Is it really a car mark of 20,000? Interpret Volkswagen Langyi 1.5L low -profile car

Everyone likes to use the word God on the Chinese network, and a certain “magic car” has emerged endlessly. Shencai Wuling Hongguang, because the sales volume far exceeds others, Shencar Honda Civic, because of its good performance. And when it comes to the car, the car that everyone is very familiar with, but also cannot avoid the Langyi owned by the public.


From 249,000 annual sales in 2012, to 490,900 annual sales in 2019, it has won many bicycle sales championships in the Chinese automobile market many times from Langyi to the present. It seems that there is nothing to block the sales of Langye models.


As for which one is more popular with consumers? The sales performance of various models of Langye’s various models can be discovered. The highest sales volume is not the main TSI+DSG version in recent years. The sales scores account for more than 50%of the annual sales volume of Lavida.

What contributed to the high sales of this version of Langyi, because the price is still excellent in product power, or the blessing of the Volkswagen brand? What are the advantages of Langyi compared with the same best -selling Nissan Xuanyi? Today, we talk about the minimum version of Langye 1.5L+6 -speed manual automatic transmission,


1.5L automatic fashion version (official price: 124,900 yuan),


What is its true product power, if it is similar to the guidance price

Nissan Xuanyi 1.6L XE CVT Shuxiang Edition (official selling price: 119,000 yuan)



Does it have its own advantages.


Appearance part: Langyi has his own extra points


If we talked about Langyi’s design a few years ago, this topic could not be launched. Volkswagen’s baby design has been used in the furnaces that have been applied in those years. From the face and overall temperament, few cars under the Volkswagen can talk about design advantages. However, after the completion of the replacement, there is some differences. After the same design is not used in large quantities, Langyi now has a sense of visual uniqueness. The larger body width is combined with the new front face, and it feels more visually.


At first glance, it is more like the visual experience brought by intermediate cars. If compared with Xuanyi’s visual feelings, although the two are basically similar in the body size, even Xuanyi’s wheelbase is longer (2712mm), and it will still give people people. Langyi’s feelings are even more big.

In terms of body size, Langyi’s length, width and height are 4670/1806/1474mm, the wheelbase is 2688mm, the length, width and height of Xuanyi are 4641/1815/1450mm, and the wheelbase is 2712mm. Although Xuanyi’s width and wheelbase are dominant, the young design style is indeed not as large as Langyi.

Although it is a low -profile entry version, the 1.5L automatic fashion version of Langyi is not low in appearance. Although castration of the front fog lights, the combination of the long -distance headlights of LED light source+LED daytime running lights It will undoubtedly make many people forget to reduce the fog lights. As a comparison, Nissan Xuanyi’s automatic transmission low -profile model uses halogen headlights, which is not enough. However, if the guidance price is also promoted to a range of more than 120,000 yuan in the same low match as Langyi, Xuanyi has the functional advantage of automatic headlights. In view of the stronger purchase of car purchase than Langyi, in fact, Xuanyi is in the light group in the light group Functional dominance.

There is a suspension part of the wheels, the rear of the car. The performance of Volkswagen Langye and Nissan Xuanyi is similar. Langyi is still a calm and moderate design style. Although Xuanyi is more young, it can actually conform to the aesthetic style of most people. weird.

As for the suspension combination, these two hot -selling cars chose the combination of front McPherson independent suspension+rear torque beam Fei independent suspension.

On the whole, Lang Yi and Xuanyi have their own success in the design, which can meet the aesthetics of most people, and have a certain sense of young and fashionable. Moreover, in the appearance, their functional performance is also speaking. New gadgets such as LED headlights obviously can hit many people’s minds.


The interior and configuration part, there is no highlight


If it is designed in appearance, Langyi can give people some surprises, then there will be no highlights when entering the car. In terms of design, it is also the popular family style. The symmetry style and a trim run through it. There are no LCD screens or manually adjusting air -conditioning knobs. In essence, this design is not like a new car that should be launched in 2019, but fortunately, the sense of high -level workmanship is still there. Although the materials are average, it is not unacceptable.


Similarly, Xuan Yi’s interior is compared, Xuan Yi’s performance is better than Langyi. Although there is also no LCD screen, it is not directly bare blank and has a certain sense of design.

On the low -profile Langyi, the position of the LCD screen is bare, and it is replaced by a mobile phone bracket. At the time of the appearance of this mobile phone, many people were frantically disbited by many people, but now, from the perspective of use, it is not bad. On the shelf, it is connected to Bluetooth. Although it is not advanced, it is actually okay to use.


The same low -profile car type, the functional configuration is not much different. Xuanyi is equipped with keyless startup. Langyi has an electronic handbrake and full car window to lift.

Finally, when I returned to the use part, Langyi’s configuration was enough to use this standard. The security configuration part, the guidance price of more than 120,000 yuan is only the main and co -pilot dual airbags obviously cannot be said, but the stable control of the body is standardized. The commonly used configuration parts, the engine start -stop, automatic parking, uphill assistance, and Bluetooth car phones also have standard standards, but there are no other highlights.

Electric sunroof, leather seats, seat electric adjustment, waist support adjustment, multi -function steering wheel, keyless entry/start/start, all of them are missing. As always, the Volkswagen brand models are low in the same price and the same level models.

Of course, the standard standard of Xuanyi automatic transmission models is also very general, but if you consider that the discount is greater, the threshold for the guidance price will increase to more than 120,000 yuan, and Xuanyi’s advantage will come.


Keyless entry/keyless start is equipped with equipment, electric sunroof is equipped, reversing images are equipped, front -side airbag+front and rear head airbags are equipped, the central control 8 -inch large screen is equipped, and the Internet of the car is also equipped.

As for the riding part, after the wheelbase has further increased compared to the previous generation, the space performance has indeed become better. However, it is also not perfect, there is a certain convex in the center in the back row, and the central passenger’s ride will have discomfort. Moreover, the length of the cushion of the rear seats of the public has always been relatively short, and it can not give a particularly good leg support. It will feel tired when riding on a long distance.

The power part, Langyi has no advantage


In the power section, Langyi uses a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine with a 6 -speed automatic transmission, a maximum power of 83kW (113PS), a maximum torque of 145N · m, and Xuanyi uses 1.6L naturally aspirated engine with a CVT gearbox. The maximum power is 102kW (139PS) The maximum torque is 169N.M, both of which meet the national six emissions.

The comprehensive fuel consumption of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is 5.5L/100km, and Xuanyi is 5.3L/100km. The official 0-100km/h acceleration time, Langyi 14 seconds, Xuanyi 11.5 seconds.


In the driving experience part, the Volkswagen’s style is still a strong sense of German tradition. Although the engine performance is average, the willfulness of sound insulation and suspension filtration is its strength, which is the so -called high -level sense. Moreover, the matching of the 1.5L naturally aspirated engine and the 6 -speed automatic manual transmission is good. There will be no frustration and unreliable sense of dual -clutch transmission. Although the power is weak, the shift logic is clear, and it is easy to get started to get started. Essence

However, this high -level sense advantage of the Volkswagen brand is being chased. If it is to compare the competitive compact sedan market, in fact, the model with good sales performance has its own improvement in the construction of a high -level sense.


For example, when Xuanyi was replaced, through the optimization of the chassis and components, it also brought better quietness and driving stability. Toyota’s Corolla and Raling were further improving driving stability and driving fun.


At the end

Therefore, in the end, after the completion of the replacement of Volkswagen, we can still give it a conclusion quickly. Its advantage is that the influence of the Volkswagen brand, a sense of high -level driving experience, and the visual performance are more atmospheric, but in terms of configuration performance, ride comfort, and power performance The version of the box is actually compared to the performance of the same level.

The reason why it is sold well is still a good way to buy a few attention to Chinese consumers for the first time, such as the characteristics of the visual levels of the appearance and the large space. From the perspective of cost -effectiveness, there is no bright spot at the same level at the same level of performance and configuration.

Imagine if it is the same price, if Langyi does not hang the public’s logo, how many people will buy it?