How to wear a scarf in spring is different from winter? The method of teaching you on the Internet, the fashionable face is small


The temperature is gradually warmer, and it becomes thinner on the wear, but there are one item that can keep warm and a concave -shaped weapon, which is a scarf. Today, Dawei will introduce the difference between the wearing of spring scarves and winter? And better improve the simple way to fashion.

How to choose a color that suits you?

Sometimes when you go out to work in a busy morning, you always feel that the matching is wrong. As long as you add a scarf that can be embellished or color balance, you can quickly improve your fashion!

Then pass by everyone

“Special character”


Come to choose the color that conforms to you.


What is “special color”?



It refers to: hair, eyes, skin tone, and what kind of temperament type belongs to. Everyone

In the diagnosis, we are based on hue, saturation and brightness, which are divided into four types: spring, summer, autumn and winter, and choose the color suitable for each person.


Generally, while selecting the individual’s “special color”, the selection of colors must also meet the seasonal laws, such as:

1. The color and flower type of spring should be slightly brighter;

2. For summer, including cool blue and friendly yellow, it feels refreshing.

3. In autumn, it is a grid -like color, with beautiful colors such as mustard and tomato red.

4. The choice of winter has bold patterns and black and white style.

Let’s introduce 4 ways to wear:

TIPS: 1 commute style “Askatza Belt”

Step 1: Pull out the collar of the shirt from the jacket;


Step 2: Hang a scarf on the neck to make it as long as the left and right. If the scarf is too wide, please fold or fold it again.

Step 3: Cross, make the scarf on the right at the top.

Anyone can be worn easily and does not feel the “Askatza” with short neck. However, because this is a simple way of wounding, the basic monochrome may appear average. Therefore, choosing a beautiful color or a pattern with installation will have a high sense of fashion.

TIPS: 2 Milan rolls

Step 1: Sweep the scarf around the neck, so that only one side is a little longer;

Step 2: On the long side of the long side.

Step 3: Pass the cross -long side from the front of the neck in the front of the neck ring.


Step 4: After passing through the longer one side, extend it along the original direction.

Step 5: By knotting again, you can finish.


After finishing, the scarf is wrapped around the neck and opened it from the face. If it wraps it wider than the face, you can look forward to a small face effect!


TIPS: 3 Simple coordination exquisite volume

1: Fold the scarf and hang it on the neck;

2: Use a tie belt to knot and leave a little space on the neck.

If the selected scarf has a variety of patterns, it seems that it can be diverse to enjoy its fancy, depending on where the pattern is placed. The scarf is generally long and can be a rich knot. The key can make it around the neck, which looks better.


Special wear method


TIPS: 3 The matching method of special small vests

1: Fold the scarf, then tie the folded corner behind the neck, and the knot can be outside or inside;

2: Tie the ring part of the fabric on the back to the waist, and then wrap the belt to the waist.

3: Complete a good scarf from the belt, be careful not to expose the belt;

4. Complete the best shape!

From the open coat, it looks more like a vest. If you do n’t use the belt to be tied, try to raise the scarf by changing the height of the neck, which looks like a vest, which is also very good.


TIPS: 4 Two two small silk scarves to wear

1. Tie the two small cubes together;

2. In the same way, the shawl of large -sized shawls is wrapped around the neck twice, and the corners of the scarf are tied to the appropriate position.

When you want to add gorgeousness to a simple sweater, you can wear a double -layer scarf. You can use two connections to produce chic effects. You can enjoy the combination of the scarf. For example, ordinary monochrome+patterns, and classic patterns+graphics patterns, etc., in spring, will definitely become a striking focus.

The method of wearing a scarf in spring introduced above is the difference from the winter that the scarf cannot be surrounded too tightly, and it is best to loosen the face shape, which not only shows small faces, but also has a better decoration effect!



The scarf is actually a single product that can be used all year round, because its function has extended from the warmth to decorative. And, if you choose the color and flower type correctly, you will not only improve the taste, but also add icing on the cake!


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“Special character”

“Special character”