How to choose curtains? Remember 4 choice 4 principles and 2 sentences, do not spend money on money

Curtains are indoor decorations that protect the privacy and control lighting in the room. However, it is not easy to choose the right curtains. If you are not careful, you may step on the pit.


Today, I summarized the principles of a few curtains, which are the real experience of people who came.

Principles of curtain purchase:

1. Selected polyester, cotton and linen mixed texture, do not choose real silk

In recent years, the fabrics of curtains have become diverse, but the most common on the market is still three: polyester, cotton and linen blend and real silk.

Although the real silk material is relatively delicate, it is relatively delicate, not well maintained, the price is high, and the cost performance is low.


2. Choose pure color models, do not choose patterns


The solid color curtain is good, and it is not abrupt in the room; the curtains with many patterns have high requirements for the overall matching of the living room. There is no pure matching method. Don’t choose easily.


Even if you like pattern models, do not have too much texture and color, otherwise it will look messy in a large area.


3. Choose thick and not choose thin

The thickness of the curtains directly affects the sound insulation and thermal insulation effect. When choosing, choose thickness and not thin.

You can touch it, feel the thickness of the fabric, and ask the number and density of the curtains of the merchant. Usually, the higher the number and density, the better the sound insulation and warmth effect.

4. Choose dark colors and not choose light colors

There is a certain relationship between the color depth and the shading rate. According to normal, the darker the color of the curtain, the higher the shielding rate, and the better the shielding effect.

The curtains in the bedroom are recommended to choose dark tones, which are guaranteed by privacy and sleep comfort; light -colored curtains can be selected in the living room area.


It should be noted that the color of the curtains should be similar to the interior decoration style, so that it does not affect the beauty of the space after installation.

2 sentences

In order to avoid the routine of the merchant, when choosing curtains, ask more about the specific situation:

“How much is the fold of the curtains”


The more folds of the curtains, the wider the curtains, the higher the price. General home,

Fold is enough at 1.5-2 times.

In order to make more money, some merchants will deliberately say that “three times the folds are 3 times good”, don’t believe it, be alert to the trap of the merchant.

“Is the accessories gift or buying alone”


The merchants who sell curtains like to recommend various accessories to customers. They have accessible accessories and the curtains are more grade, but they actually want to make more money.

Therefore, ask the condition of the accessories in advance, and then make a decision.


Some merchants will accompany accessories, and there is no need to spend more money.

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