The next family (2)

That pajamas

Entering the door and changing to home clothes, it seems that the outside world is locked out of the door, letting the whole body and mind gradually relax.

Over the years, I have been busy and bland. The days have passed day by day. Pajamas may not buy less in home clothes. They silently accompany my morning and fainting, but I often ignore their existence.

I woke up early in the near future and like to read or write something under the lights of the lobby. I didn’t feel a little cool on my shoulders and back, I thought I felt cool when I was autumn. Whether the season is too obvious or I am afraid of cold. I was washing clothes that day, and I found that the most commonly worn gray cotton pajamas, because of the long age, the back of the shoulders has become very thin, and there are small holes in some places. Seeing this, I was a little stunned.


If you think about it, the fate of this pajamas has been more than 20 years. In the early 1990s, a Taiwanese brand underwear appeared in the market, attracting people’s attention with high quality and high price. This set of pajamas is this brand. It is pure gray, body -shaped weaving, and cotton three layers of warmth. The front of the top is simple to decorate the same color lace, which is particularly beautiful. Every time I pass this shop, I will go in and see, mainly because it is still there. Perhaps because the price is more expensive, it seems that it has been hung for a year or two. During this period, my mother was sick and hospitalized. I had to pass here to the hospital. When I folded it into this shop again, I thought of my mother’s hard work every day. Comfortable. I wanted to pay for it, and I remembered that my mother didn’t want us to spend more money. She didn’t like us to buy things for her. I didn’t want to make her unhappy in the disease.

Later, the unit moved, rarely came here, and gradually forgot it. It seems that one two or three years later, wandering around the gap between out of the way, and inadvertently entered a underwear shop. I found that the pajamas were treated at 50 % off. At that time, it was really surprising. She was under unfair treatment. I did not hesitate to buy the same two sets of the same model, preparing one set to a set to a set to herself, and I was so happy that I was in my heart.


Mom’s set is very suitable to wear a comfortable and warm person to the dearest person. I am also intoxicated. My mother sometimes lives in my house. She wore it all day, walked in the hall, nodded on the sofa, and talked with the children and laughed. Guarding is a real, simple care. When you do n’t need to go to work, lying on the sofa with clothes, the warm sun in the afternoon spreads the spacious living room on a layer of gold, and talks with the mother in the same clothes to talk about the current or before. At this time, I feel how happy life is.

Later, my mother’s body was not good and often hospitalized. That day, the white ward was particularly quiet, as if the patients went out for examination. Mom wearing this gray pajamas, short white hair, and good -looking facial features, sitting beside the bed and said to me, “Child, mother is also content in this life, but you, you still have to go to work and bring your children to live a good life.” I can hear in my heart. It was a sour, but she didn’t want her to see that she pretended to take a mosquito to divert her mother’s attention. The mother did not say anymore. Later, my mother left and took this dress forever.


Children without parents, there is a kind of desolation and tragic walking in the heavens and the earth, as if suddenly it is more sensitive to the hot and cold of the season. When you are just when you come every fall, you will take out thick clothes from the closet. Of course, this pajamas are included. Sometimes it will be taken on a business trip, which is a tacit and trust.

However, it was finally old, so thin and so thin, it was not enough to block the cold for me, but it was still soft and warm, which was sad and reluctant. After tangling for a while, I decided to use my own nail button line to sew it.

In a bright sun on Sunday, I cut off a silk coat that has not been worn for many years, and cut a large piece of double layer of cloth on the back of the pajamas. The side of the sleeve nest is sewed up one by one, and then walks in a circle in parallel. The crowded place is woven with a small pin, so this dress is even more personalized, and I have a sense of accomplishment that seems to have completed the vast project that has never been completed.

I can’t wait to change it on it. The texture of the silk is very comfortable on the shoulders, and it is also very warm and warm, as if the sun shines on the back.

In fact, there are a lot of pajamas. There are many beautiful or more comfortable than this one. However, it is not only a representative of simple and unpretentious life, but also a long -term life process. The warm years. Sometimes it feels similar to that it is like a mother’s things. It is like the mother’s love for the child. It is warm and silent. There is an old saying that the gentleman cherishes things, and it is also difficult to say that one porridge and one meal should be thoughtful, and the trace of constant thinking of material resources is difficult. In fact, in addition, there are those years that cannot be looked back, those beautiful memories of the past.

Although I have made a supplement, I can’t wear too much. I hope it can accompany me for some time. Occasionally wear or look at it, it is also a warmth. 2015/10/26