“Plastic reduction” does not diminish the Shencheng Bookstore on the new environmental protection gift bag to improve the reading experience

Beginning in 2020, the Shanghai Book Sales Industry has been at the forefront in implementing the prohibition of the use of disposable plastic shopping bags in the implementation of physical bookstores, and strives to “reduce plastic reduction without service.”

On January 18th, the “Book of Books in Books -20121 Shanghai Book Sales Industry Packaging Bags Exhibition” sponsored by Shanghai Book and Express Industry Association was launched on the third floor of Shanghai Bookstore China and Foreign and Foreign Cultural Space. Selected.

Shanghai Xinhua Media Chain Co., Ltd., Shanghai Foreign Language Book Co., Ltd., Shanghai Book Co., Ltd., Shanghai Century Duoyun Culture Development Co., Ltd., Hyundai Bookstore, Boku Book City, Zhongshu Pavilion, Da Yin Book Bureau, Jianhuang Book Bureau, Baixin Bookstore, Reader Bookstore , Writer’s bookstore, Bookstore, Shanghai Shangsheng Xinxin House Bookstore, Xinhua Cultural Innovation · Light Space, Cloud Bookstore, Eryi Bookstore and other city brand physical bookstore representatives attended the meeting.

There are 21 paper -type packaging supplies, which are divided into three types: paper bags, waist seals, and packets. Among them, 70 % of paper bags are used, which has a trend of replacing waist seal and paper. The patterns and printed on paper-based packaging supplies are mainly bookstore logo. Generally speaking, waist seal and bag paper are provided for readers for free. Paper bags are sold for paid, and the price is generally about 2-4 yuan. Paper bags are mostly used in cowhide paper, copper paper, jacking paper, double rubber paper, Sydney paper, etc., lined with thick pads, which have a certain load.

“减塑”不减服务 申城书店上新环保礼袋 提升阅读体验

There are 32 fabric packaging supplies, distributed bags, non -woven bags, shopping bags, and handbags, and 70 % of the cloth bags. The materials are mainly 10 amnivables, 12 amvitable canvas, 12 amnivable canvas, 14 amnivable canvas, 960D canvas, corduroy, non -woven fabric, PE environmentally friendly material, felt, etc., priced at 1 yuan It ranges from 99 yuan, and the price of non -woven bags is low, generally 1 yuan to 2 yuan. The advantage of fabric packaging is strong and wear -resistant. The novel and unique and unique design pattern and the environmental protection and durability of materials have become the selling point of each bookstore.

This year, the new catering packaging supplies are selected. There are 14 exhibitors, four types of paper cups, cups, lunch boxes, and gift boxes. The main materials include food -grade gonorrhea paper, corrugated paper, and 12 amaters of cotton.

The paper bags, cloth bags, and paper cups exhibited this time are the results of the Shanghai book sales industry after more than a year of hard work. It can be used for books, cultural and creative products, coffee simplified meals. Elegant, was recognized by readers in the use of 2021, which not only increased the exposure of bookstores, promoted reading, but also conforms to the trend of green environmental protection. Personal book aroma -temperament artwork.

“减塑”不减服务 申城书店上新环保礼袋 提升阅读体验

Through on -site observation, based on materials, color, size, capacity, and climbing long, short, width, etc., judge from the perspective of environmental protection, practicality, durability, simplicity, generosity, elegant, etc. 20 models are promoted to the city’s bookstores.

“减塑”不减服务 申城书店上新环保礼袋 提升阅读体验

Looking forward to this exhibition and selection, the Shanghai book sales industry continues to launch environmentally friendly packaging supplies that meet readers’ needs in the process of plastic pollution control, fully displaying the wisdom and reading of Shanghai Book Industry.