Recommend 2 product thinking tools: Value proposition canvas and NABC model

Edit Introduction: Either to make products or entrepreneurship, it is usually conceived first, or found the pain points of society when inadvertently fantasies, seize the needs, and seize business opportunities. But new ideas are often not easily accepted by the public. At this time, you need to use tools to demonstrate that your thoughts are feasible, market demand, and commercial value, so that you can often attract investors’ attention. This article tells about the two tools of the value of the value of the value of the value of the value, and it is recommended to read partners who are interested in this.

Many times to make products or start a business between fantasy and common sense, that is, you want to go beyond fantasy and common sense, and find an idea between them.

First of all, you need to have a wonderful thought to promote your action

The three founders of Airbnb (Brian Chesski, Joe Gosbie, Nashan Bridzk) from college, Chesski found a design work, but what about Goia, I always wanted to think about When he came out to start a business, he kept encouraging Chezki’s partnership to start a business.

Chesski came to San Francisco when he couldn’t help but finally left. In 2007, Chesski had only $ 1,000, and it cost $ 1200 to rent a house in San Francisco, let alone stay in the hotel. It happened that they met an international design conference. Due to the many people participating, the hotel was in short supply

At this time, Gosbia suddenly thought that since they came to the competition, they must be found. What would happen to the people who participated in the conference.

Because of this wonderful idea, they opened the homestay business, but at the time they had only three air cushion beds+breakfast. This was the way to snatch the business model of hotel business around the world. Finally, they named this project “Airbedand Breakfas”. It is the air cushion bed+breakfast, referred to as Airbnb.

No exception, the emergence of new models will be disgusted. During the design conference, Airbnb only obtained three customers,

In the future, they recommend their services in different display. For example, at the 2008 Southwest Southwest Music Conference, they got two customers. In fact, one was still living by themselves.

For example, at the Denver DNC conference in 2008, they took the initiative to contact the organizer and said that they could provide accommodation services. The organizer heard that “this matter is too unreliable, and cruelly rejected their request.” I also contacted the media’s business model to expose Airbnb, and of course the results were also painful.

In the end, you can only find the local blogger to recommend Airbnb services. After some operation, 80 people finally book their air cushion bed+breakfast service.

The early service of Airbnb, in the opinion of common sense people, it is a matter of time, but in the opinion of the challenging people, this is an excellent idea. Because of some fantasies, you will see others. The things that are not seen seem to be safe and promising.


However, many times, when we practice business ideals, we are more driven with common sense or feelings. Of course, it is not that common sense is not important, but that common sense cannot be used to think about new things. For example, some people hate 996 life. Usually drinking milk tea and seeing the milk tea shop is very profitable, go to join or open a milk tea shop alone. This is thinking with common sense or feelings, and ignores the details of this business and what the price you will pay.

Back to Airbnb to see, although they found a new business model, they used common sense to start a business. From 2007 to 2008, the three of them encountered various sadness, and the company almost went bankrupt. Parents said that their own entrepreneurial direction, in the end, persisted, the biggest difference between entrepreneurs and losers is willpower, mainly you did not give up, and the project did not fail.

Fortunately, they met the nobleman of the career, Y Combinato, Silicon Valley Innovation Institution. In the process of participating in the entrepreneurial training camp, reinterpret and position the Airbnb model. We probably use some basic tools to restore their business direction.

1. Value claim canvas

1. What is your value proposition

In a word, what is the difference between the selling point you provide and others?


The search point is not based on your search for the industry, but your understanding of your user needs and the insight of consumption. In addition to providing a bed service, there are other highlights that make users shine. For example, the Apple experience store we saw, at the time, someone sold electronic products as consumer products for the first time.

Airbnb did two things. The first thing was to make friends with the landlord, listen to the landlord’s thoughts, and then go to the landlord’s home and write down the first comment on the house. In this way, they have 100 users who love this platform very much. We must know that in the process of entrepreneurship, before large -scale development, we must polish the core service of the product, otherwise it is definitely a nightmare for urgent ending.

The second thing is to take pictures for the landlord. The entrepreneurial entrepreneurship of Internet companies is the same as other companies. It does not write a few strings of code in front of the computer to complete the great dream. s things.

Taking pictures of the landlord is the process of chatting with the landlord, and the reason why the user is actually affecting the order is that the photo is not good.

2. Why only you can do it, others can’t do it

Try to do some “stupid” things, such as Airbnb, the thing that really makes it grow is not driven by technology, but the two founders fly to fly to the landlord with a camera every day.

When Ctrip developed in the early days, he also used a lot of stupid methods, such as the membership card of Ctrip at the airport. This is the trick of Wu Hai, the founder of Orange Crystal Hotel. He pays 10,000 wages to each card issuer. The market price is 5 times, and many people think that Wu Hai is crazy, but Wu Hai said: “If they want to get this 10,000 yuan, they will work overtime day and night. Find a customer at the Bund. Even if he was beaten by a security guard at the office building and was bombed by the police at the airport, they would still rush forward. This is what I want.

As a result, this method allows Ctrip’s monthly order to increase from 1,000 to 20,000. After a while, Ctrip became the largest hotel distributor in the country.

3. What way do you make a profit

These three issues are very ordinary and basic, but they are like filter, screening out some excess material to see if you have left some unique things. If not, the entrepreneurial entrepreneurs we conceive may A delusion.

Entrepreneurship itself is a very difficult choice. We do some screening itself, not for ourselves or others, but that the entrepreneurial itself cannot be driven by feelings, because feelings are seller thinking. You are just standing on yourself. See the other side of the rectangle on the angle. For example, I have a very resources, I am also capable of working, and my team is working hard, but I have never been able to do business. The reason is simple, there must be some black boxes you don’t know, no matter how hard you work hard.

2. NABC model

Poper said:

Science is evidence of false, criticism and suspicion are indispensable,

Although an analysis model makes you not run off, there will be some weaknesses. I will recommend another analysis tool NABC to make up for the shortcomings of the previous model.

1. N is need (demand)

This demand must be the core issue of users.

In fact, our needs have hierarchical levels

For example, whether it is just a need or an interesting demand, whether it is a temporary demand or a continuous demand. When identifying this need, you should also pay attention to solving a pain point, and there are also multiple pain points that hides unknown. If you do not solve the hidden pain point, your product logic cannot be established.

For example, Wuling macro electric vehicle, is it just because it can be transformed by unlimited DIY to transform her car? The answer is definitely not, DIY’s own car is just an interesting demand.

The owners who buy Wuling macro are to solve the problem of travel in small cities. In three, fourth, fifth -tier cities, it is inconvenient to go out from A to B. Trams can make you reach smoothly, and it is also convenient to park. The price is only 30,000 yuan, at most the price of 3 Apple phones. Of course, cheap prices can turn a product that is not just needed into a rigid need.

2. A is APPROACH (means)

That is, you solve the pain point, the means you need to use or the solution is a solution

For example, I am going to find a job now, there are many ways to solve the job to find a job. company.

Therefore, the method of solving the problem is not the only answer. You can see that Ctrip’s early growth is achieved through the card.

Maybe what you have to do is to choose the most easy and most willing way to accept in many solutions.

There are many car owners who are young girls in Wuling Macro Tram. They have their own unique value system, just like when girls wear JK uniforms, you will not feel that they should buy a expensive clothes, you only feel that they will only think Because her age characteristics, experience, and growth environment is in line with this clothes.

When they buy Wuling macro, they don’t think they will lose their prices, but they think that this is their own big toys. When girls choose toys as a child, they will choose some girl dolls that can be changed and shared with the children around them. Therefore, on the various paths that meet the needs of users, Wuling Macro will actively provide users with a set of DIY cars, and will also report a variety of concerts and celebrities for car owners.

3. B is benefit (user income)

With the method of solving the problem, the total cost of the user pays is high. Many times, the cost we understand is only the cost of the user’s purchase of funds. In fact, many of us will face the problem of mortgage use, that is, the purchase cost and the purchase cost and the purchase cost and The total use cost has obvious asymmetric.

The total cost of use includes: learning costs, maintenance costs, time costs, etc., that is, you have to use this product to pay well.

Back to Wuling macro trains, users buy a car about 30,000. As for the charging costs and maintenance costs, they are calculated according to the market, and they will not add extra burden on users. 80%of the owners who buy Wuling Hongguang will modify him, some are modified interior, some are modified appearance, but these spends are between 200-500. Text and pattern, this is a very cool thing.

If you are tired of the current decoration of the car or the direction of the trend after a while, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to re -refresh and modify the car decoration. This is like you have a new car again when you refresh it again.

4. C is Competitive (competitive)

This competitiveness is replacement. Although your products can provide various benefits and help users solve the problem, there will always be different opponents in different scenarios or in the same scene.

Of course, this substitution is a multi -level alternative, such as the opponent’s cost is lower than you, or if you meet the core needs, you can also bring more interesting needs.

Like Wuling Hongguang, he also encountered opponents in the face value of the price model, a good cat in Great Wall Motors.

3. Summary

The tool just helps you to master one thing quickly. If you learn a lot of tools, but you still do n’t understand, it may be that the basic disk of individuals is not stable enough.

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