Pet commemorative economy: Customized souvenir online funeral and funeral service offline to encounter cold currents

Pet felt product

On August 12, Ms. Liu, Chengdu, sent a circle of friends that she could only see. On that day, it was the fifth day of her pet dog she raised. She customized a wooden product necklace on the e -commerce platform with pets of pets. “Touch the necklace when you want it, just like it is still around.” The price of this wooden design souvenir is not cheap, “a price of more than 400 yuan.”

In the past two years, the hot pet service consumption has spawned the design customization of pet souvenirs, and pet farewell. The “White Paper in China’s Pet Industry in 2020” (Consumption Report) shows that in 2020, the number of cities and cats in cities in China exceeds 100 million, and the consumer market size reaches 206.5 billion yuan. At the same time, the annual consumption amount of the per capita pets in China reached 5,172 yuan.

In the field of pets to commemorate the economy, not all blue oceans. In the past few days, the Chengdu Business Daily-Red Star Journalists have discovered many people in the industry that online pet souvenir customization industries are more popular, and the current market penetration rate is low. At the same time, most of the field exists in the form of individual households, and industry leaders, including, have not been involved in this field. “The industry is still to be regulated.” It is an industry consensus.

Pet custom souvenir

Become popular

“The industry is in short supply, the most busy list is the most busy time after two or three months.”

How hot is pet souvenirs? On a certain e -commerce platform, the reporter searched with “pet souvenirs” as keywords, and found over 15,000 related products. The search results include custom pet necklaces, pendants, decorations, oil paintings, wool felt, etc. The most expensive is diamond and spar, with the price ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of yuan. The highest sales product is a pet commemorative card with a transaction volume of over 120,000.

Kang Qin, the owner of the Gejie House felt craftsman, has been engaged in this line for 8 years. “Many people see that our shops will have misunderstandings. They think that only pets will customize products after leaving. In fact, many pets have regarded pets as family members. These three -dimensional photo frames are just ordinary home decorations and custom souvenirs. “Kangqin is from Yibin, Sichuan. The main business of the shop is to customize the three -dimensional pet photo frame in the form of wool felt. She believes that this is a segment of the pet economy. “Although it is hand -made, at the beginning, not everyone was willing to pay for manual, and it was difficult to realize it.” Those who really let her cut into the “pet track” because one of the pets one day came to the door and told told that they told that Her own pet died and hoped to customize a wool felt jewelry as a memorial. Since then, Kang Qin has been making a wool felt frame customization service for 8 years.

Kang Qin said that this industry is relatively boring and has a longer use. A product from the beginning to production is completed, and it takes three or four weeks as soon as possible. “These factors do not affect the fact that it is a huge demand industry.” As far as her own shop, “The busiest time in the busiest time is two or three months later, it is in short supply.”

Pet funeral

Be cold

“Price competition plus service competition, the market will become cruel”

宠物纪念经济的两重天:定制纪念品网上迎风口 殡葬服务线下遇寒流

As another wing of the pet commemorative economy, in contrast, offline pet farewell services are a bit deserted.

The founder of Huixing Story, Zhong Chaoxiang and his wife, are engaged in this line. In 2019, the two transformed a farm pigpen into a pet service site in Xindu District, Chengdu, to provide pet farewell services for those who lost their pets.

Zhong Chaoxiang said that at the beginning of the operation, there were no more than 5 companies engaged in pet funeral services. But now, according to incomplete statistics, this number has become about 20, “it seems that everyone thinks this is an industry style.”

He believes that pet funeral services belong to the offline service industry and have the front conditions -that is, pet death. A urban pet ownership is limited, and the regional scope of offline service coverage is also very limited. Regional bottlenecks, quantitative bottlenecks, and not just needed, so the merchants are “difficult to sustain” by sending off service alone.

“The concept of consumption of pets changes, price competition plus service competition, will slowly enter the market elimination mechanism, and the market will become cruel.” In the past two years, he saw that there are constantly closing of merchants, but people continue to enter the game. Essence

Regarding pet funeral services, another industry person believes that the domestic pet funeral industry has formed a set of service processes, but it is still lacking related support for pet fire and pet cemetery in the development of pets. On the other hand, because pet funeral services usually involve multiple departments such as civil affairs, environmental protection, agriculture and forestry, etc., it is difficult to classify. At present, no department can in charge of the business. Larger, the service level and the level of practice of pet funeral artists are also uneven.

How do industry experts view pet commemorative economy?

“The domestic pet industry is still in the early stage of development”

The reporter observed that although there are many merchants in the entry of pets to commemorate the economic track, most of them are mainly individual households. The reporter called multiple industry head companies including e -commerce platform and offline platform turtles and pandas, and they all said that they did not provide custom or farewell services for pet souvenirs.

“At present, there is about 10%of domestic pets, compared with 60%~ 70%of some developed countries, there is still a big gap.” Zhang Yongbing, secretary general of the Sichuan Pet Association, believes that China’s population base is large. Coupled with the improvement of consumption level, the pet industry may continue to maintain high -speed growth in the next 10 years.

“At present, the domestic pet industry is still in the early stages of development. Although it has been basically formulated, there are still many fields to be explored.” He takes the pet funeral industry as an example, saying that according to relevant policies, death pets must be dismissed. Entrusted the harmless treatment field for treatment, and must not be buried or abandoned at will. However, for various reasons, there are currently lack of relevant laws and regulations, such as currently there are no special pet cemetery in China.

“It is also important to cultivate pets awareness.” He said that although Chengdu currently has 4 legally compliant harmless treatment centers, specializing in providing pet harmless treatment services for pets. ” It’s all very hot. “

From the perspective of the online souvenir industry, he believes that although it is not hot, the development trend of an industry. “On the whole, although the pet commemorative economy has some controversy, the exploration is still ongoing.”

(Reporter Peng Xiangping’s interviewee confessed)

Source: Chengdu Business Daily