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What should I do with my friends talked to my friend’s air conditioner filter in the car last time. Friends think that the filter element is to filter the air in the car. There is no need to replace it at all. Blowing off the ash on the filter element can be used to continue to use it, which can save costs. Is that really the case?

Air filter function/principle


The air filter assumes the role of filtering the normal work of the air to protect the engine.

The engine is the “heart” of the car, providing motivation for the car. Combustible mixed gas burns in the cylinder, generates power, and drives the vehicle. The engine should be sucked into a large amount of air during the work process. If the air is not filtered, the engine will inhale a large amount of air containing dust and particles. The impurities generated after burning will cause the engine cylinder, piston and other components; reduce the engine of the engine Life life. It can be seen that it is very important to provide clean air for the engine.

Common problems and faults



After a long period of use of the air filter, more and more dust will be accumulated, and the amount of air intake required by the engine will become less and less, so that the engine cannot obtain sufficient gas and reduce the efficiency. Increase resistance, the engine power decreases, so it will appear insufficient.

Original BMW accessories highlight

The filter paper meridian special high -grade resin mixed material is impregnated, which can always resist the effects of temperature changes and humidity. The filter capacity, air intake, and airflow speed have been accurate, which is suitable for the use of engines of various models. The perfect matching of the filter and the engine is actually available.

Reduce air flow loss, ensure smooth burning inside the engine, and help reduce fuel consumption and reduce exhaust emissions.


As high as 99%of the dust separation rate reflects strong particle filtration capabilities.

Equipment of air filter element


The air filter element is different depending on the model of the model. Generally, it is necessary to check or replace it for every 2W kilometers. Vehicles with less mileage are recommended to replace every 24 months. (Vehicles driving in a large dust environment should shorten the replacement interval of the air filter element, such as replacement every 1w kilometer)

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