Is the plastic bath?

The plastic bathtub is a plastic bathtub literally. Now with the development of science and technology, the progress of society, people’s living standards have improved, and the material of the bathtub has also appeared. So how are plastic bathtubs? Many consumers want to know. However, when buying plastic bathtubs, many consumers often want to know if the plastic bath tank and the price of plastic bathtubs. Let ’s take a look at the plastic bath and the price of plastic bathtub for your reference.

How about plastic bathtub?

Introduction to plastic bathtub

Plastic bathtub, as the name suggests, is a bathtub of plastic. However, the general plastic bathtub on the market is a bathtub made of glass fiber composite material, also known as acrylic bathtub. It is an acrylic plate on the surface. The acrylic board has excellent surface smoothness. The abrasion resistance is equivalent to aluminum. The plastic bathtub is different from traditional ceramic, wooden barrels, and iron casting bathtubs. It has a mild touch, light type, and convenient storage. But pay attention to it is not easy to repair when it is damaged.

Plastic bathtub of plastic bathtub

Children’s plastic bath is a supplies for children’s bathing. Children’s plastic bathtubs have small size, convenient storage, safety and other properties. Compared with the traditional hard bathtubs and suitable children’s plastic bathtubs suitable for children, they are suitable for children between 2 and 8 years old. There are also many children’s plastic bathtubs to increase the design of toys, amusement, etc., making children take a bath to become a fun.

Plastic bath adult plastic bathtub

Adult plastic bathtub is used to replace traditional embedded, placed and other ceramics, wood, and cast iron bathtubs. It has the characteristics of small occupation space, not easy to bump, convenient cleaning, etc. It is generally suitable for small apartment users. It can be put up when not in use. It has high practicality. With the update of the material, the plastic bathtub gradually replaces the traditional bathtub.

Plastic bathtub price

Generally, before 150-400 yuan, the children’s bathtub is more than 500 yuan if the imported materials or the material is better. The price of adult bathtubs is between 200-800, and a good plastic bathtub is like the price similar to the quality of the acrylic board is more than 1,000 yuan. The specific price is different in each market, so it is subject to the local market.

Since the price of plastic bathtub is determined by the bathtub brand and model, let’s take a look at the price of plastic bathtub together.

Xinbao Lulu Thicked high -temperature resistant foot bathtubs can fold plastic foot washing pots: 79 yuan.

Thickening and non -deformation bath barrel adult bath bucket bucket plastic basin super large children’s bath barrel bathtub can sit: 141 yuan.

Factory direct selling Shulikang plastic inflatable bathtub folding bath barrel adult bath bucket bathtub bathture adult: 90 yuan.

Water beauty folding bathtub thick bath barrel adult bathtub plastic -free shower bucket bathtub: 79 yuan.

The above is the content of the plastic bath that I introduced to you today and the quotation of plastic bathtub. The content can help you when you buy a plastic bath. Due to the advantages of plastic bathtub lightweight, low price, and Magnight, it is loved by consumers, Xiaobian thinks that everyone can still choose a plastic bathtub.