The brand -name Boshima is difficult to wear, Yang Mi puts out the tunnel with a tiger’s back with 90 pounds, and more than 4,000 to spread the goods on the ground.

Winter warmth is indeed a top priority in this season, but do not lose the aesthetics of fashion to keep it warm, and shape yourself as a big meat ball. In the process of clothing, we must avoid the increase in volume, so as to better show fashion charm.


In this piece of dressing, Yang Mi is the woman who knows the best way to increase and subtract. For many years, Yang Mi has not left too much impression on film and television dramas. The waves are named. Every time I look at her dress, there is always a kind of urge to imitate but can’t reach her, which is very beautiful.

Putting on a small knowledge: khaki trench coat, there is a set of cool play in winter

In winter, women are more inclined to coats, trench coats, and down jackets in the choice of coats. These three have their own advantages, but compared to coats and down jackets, the trench coat is worse in warmth effect, but the windbreaker is chic The favorable sense of falling is really not comparable to the above two types, so most women like to choose a trench coat in winter, comfortable to wear and take off, and are very chic.

This time, Yang Mi rarely chose a trench coat as a jacket. Although the classic khaki color scheme is not very high, it is the best color matching in the trench coat. Fashion shaping is also the easiest.


Put on small knowledge: inside the umbilical outfit, do not temperature, do not temperature


There is a characteristic of winter jacket dressing that is to open up the hem and give a certain opportunity to show them. Indeed, there are two benefits of dressing. One is to use the inner to enhance the fashion beauty and get rid of the single nature of solid color trench coat. Using the matching between clothing and beautifying the body of the controller, this is also the most popular way of dressing. As for whether it is a jacket or a navel, it combines itself.

You can see that Yang Mi has not disappointed everyone in the inside. The open clothes, the exposed umbilical tops and black leggings, the white and thin waist, which makes people see it. Especially jealous, this kind of demeanor does not want temperature, only Yang Mi can control it so well.

Wear small knowledge: Winter coats have waistlines to avoid bloating


Wearing a winter jacket can indeed be able to make a fashionable figure, but pay attention to details during the dressing process, especially the bloated sense. Remember to not forget the waistline The aesthetics of the shape will be greatly reduced in winter, and it is also what women do not want to see.

Obviously this time Yang Mi, who is the queen with the goods, did not do well. It did have a good fashion effect on the front. The open clothes hemaked, showing the perfect body proportion. However, from the back of the side of the side of the sea, Yang Mi with less waistline line line is less waistline. , Even 90 pounds, wearing a picture of a tiger back, very bloated, making this piece of clothing lose its due charm.

Wear small knowledge: more than 4000 Boston, like cheap goods

With the continuous improvement of living standards, women’s pursuit of clothing has begun branding. It is indeed a penny in terms of material, especially in winter jackets. In this way, the style design is more outstanding, but Yang Mi is also unable to bring this time. This 4,000 trench coat, without a belt, wearing a fat man, does not say it, it looks very cheap. The brand is not necessarily so easy to wear, easy to control.


QS: How is Yang Mi’s previous airport show?


Select TIPS: sweater tight pants


The combination of sweater tight pants is still very popular in winter. The classic is tightly combined. If you are rich in style, as long as you are allowed, you will not make an error if you wear it. Choose different colors of clothing between up and down. Yang Mi chose a black hooded sweater with the same color leggings, which really showed black to the extreme.


Select TIPS: Plush coat straight pants

The combination of loose tightness may expose your figure, then you can choose a large size single product, but it is best to choose this type of style up and down like Yang Mi, short and down, not to look very bloated, in addition The ultra -long leg lines brought by waist straight pants can also avoid bloated. Yang Mi chose a plush jacket with straight jeans, which is a good demonstration. The color is one and different styles.

Select TIPS: jacket sports pants

In fact, the winter set is also a good choice. High comfort and high comfort still appear very dynamic, but the style has been limited. Therefore, when women are trying, they can choose Yang Mi. Guardous pants, dressed and vibrant, seemingly young, can increase the richness of the shape.

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