The kitchen sink is miserable! Single grooves or dual grooves? How should I choose

When the kitchen decoration was used as a sink, most people chose to do dual grooves. Because the plan is particularly ideal: a sink washing pots and pans, a sink washing vegetables and fruits, clear partitions, clean and hygienic.


But it is really not the case. Otherwise, the big sink is not enough to put down a pot, and the beautiful fantasy is broken. Either use it with it and mix it. The sink of washing fruits and fruits is also used to brush the bowl. So many people talked “unreasonable, comparable to chicken ribs!”

However, Xingzhi wants to say that regardless of single grooves or dual grooves, it has its own use value. If you think that the dual grooves are very ribly used, it is most likely that you have not chosen!

How should I choose the sink? This article gives you the answer!


1. Select the size

Everyone knows that the sink is divided into single and double, but do you really understand the scale of them?

The size of a single groove is generally 450-750mm. For small units, installing a single slot is sufficient, because if your kitchen area is valid and you want to use dual grooves, it will cause both slots to be practical because both slots are unreasonable because it is not practical because both slots will be practical. Can’t put a bite at all, you can’t brush. It is not as good as one slot, and the value of use can be fully exerted.

The size of the dual grooves is generally above 700mm. It is no problem to cook at the same time, but it is necessary to ensure that the area of ​​the countertop is enough, otherwise it is really a chicken rib!

2. Pay attention to materials

The material of the sink is stainless steel, stone, ceramic, etc. At present, stainless steel and stone are used more. Stainless steel is used widely because its cost performance is relatively high. In recent years, quartz stone materials have been used more and more, both in terms of cleaning and beauty!

If you like stainless steel, you must recognize SUS304, because it is a food safety level, and the quality is guaranteed. Strong oil anti -pollution capacity and easy to clean, anti -corrosion.

If you like quartz, you can choose a quartz stone of different colors according to your preference, and you can follow the overall style of the kitchen decoration.

Third, try to install pumping faucet


Ordinary water faucets can meet normal use, but it is not convenient to clean the sink. Installing a tap faucet, it can be taken down when the sink is cleaned, which is more convenient.

But don’t be greedy for cheaply buying low -priced pumping water faucets, saving the maintenance fee to buy a good quality and not fragrant?

Fourth, surface drawing process

If you choose a stainless steel sink, then you must pay attention. The treatment process on the surface of the stainless steel sink is brushed, frosted, compressed, etc. It is best to choose the brushed processing process, because it is more abrasion, beautiful and easy to take care of.


In short, the choice of the sink should be reasonably selected according to your own situation.


I am Chen Xingzhi, pay attention to me, and understand more design.