thinks


All books are useful, the key is how you look at these books,

The final stage of reading must be transcending the book itself to read this book. Only in this way can we see it.


Author’s intention and limitations

, Such a book talent

It is useful to yourself but not just becoming a blind fan,

Cutting the feet of others, suitable for your own performance ~

It turns out that we have recommended two books, and write a unified version today.




You must read the books on sociology and anthropology first. You will find it

Beauty is a very changeable thing.

Most people evaluate that a person looks good or not, is related to whether this person is healthy, and it is also related to human survival, reproductive needs, and purpose. You can simply understand it as “it is beneficial to my survival and genes, and I will do it. I think it is beautiful. “

In addition to the “Evolution Psychology”, “selfish genes” can also be seen as biological attributes. The author of “selfish gene” Doukins has a nearly cold rationality. These aspects can make you


Understand human nature


After understanding a little human instinct, you can understand


The operation of social mechanism,

Deepen the understanding of human nature, such as Zhang Weiying’s “Game and Society”.

And the “Animal Manor” of power formation process.

I think I can read it in economic books. I personally prefer this book written by Douglas.


Then “National Fulk Theory” must be read, how to make money by knowing money? The version is not limited.

In the process of spreading, information is easy to deform, and information will have a great impact on the values ​​of the group, so

The formation process of ideology is recommended.

There are many books in business, and this can also be read casually, “From Zero to One”, “Fools to Random”, “Black Swan” and so on.

Of course, there are arts. Let’s take a look at the history of art. Gentbreis’s “The Story of Art”.

The difficulty, Zhang Gan’s “Simplication of Foreign Art History”.


Especially obsessed with aesthetics, you can also look at visual psychology.

Visual psychology


It is about the visual laws and habits of the brain. What is commonly discussed? What details make a painting look tension? What ratio makes us feel beautiful? How to shape and what is the law.

Format psychology can help understand the impact of information on the aesthetic,


Format psychology believes that vision will be affected by perception.

For example, if you see a book, you will directly think that it is a book, not “there are many layers of thin objects in a square.”

In fact, watching the show is also possible, “Advertising Madman”, “Atlantic Empire”, “Song of Ice and Fire” are excellent, and there is an cartoon, “Rick and Morty”.


Want to change or accept yourself?

Former blogger

Six days


Without enough skills and economic foundation to pursue the lifestyle you want



There is no enough value and cognitive system to support you to make a choice different from ordinary people

This is the real problem. Although this passage is emotional, it is also common in aesthetic choices.


Only those who are enough to deal with all kinds of doubts can persist in themselves.

Correctly understanding human prejudice and limitations can let yourself walk on the real pair.

Not only becoming beautiful.

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