Dalian Zhao Yu International Beauty founder Zhao Yu: Cultivating talents is the magic weapon of the elderly

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“Beauty” is the eternal pursuit of women. With the development of technology, now the beautiful appearance has multiple implementation paths. Since the second half of 2020, the medical beauty sector has emerged. Market research institutions believe that the next 5-10 years will be the golden period of the development of medical beauty tracks, and the “face value economy” will be popular.

As a female entrepreneur who seized the “face value economy” earlier in China, as early as 30 years ago, Zhao Yu had established a foothold in Dalian’s beauty industry. She founded the Dalian Zhaoyu International Beauty Chain Club in Dalian City’s main commercial centers, and has influence in Liaoning Province and even the country. Recently, Zhao Yu was invited by Ping An Private Bank to talk about entrepreneurship. She believes that even if the Chaoyang industry is located, talent training is the foundation of enterprises.


Anti -beauty industry, explore beautiful secrets

In the early 1990s, Zhao Yu’s aunt opened a beauty -haired wedding shop on Taoyuan Street, Dalian. Every weekend, she would go to the aunt’s shop to help. The shop is full of wedding dresses, the exquisite makeup of customers, and the fashionable hairstyle design … all attracting Zhao Yu. Under the influence of the aunt, Zhao Yu had a pursuit of beauty. The aunt saw Zhao Yu’s love for the beauty industry, so she helped her to report to the class system to learn the beauty industry.

Soon after, the aunt’s family immigrated to the United States, and Zhao Yu took the store from a young aunt and officially opened her exploration in the beauty industry.

Zhao Yu, who was born in the army, was stubborn, and once it was determined, he must do well. She said: “I am full of love for the beauty industry, the more I know the more I love. The idea at that time was that I must do a good job in the beauty industry. Beauty is happiness and health. It can also help others. matter.”

After the operation entered the right track, Zhao Yu began to expand outward. She carefully examined the location, people flow, and customer base consumption level of various commercial areas in Dalian, selected a standard location, and opened a chain store to buy a house to achieve a more stable operation.

For Zhao Yu, the biggest challenge of early operation was the loss of beauty practitioners. In the past, the cultural level of beauty practitioners was relatively low. Many people used this job to use it as a craft to make a living. The willingness to learn is relatively low, the growth rate is slow, and the cost of cultivating talents is high.

Zhao Yu said: “At that time, it would take 3 to 5 years to train a middle and senior cadres to support a good seedlings. When you cultivate, most of them will choose to start a business by themselves. To solve the problems of low quality of practitioners and the loss of talents, Zhao Yu seriously reflected, seeking development out, and introducing advanced foreign instruments and technologies; reform inward reform, learning management experience, and multi -dimensional improvement of the professional service capabilities of stores.

Today, a large number of undergraduates and medical professionals have poured into the beauty industry, and the quality and professional level of employees have been greatly improved. Zhao Yu will introduce high -quality professional beauty industry talents every year to inject fresh blood into the team to improve the overall professional level and literacy of the team. The factors of “people” are no longer restricting items. Professional talents and excellent teams are already one of the important advantages of Dalian Zhaoyu International Beauty Chain Club.

Digging core competitiveness and focusing on the industry for 30 years

With the development of the times, “beauty” has become more and more valued, and the unremitting pursuit of beauty has become a love for life. Today, all kinds of image clubs and plastic surgery clubs related to “beauty” have sprung up, and the streets and alleys can be seen everywhere. Despite the increasing competition in the industry, customers who come to Zhao Yu Beauty Club consumers are still endless, and the influence of the club is continuously expanding. Many consumers come from the three northeast provinces.

In the industry for nearly 30 years, Zhao Yu is well versed in the beauty of the beauty industry and has formed his own unique core competitiveness. Among them, special technology and advanced technology are one of the strong competitive advantages of Zhao Yu Beauty Club. It is reported that Zhao Yu International introduced the US patent GSM forever hair removal instrument, intelligently identified skin tone, so that consumers can also do not hurt the skin and be safe and secure when bidding farewell to hair.

A few years ago, Professor Zheng, at the First Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University, was quite troublesome due to the lush hair. Under the recommendation of a friend, Professor Zheng went to Zhao Yu International’s friendly square store with a mentality of trying.

Zhao Yu said: “During that time, the friendly square shop was crowded every day, and there were many people who came to get rid of hair. Professor Zheng was still doubtful when he first started to make hair removal. As a result, she met her old classmates in the store. After the hair removal, the skin was smooth and flawless, and the hanging heart was put down. On the same day, the full range of hair removal projects were made. Professor Zheng’s hair removal effect was very good. Soon after, he brought colleagues, classmates, and good sisters to come out. She also brought her daughter to the store to solve the problem of ‘hairy hair and feet’. “

Today, Professor Zheng is already an old client in the store. They are very willing to recommend the store to friends and meet together. There are many customers like Professor Zheng in the store. They are all high net worth people at 40-65 years old.


As a female entrepreneur, Zhao Yu interpreted the details of women’s unique meticulous, gentleness and toughness. In the process of entrepreneurship, she encountered many hardships, but she could solve it with softness and cleverness. Conditions.

Zhao Yu said: “Entrepreneurship is easy to keep in business. In the future, we will continue to work in deeply to help customers solve their troubles, pay attention to health, discover sub -health early, intervene in and maintenance in time. Beauty, keep your mind beauty, feel the cultural influence of Chinese studies, and enjoy a happy life. “

Enterprise development has always been inseparable from financial assistance. Zhao Yu said that she and her husband are both customers of Ping An Private Bank, and they recognize the wealth management capabilities of Ping An Private Bank. “After joining the Ping An Private Bank ‘Hope Club”, I learned that banks can not only provide loans, financial management and other services, but also feed back customers to help our corporate marketing promotion and promote sales. ” It is comparable to my “think tank” and is a financial partner worthy of entrustment. It has given great help and strength in serving high net worth customer bases and management enterprises. No matter how the external market environment changes, I have a firm confidence. response.

(Original title “Zhao Yu, the founder of Dalian Zhaoyu International Beauty: Cultivation of Talents is the Magic of Enterprise Everbright”)

(Author: Shen Yong, a reporter from Shenzhen Special Economic Zone)

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