Have you ever used these hooks? Whether it is bottom fishing, floating fishing or Luya, it is all spiritual

Speaking of the use of the hooks, some people may not take it for granted. Isn’t it just that you can hang a bait on a bunch of fish hooks and throw it into the water? This is precisely the old saying: “It is easy to make it difficult to say.” To give full play to the advantages of the hook, you still need to pay attention to some skills.

Different string hooks can be divided into strong horse string hooks and nylon string hooks. Hercules are mainly used for fishing fish, while the nylon line hooks can be taken into account.

Depending on the hooks, it can be divided into ordinary hooks and bionic hooks. Based on the years of real fishing experience, I will talk about the use of string hooks in detail. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.


Fishing with a hook


Many people like to use explosive hooks to fish and grass carp. The effect of practical hook fishing is more perfect. When fishing with a rod, we only need to connect the hooks with grass carp particles or corn kernels to connect to the main line connector and explosive hook (or mine).

Because the hook group is relatively long, the hook bait can be evenly distributed to multiple water layers after entering the water, which is equivalent to expanding the fishing range, which can greatly increase the hook rate. In addition, you can also connect the hooks in the opposite direction. You can try to separate the hook bait from the main line, which is more convenient to suck in the grass carp.

Fishing with a hook

The use of string hooks is the most applied way for everyone, and its operation method is also very simple: connect the two ends of the skewers to the connector and lead pendant, and hang the bait into the water line to tighten, insert the ground, hang it, hang it, hang it, hang it, hang it, hang it, hang it, hang it, hang it, hang it, hang it, hang it, hang it, hang it, hang it, hang it, hang it, hang the ground, hang it, hang it, hang it, hang it, and to hang the ground, hang it, hang it, hang it, hang it, and hang it. On the bell, when the bell sounds, the rod can be used to get the fish.

What I want to tell you here is that we can hang an explosive bait (mines) behind the hook, which can play a role in nesting and seducting fish at the same time.


In addition, there are more fish species in the wild. It is recommended that you borne the fish hooks of different sizes when tie the skewers. During fishing, the big hook hanging rubber bands to keep the big fish.

The length of the string must also be matched with the throwing pole. The longer the rod, the harder, and the long hook group should be long. The shorter the rod, the soft, the short hook group should be short. For example, the raft rod we use is generally only 1.8 meters or 2.1 meters, and the pole is slightly softer. In order to facilitate throwing, it is recommended that you choose a hook with three hooks for fishing.

Chuan hook road Asian fishing method

Pioneer hooks (some people also call it a hairy hook) can also be used to catch up. When fishing, first connect the bionic skewers to the main line connector and lead pendant, and then throw the lead pendant to the punctuation. After the throwing is in place, follow the “slow, fast, slow” rhythm. When does the fish line feel tight, it means that there is a fish bite hook, and then go back to the fishing rod and quickly return to the fish line.

It is worth noting that it is easy to catch the mouth and get farther and farther, so it is advisable to choose a longer rock rod with this fishing method with this fishing method. I have seen the fishermen who use the 4.5 rock to use the two -paid anti -live hook. This advantage is that it can search for the fish group at the same time, which can greatly increase the chance of Chinese fish.



You can also hang a string hook and lead pendant on the hand pole where the water is severe.


In addition, when fishing in offshore ships, anti -raw hooks, sea bass, sea catfish, canarfish, etc. are used. Its operation method is the simplest. The leading lead to the end, the upper and lower rods, and the rod are a little hard to get the fish. It is nicknamed a fishing method with the least soul. Here we won’t go into details here.

I am a counterpart, a practical fisherman who likes to think and share all year round.