The ancients chickens were also crazy, Ouyang Xiu met “Tiger Mom”, Zuo Zongtang became a “child of someone else’s family”

As the winter vacation arrived, many parents fell into a period of parenting anxiety. Seeing that the “God Beasts” were on vacation at home, and they played crazy all day. Parents couldn’t help thinking tens of millions of times: Should I force the baby to go to an interest class? Other people are “chicken baby”, how can their children be released?

Although “chicken baby” is a hot word on the Internet, this phenomenon has ancient times. In order to cultivate their children’s talents, the ancient people’s means of “chicken baby” are more fierce than one.

Many celebrities in history have learned a cultural and martial arts under the crazy “chicken baby” of parents, pushing the “inner roll” to a new height.

So, the ancients who know the true meaning of the “chicken baby”, how crazy is the “chicken”?

01 Cao Cao’s “chicken baby” guide


If you want to select a crazy “chicken baby” parents, Cao Cao in the Three Kingdoms period must have a name.


The son of Cao Cao, Cao Yu, once spit out in “Classics and Self -narration”:

“At the age of five, he disrupted by the world and taught Yu Xue. He knew it at the age of six and taught Yu to ride a horse.

That is to say, Cao Cao asked Cao Yu, who was only five years old to learn the skills of pulling bow and archery, and did not consider whether the five -year -old child had the strength to open the hard bow.

At the age of six, Cao Yu had mastered the shooting under Cao Cao’s strict education.

Cao Cao continued to force the young Cao Yu to learn riding, so that Cao Yu became an equestrianist at the age of eight.

Under such a “chicken baby” education, Cao Yu was skilled at the age of ten and could follow Cao Cao to kill the enemy on the battlefield.

In contrast, the “chicken baby” of modern parents is that the ultimate goal is that they want their children to achieve good grades.

And Cao Cao’s “chicken baby” was fierce enough, and the ten -year -old child made his “chicken” in the South China War and lived a life of licking blood.

The most important thing is that such a crazy “chicken baby”, Cao Cao’s “chicken” is straightforward, and even said without psychological burden: he did this for the sake of children, who made the world so messy, not chickens and baby could not do it. Essence

02 painting


Cao Cao’s “chicken baby” is crazy to modern people, but in the view of Ouyang Xiu in the Song Dynasty, it has become a “small scene” that is worth mentioning. According to historical records, when Ouyang Xiu was born, his father Ouyang Guan was 56 years old, and then Mianzhou military push officials were upright and the official voice was excellent.

While Ouyang Guan is strict with his own discipline, he also has great expectations for Ouyang Xiu.

He was looking forward to Ouyang Xiu’s talents and made some achievements.

Unfortunately, when Ouyang Xiu was four years old, Ouyang Guan’s life came to an end. At the end of his life, Ouyang Guan pulled his wife’s hand and said with all his body strength:

“I have a clean life as an official, and I have not corrupted any house and a piece of land, which is worthy of the conscience of the world. I just regret that I can’t see my son grow up with my own eyes. You must teach the child well. After he grows up, let him look like I’m as innocent and do things with heart. “

The wife agreed to Ouyang Guan with tears. Since then, the words and deeds of Ouyang Guan have become Ouyang Xiu’s “textbooks”. Ouyang Xiu, who was childhood, opened up early. Because she had no money to buy pen and ink and paper at home, her mother used the reed rod as a pen to teach Ouyang Xiu to read and write on the sand, leaving the legend of “painting the tutor”.


Perhaps in order to make Ouyang Xiu more attentive, Ouyang Xiu’s mother often taught Ouyang Xiu’s studies while taking care of himself:

“I can’t teach Ru, this Ru’s will also.”

That meaning clearly says: “Children, don’t think your mother is strict, you have to strange your dad, this is his last wish.” In a short sentence, the new height of “chicken baby” is made, “the children of other people’s family” are sad and lost in Ouyang Xiu’s house.

“What your dad said” became the existence of Jinke Yu’s law in his childhood in his childhood.

03 lock household strict class

The pace of history was a thousand years. During the Qing Dynasty, a “child of someone else’s family” was born, which once again triggered a crazy “chicken baby”, and the soul figure in the “chicken baby” incident was Zuo Zongtang, a well -known late Qing Dynasty.

Zuo Zongtang was born in a family of cultivation. He was talented and studied hard since he was a child. He could recite “The Analects of Confucius” at the age of four. At the age of eight, he could write eight works.

At the age of 16, Zuo Zongtang participated in the Changsha Prefecture Test and made a high school show with the second place. In 1832, Zuo Zongtang went to Changsha in the provincial capital to participate in the township test and obtained the reputation.

If there is no accident, Zuo Zongtang only needs to try high school again to become a civil servant of the two lists, but the accident happened. In the end, he had to have regrets and helplessly came to Luo Bingzhang as a staff member.

Although it is a staff member, Luo Bingzhang respects Zuo Zongtang and trusts very much.


Once, the general soldier Fan Ye visited. After seeing Zuo Zongtang, he was only an ordinary staff member and did not salute. Zuo Zongtang was very unhappy and could not help but have a dispute with Fan Ye.

The process of the dispute between the two is a bit different in different documents.

In some literatures, Zuo Zongtang said more and more anger at that time, and he was holding Fan Ye on the spot under anger, but in the literature such as “Shizai Hall Miscellaneous Reamation”, he said that Zuo Zongtang yelled on Fan Ye’s head: “Wang Ba egg rolled out! “

But in any case, after this dispute, Fan Ye was dismissed, which made Fan Ye hate Zuo Zongtang.


As a result, Fan Ye, who was full of hatred, returned to his hometown and set up a “washing and humiliation card” next to his ancestor’s tablet, saying: “Wang Ba eggs rolled out”, and then embarked on the road of “chicken baby” revenge.

He spent a lot of money, hired a famous teacher to teach his two sons, vowed to cultivate his son, so as to surpass Zuo Zongtang in the imperial examination and washed the humiliation of the day.

In order to force his son to study hard, Fan Ye also set a strict family rules:

Before the two sons did not get a merit, no matter what occasions attended, they could only wear women’s clothing.

If you get a talented talent, you can take off the women’s jacket; after getting the people, take off the women’s underwear; after passing the title of the Jinshi Gold List, you can burn to wash the disgrace and complete the great project of “revenge”.

Under the crazy “chicken baby”, Fan Ye’s two sons learned from the night of the night,

But Fan Ye was not enough. He canceled all the entertainment activities of his sons and lock the two sons.

Fortunately, Huang Tian lived up to the hard work. In the three years of Guangxu, Fan Ye’s second son Fan Zengxiang finally admitted to the jinshi. At that time, Fan Ye was dead, but Fan Zengxiang still followed his father’s instructions and invited many guests. Of course, he burned the “wash and humiliation card “, Comfort Fan Ye’s spirit of heaven.

Come on, when Fan Yili “washing the disgrace”, Fan Zengxiang was only 13 years old. When he burned the “wash and humiliation”, Fan Zengxiang was 32 years old.

Although Fan Ye was “reported”, Fan Zengxiang’s entire youthful years were buried in the “chicken baby”. The ancient people’s “chicken baby” chickens really made modern people look at it and ashamed.

Author: We specially invited the author Zhu Ying Yuejiang

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