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Fashion trousers wear classes

Essence What should I pay attention to when wearing pants in autumn? How do I wear a small man? What kind of pants are the sweater look good? At the invitation of some Wei friends, Luo Wei came to talk about pants.


For the appearance of women’s pants, thank Grandma Xiang. It was her, applying the pants in the men’s wardrobe to the women’s design, and divided the diverse skirts into two, knocking on the new era of women in the new era.

Since then, the pants have become an indispensable fashion clothes for women. Some people wear trousers, the picture is this free and self -confidence; some people are greedy for this rare and convenient convenience …

From the perspective of matching, pants are wild. It can be both the protagonist’s light, but also the obscure supporting role, and strives to set off the glory of the shirt. From the body shape, it is a good hand to avoid strengths and weaknesses.

In addition, spring, summer, autumn and winter, and year -old, the requirements for pants are different. So, what kind of unique dresses are there in autumn and winter pants? Through the daily miscellaneous, Luo Wei shared the little -known skills with you.

✔ Points to refine

In autumn and even the entire autumn and winter pants, please remember the two words:


Essence Regardless of whether it is tall and thin, no matter the temperament, or the style of the pants, as long as it can highlight the [Profile] is preferred.

Why emphasize the prosperity? As soon as we look at the dressing environment and look at body shape.


Dressing environment

Beginning in autumn, the level of dressing gradually increases. From a single piece to 2 layers, 3 layers, or even 4 floors, and there are long coats. When the level of the jacket increases, the lightness and breathability of the lower dress are undoubtedly the key.

Where is it? In order

Sense of sharpness

Essence From the beginning of the waist to the ankle pants, there is a kind of free and easy, and it will not bloated to form a densely muddy water, that is, it is necessary for a pair of perfect pants in autumn and winter.



Sigh and thin

The sharpness of a pair of pants also affects the effect of showing high and thin. It is more particular about the little man. The five models with different heights below, according to the degree of prosperity of the pants, which one is even higher?

The shortest model on the left, the pants are obviously not suitable for her, a little bloated and wide, and cannot achieve effectively and avoid weaknesses.

Look at this comparison chart. Only 150 models, wearing sharp black pants, have a sharp black pants, have a sharp black pants


Black thin+capable pants leg

Double -display high blessing, coupled with the power of the adjustment ratio of the jacket, looks high and the aura.

So the question is, where is the [sharp feeling] of a pair of pants? In our general impression, straight -line trousers are necessary, which is not limited to lines. Isn’t the pants design? of course not.

Fabric, silhouette, color, length

,as well as


Overall match

, The shadow everywhere. Next is the analysis of the combination of different pants and tops and jackets, please tasto it carefully.

✔ How to wear small black pants?

Don’t think that small black pants are versatile, no matter what jacket or jacket, all brains are handed over to small black pants. Depending on the top, the pants and length of black pants should be flexibly cope.


Error case


Whether the upper and lower silhouettes are coordinated is the basic skills of testing.

Big sweater+wide -leg pants

The overall silhouette expansion has not formed a “contraction” adjustment, coupled with the black and white five or five matching, no matter from which perspective, it is a failure. Of course, tall or self -confident and powerful people are unlimited.

If the sweater is shorter, or replaced with a loose shirt, the corner of the jacket is created by proportion, and the effect must be different. Can you not match wide -leg pants with big sweaters? of course not!

As long as the smoothness of the fabric of wide -leg pants is controlled, replace it with a good feeling


Favorable material

, The profile level is standing.

Compare the upper and lower pants, is it right?

Is there a clearer understanding? Smooth, luster, the sharpness of the vision is enlarged to the extreme, and it is not delicate. With a thread sweater, it forms a comparison of the combination of thickness.

Blind leisure style, although free and unruly, but lack of delicateness and particularity. Know how to reconcile, and use the mix and match to win.


What little black pants do you wear?


The shirt in the workplace is not only a white shirt. What is the shirt of this light denim fabric in the figure below? In the interpretation of the ability to do, there is an overwhelming strong shock. It integrates leisure and formal one. It is indeed the favorite of big women.


The classic white and light blue blue, exuding familiar cowboy casual flavors, more neutral gas, brewing at the atmosphere. Little black pants that are suitable for it, it must be

Long model+sharp pants tube

Both tube or wide legs are available.

Only when it is long enough to show the endless atmosphere; enough to make it easy, let the free and easy. A pair of pointed high heels and brown components are of course not less style to strengthen the weapon.

What little black pants are we put in a short coat?

Short top, especially sweater jacket, please choose

Nine points

Little black pants. It can be high waist. Regardless of the type of pants, the length of the nine -point length seems to be measured in a measure to control the body space. Exposing sexuality and slim ankles, retaining light breathability is the focus of dressed in autumn and winter.

A light and luxurious gray sweater, a large pearl, dominates the elegance of the overall style, which coincides with the same texture of the advanced gray. Irregular streaming is a playful endorsement.

It is white inside, nine small black pants and small white shoes, and the tenderness.


What small black pants are wearing a long trench coat?

Long trench coat with pants, the most taboo jacket and pants legs are not refreshing. Either the large group and the clutch are very procrastinating; or the pants have no texture, and the trench coat is pulled down. So one



Little black pants are bound to be.

However, this also needs to distinguish the style of the trench coat. Generally, the formal trench coat is profitable, and it is decent from head to toe. If it is a casual trench coat, pants can be casual, but the pants feet are impossible.

In this set, the small black pants have obvious mid -sutures, which are continuously high -line with pointed shoes, adding points to the overall momentum. The longer the windbreaker, the stronger the momentum. In addition, please experience the pride of the wearer.


What little black pants are you grown?

The long vests in autumn exist purely for the sake of good -looking. When the temperature changes, there are two sleeves, which can be grasped higher. Little black pants with it,


Be sure to be clean.

Therefore, this bouquet of small black pants is the first choice. Small personality design, creating a small sexy scenery under your feet. On the one hand, the demeanor of the long vest can be extended, the calf, ankle, and the ankle are simple and refreshing, and on the other hand, it has brought about cool changes to the formal.

? How to wear casual pants?

Comfortable and leisure, autumn

casual pants

Naturally take advantage of most of the fashion focus. What kind of pants are casual? Generally manifested in: loose waist, or lace; fabric knitting, or cotton; loose pants, allowing personalized design.

However, there are some formal materials, because there are lace -up waist, which is also a leisure style. When wearing them, be sure to

mash up

Formally windbreaker+casual pants


If you want to break the convention, the formal trench coat and casual pants are just a pair of fashionable mixed darlings. Don’t be afraid that the casual pants are too casual, as long as you ensure a certain sense of high -level and the harmonious reconciliation of accessories, the effect is pleasing.

The color of this set of matching is extremely simple: dark cards, white, gray, a small amount of black brown, and gold, but wearing a rare cool feeling of trench coat. Simple, but it has become a trend pioneer.


: The pants feet are slightly closed, maintaining a certain sense of sharpness, it is the favorite detail of the long trench coat.

Long coat+casual pants

Casual pants, the key is to match.

Bid feet, micro -pants legs

The best, you can wear it well without blowing ash. The two sets below are used with long -existence with casual pants, but we wear a model of elegance and sharp contrasting.

Among them, high heels and small white shoes, as well as their own bags, have the greatest influence, which is no longer embarrassed. On the other hand, the length of the long coat: either long, short, not long or short, please abandon.

Big top+casual pants

These two sets of matching are particularly interesting. The common features of the sweaters and shirts of the top are casual and loose. The casual pants matching are clearly different. If you change the casual pants, what will it work?

In addition, what are the different choices of high heels and loafers? If you think about it, you will wear knowledge points later. Luo Wei didn’t say, let’s play with you.

✔ style matching


In this link, we start from the perspective of the overall style to analyze the common style matching of pants. Knowing that the style of pants is not difficult, the most difficult thing is the overall combination. It is generally associated with dressing demands.

Sweet and cool wind


The so -called sweet and cool wind is the five or five opposites of sweetness and cool handsomeness, each of which has its own, and each other, let a set of fashion styles that show the mix of male and female. Don’t pick people, as long as you want to express the beautiful atmosphere, you can try it.

At this time, the pants must be rumored

Single item. For example, cone pants, smoke pants, straight pants, the color is not limited, it must be nine points to express toughness. The sweeter the shirt, the more exciting the overall effect.

Xiaoxiangfeng+rice gray

: Xiaoxiangfeng jacket, it is a beautiful one, but the elegant impression is too classic and looks feminine. With rice gray straight pants, the pants tube is slim, and the edges and corners are a sharp signboard. The whole set is handsome, heroic, and full of aura.

Casual sweater+cone pants

: Sweater items, gentle in the heart, and looseness showing a casual attitude. For this kind of top, it is too needed to save it. Just choose the color and reflect the fashion in the color matching, that is, you can wear the sweet and cool wind you want.


Unlike the sweet and cool wind, the gorgeous style of femininity and cool handsome 7: 3 affect a set. In short, that is, the feminine elements are far ahead, occupying a dominant position, and determining the dazzling style effect.

So, what are the characteristics of gorgeous and sharp pants?


the answer is

: Folding lines and appropriate loose lumbar thighs. For this detail, please compare it at a glance.

And the top, of course, is a very feminine element, such as soft material, ribbon, romantic elegance and bright color … All gentle items are suitable, and the pants of the sharp curve create an elegant gorgeous style.


Well, the above is the sharing of today’s pants. I hope to inspire you a little bit!


I am Luo Wei. I use image management as my homework that I have done in my life, and use a beautiful image and a beautiful mood to welcome the blooming every day in my life.

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