Low -waist pants+hollow gown, small girls wear this way, easily creating small waist

For small girls, because they are not tall, many beautiful clothing cannot wear fashion temperament, so I have to give up some clothes that are not suitable for small people. Almost every young girl will often wear high heels to go out in order to make themselves look taller. Although the effect of increasing height is immediate, the burden of both feet is added, and it will cause some foot diseases such as toe to turn out of the toe. happened.


The young girls pay great attention to the maintenance of the figure, because thinning will make a tall. Today, Phantom introduces a method of wearing a waist, low -waist jeans+hollow gown, and small children to wear it like this. Although it can not be able to increase the length of the legs, it can easily create a small waist and show the small children. The petite and cute side.

How to choose low -waist jeans

TIPS①: The characteristics of low waist pants

Low -waist pants are a very picky pants. It is also a great test for the body. It is required that the wearer cannot have a small belly, but also a small waist, especially the long -legged girls to wear low waist pants. Although low -waist pants are very friendly to girls with thin waist, they are not suitable for long -term wear, because low -waist pants cannot keep the waist and abdomen warm, and long -term wear will cause some diseases. If you increase, these symptoms will be manifested.

TIPS ②: low -waist jeans style

There are not many styles of low -waist jeans. If the thickness of the pants legs can be divided into straight pants, wide -leg pants and leggings. Because low waist pants are very picky, it is recommended to choose low -waist tight jeans. As long as the figure is well -proportioned and the legs are not thick, even if you wear a small child, you will look good. It is recommended to choose nine -point pants to expose the ankle to obtain the effect of extending legs.


TIPS ③: the color of low waist jeans


As long as it is jeans, no matter what the style and style, you can’t jump out of the circle of blue and blue and black, because this is the most classic color of jeans. Especially in blue blue, this primary denim can highlight the fashion effect of denim. In summer, you must choose blue, light blue, or white nostalgic colors in order to dress more cool and comfortable. Wearing black in summer has a strong sense of sultry, it is recommended to give up.


Tips with low -waist jeans

Tips ①: Choose a hollow gown

The young girls wear low -waist jeans and are not recommended to match short tops. Although directly exposing the waistline can better show the small waist, it will look shorter. If you match the gown and you can’t show your waist, you can consider some gown with a hollow design at this time. The front and rear length and the waist on both sides are cut out. , Do you do, do n’t do it.

Tips ②: Use blue and white color color to create a refreshing temperament

The two colors with the highest appearance rate in the summer are blue and white. The two colors are combined together, which can bring a refreshing effect. There are many types of blue, highly saturated blue, such as Tibetan blue, treasure blue, etc. Using more low -saturated blue, such as the same azure as the sky, or the primary denim blue, it is also known as denim blue. These blue with white hollow gown will be more refreshing, and it can easily create small waists. Shoes can be considered flat shoes, mainly soft and comfortable, so that wearing it is very cute.


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