How to match spring? A piece of nine -point pants is fashionable, elegant and atmospheric

Pants are a very common item in daily life. Almost everyone will have such a one, but many people know about the combination of cropped pants, and they do n’t even know how to match it.


If you have such a problem, then today’s matching scheme must be particularly suitable for you. Solve the problem of mixing the pants for you, and express yourself with fashion.

Girls who are fashionable and elegant are at this moment, and take action quickly.

Switching of trousers fabrics

Pants are a daily item. Many people think that the version is more important than the material. If you think so, then you are wrong.

In fact, the choice of fabrics is a key step in the forming of single products. All versions depend on the basics of fabrics, so choosing fabrics is a key issue.

Under normal circumstances, the nine -point pants are more suitable for the fabric material with a vertical sense, and it looks stiff but not too old.

There is also an advantage of the fabric of the pendant, which makes the design more textured, that is, it looks not cheap.


To a certain extent, the design of this drainage also helps to live a fast -paced life, because laundry and clothes are very convenient.


What is convenient is our daily life, and it will not be easily wrinkled, and various problems are avoided. Therefore, the fabric of the falling sense is often more popular than cotton and Modal.

High waistline of pants selection


The high waistline is important for daily life. Why do you say that? It is really very modified.

For Asians, the proportion of body is a key point. Because it is not as superior as black as a black person, it can only rely on high waistline modification.

The most common high waistline design comes from all kinds of lower clothes. The most common is pants, so the trousers are highly waistline, which can be added to wear.

In fact, not only the trousers require high waistline, but the same goes in daily life are the same. It is nothing to say to modify the figure.

Therefore, when pairing with pants, we can also use the advantages of the high waistline to use it to match various tops. We can choose to stuff the jacket into the pants, which looks taller.

Many small girls will use this method to modify their figures. As long as we remember this in daily life, we can resolve many matching problems and become more fashionable and more temperament.

Treasures of pants


Many people pay attention to the version when dressing and matching. The version is indeed very important. Although the fabric is the basis, the effect of the version affects the effect of matching, so how to choose the right version is the most critical part.

Many people like loose pants very much, but in fact, too loose pants are not so friendly. The most modified figure is those slightly loose straight pants.

Wearing the upper body is thin and it will not look too lazy, so covering meat but not fat.

However, girls with pear -shaped figure can also choose trousers with slightly legs and feet, which is more fit than straight pants, so wearing the upper body is very generous.

Pants are suitable for solid color selection, because it is clean and simple, it can be easily controlled even in the face of complex floral design.


Fashion for pants dressing

In fact, dressing and matching are not a way of expression of people, and do not follow the psychology. How to “freely” is the key.

Although the combination of “freely” is not the optimal choice, it can gain a beautiful mood and let you get fashion plus points.

Some people like loose design, so they can continue this style. They love because they love. Although they do not modify their figures, they have a fashionable attitude.


30+ women must have an attitude and more elegant attitude. Pursuing “freely” must also use their own advantages. Elegant fashion is exciting.

Especially those shirts that improve their temperament can form a fashionable picture with pants. The trend but not too escape, suitable for daily life.

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