Share men’s clothing, how to dress your boyfriend refreshing and handsome

Recently, the weather is getting colder, and it is time to buy clothes for yourself and boyfriend! I used to buy clothes and big pants, plus a pair of holes, it is simply a classic dress of a programmer!

As a fashionable tide of buying clothes, my girlfriend has filled all my cloakrooms. Under her tuning, now I choose men’s clothing can be described as handy! Generally, you will see if you conform to the following points:

1. Comply with national security standards


Essence Avoid residual chemical damage to the skin and affect the health of the body!


2. Comfortable to wear and fine workmanship.

Boys are mainly comfortable to wear clothes, so that it is convenient to move! And the workmanship is fine, there is no rolling and the ball, making people feel neat and clean!


3. Great style, fashionable and simple.

Choose men’s clothing too hard, accidentally transform into human high -quality men! You can choose a stylish and generous style, refreshing and not greasy!


Hey, these are all fashion items that my girlfriend bought for me. Now I have already changed from the fashion disaster to the front line of the company’s face value. If you are interested, you can refer to it!

Jeep Gypot Men’s 2021 Autumn New Business Leisure POLO collar top

There will be a POLO shirt in each boy’s wardrobe, which is easy to wear and versatile. The content of this cotton I chose is particularly high, soft and breathable. The overall top is solid color, only the logo is embroidered, super simple and generous! It is suitable for daily wear or work at home!

This POLO neckline is relatively stylish, it is not easy to soft, and it is particularly simple to match. When I travel on a business trip, my boyfriend can match jeans or casual pants. It’s!

Haagis Hazzys Autumn New Men’s Pure Casual Cotton Shirt


This shirt focuses on the British design style. Different from the loose layout of the campus style, its design is a slim style, which can show the strong lines of boys. It is particularly clean to wear. God, who can refuse the full muscle hidden under the shirt! Intersection


Oxford spinning fabric has good moisture. If you do n’t worry about sweating, you will wet your chest and back. Do n’t worry about the small embarrassment of leakage points, hehehe. And this fabric is still very anti -wrinkle. Before wearing it, you only need to sort it flat, and you don’t need to iron it tediously every time. When you go to work in the morning, you can wear it from the closet. You do n’t need to iron it in advance. It is simply a thoughtful benefit for office workers. With this shirt, you can sleep more in the morning for 5 minutes!


Scarecrow Mexican Sports Loose Wide -Legs Trends Pumping Bid Pants Casual Pants


This casual pants are the design of drawing rope, which is particularly convenient to wear, and the loose version is also very comfortable. My boyfriend’s favorite is that the pants have two pockets that can be installed. The mobile key and wallets that usually go out are all installed in their pockets, and they are clear and refreshing. This sports pants are very breathable, and they will not stick to their bodies even if they sweat.

This pants are still very good. When I cut the tag, I found it carefully, basically there is no extra line. Moreover, it can also iron and dry at low temperature. After each exercise, throw the pants into the washing machine. After washing, it will be dehydrated and dried. It can be worn immediately the next day, saving a lot of drying time!

Car Di Le Crocodile Pure Casual Slim Pymoil Printing Hooding Jacket

The brand of Kaidi Crocodile is really super classic, even my dad has bought their clothes! The details of this jacket are well done. The design of the wind -proof neckline and the windy winds of autumn and winter will not be poured from the neckline. The tightly cuffs of the Robe, especially fits the wrist, typed with keyboards or writing in writing, will not feel procrastinating in the cuffs.

The fabric is breathable and it is not easy to get the ball. My boyfriend worn it for a while. Even the elbows and cuffs that often rubbed, there was no grinding situation. The design of the side pocket is both practical and can be installed, and it also breaks the overall dull of the jacket. Even young people do not feel that they wear adults’ clothes secretly. Boys at work can show the vitality of young people, and they are not worried that they will snatch the money with the big leader!


Duck and duck 2021 winter new fox hair collar thickened business mid -length down jacket

The more down the down jacket, the more fluffy, the more warm it will be. This down jacket has a 90%velvet content and the fluffyness of 600+. It is light and warm to wear. And it is still the designer of the removable real fox hair collar. Intersection In winter, if the boy is embarrassed to wear a scarf, he hides in the fox’s hair collar, and his neck will not be cold!


The placket of the down jacket also has a caring design, keeps warm and windproof, and can fix the hair collar! The design of the double -head zipper makes the down jacket more convenient to wear and take off. the most important is! Intersection It is also the design of external bilateral pockets and inner pocket pockets. The outer pocket pockets can be placed in some need to go out. The inner pocket pocket is hidden. You can put important documents.