“Reprinted” kitchen common sense common sense

When buying a tool, as long as the blade is sharp, you can cut it. The material of the white iron knife is relatively hard and not easy to wear. It is a better choice. It is enough to prepare a fruit knife and a universal knife.

Fruit knife: The knife is short, flexible and fast use.

Fish knife: The knife is short, suitable for cut slices.

Meat knife: sharp blade, fast cutting.


Plane: It can be used to remove vegetable skin, such as carrot skin and loofah skin.

Scissors: It can be used to cut shrimp, fish gills, crab feet, rice noodles, etc.; Some scissors can also be used to open cans and cut back fruit shells.

Universal knife: The knife is heavier and can be cut and cut.


How to use the knife flexibly

Knife Heel: It can be used to remove the buds of the rhizome and other rhizome -like vegetables such as potatoes and taro.


Blade: It can be used to cut the ingredients.


Knife Noodles: Put the garlic cloves under the knife surface and press it down to remove the garlic skin.

Back of the knife: When chopping the meat filling, you can use the back to replace the meat hammer, chop it from top to bottom, so that the meat is fully relaxed and extended.


Tip of the knife: It can be used to dig the heart of vegetables, remove the internal organs of the fish, and pick out the meat band.

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