As long as 40 yuan! You can get the international brand Paul Frank big mouth monkey

When my sister knows I want to sell it

Always urged: Why is there no active price yet!

The May Day holiday finally came! Do you all go out and play? Anyway, I’m quiet at home.

After all, haven’t I been on the big -name bar recently?

From shell shoes, real silk shirts, canvas shoes, POLO shirts … each is from the international big name, helping everyone to the most favorable price!

只要40来块钱!就能斩获国际品牌paul frank大嘴猴

Then, a baby came to ask me: Why don’t you have big -name pants?

Well, although my skinny leg pants beauty pants, clouds, cherry pants are sold up, but the real international big -name pants do not seem to be ~

Paul Frank

Big mouth monkey:

Isn’t it worth it? Intersection Intersection

Yes, yes, Sao Gurui, Paul Frank big mouth monkey yoga pants, I have been on the shelves before, although it is a seven -point yoga pants! But it can be worn inside, wearing outside, fitness, and the price is so low that I dare not think about it. Intersection Intersection Intersection

My sister summarizes:

Quality pass! Color pass! The price is equivalent to not money! Intersection Intersection

That’s right, that is, we are familiar with the ears, and we can see the international big name of the counter when we go to the mall–

Paul Frank

只要40来块钱!就能斩获国际品牌paul frank大嘴猴


The important thing to say three times!

In order for everyone to buy and buy with confidence,

Genuine authorization

I released it early today:

Authorized by the brand distribution party to dealers

The dealer authorizes the second family

只要40来块钱!就能斩获国际品牌paul frank大嘴猴

As for what the price makes my sister feel no money! Intersection

Pot friends! Slender big mouth monkey seven -point yoga pants,

The limited time activity price is only 99 yuan! Positions, two pretends!

(The color can be arbitrarily matched, it is so intimate, hehe ~)

What concept? The average of only 40 pieces per piece! Intersection Intersection

This is a well -known internationally renowned brand that can be bought with Grandpa Mao’s money to buy Calvin Klein and Zippo!

Sisters! It’s time to fight the speed now, so you can place an order! May 1st delivery is uninterrupted! Intersection Intersection

Super loud!

只要40来块钱!就能斩获国际品牌paul frank大嘴猴

Tell you! Must move! Summer is coming! Intersection Intersection Intersection

In addition, you must pay attention to fitness equipment at home. After all, wearing pajamas can’t afford the spirit at all!


Big mouth monkey yoga pants

, Maybe it is the most satisfactory one in the leggings I wear!

Quick -drying elasticity, slimness is thin, it is comfortable to put on it, and you can enter the fitness state in one second!


The key, the price is so real! The most satisfied!


Kangkang’s excellent elasticity, the average code is not picking up,

Height 150-172cm,


Babies of 80-140 catties can be worn!

Of course, it can be worn on the huge comfort! The logo of this big -mouth monkey is very small, but the cute and love is not public, so I won’t say that I have worn it every day recently, and I have a thin body and thin. Who wearing who wears it!

只要40来块钱!就能斩获国际品牌paul frank大嘴猴

Not only I said hello, 个, freshly blown praise from Da Ka to feel it, full of money is worth it! Intersection Intersection

You can choose four colors. Lake blue is fresh and natural, black and beautiful, rust red youthful vitality, denim blue is high -level, all colors are enough ~ (all enter, children can choose)

It is both a yoga pants during exercise

只要40来块钱!就能斩获国际品牌paul frank大嘴猴

You can also wear it when you are leisure



The big mouth monkey’s brand, don’t say more! As a well -known international brand, it has been classic for decades.

Anyway, I can see its existence in prominently when I go back to the mall. It is a brand that many young people will buy often.

(Picture from the Internet)

Moreover, from the America’s little sweetness Britney, Christina Aquailala, to Song Hye Kyo, Cecilia Cheung in Asia, and Cecilia Cheung are all super fans. The stars are not finished, and they have to wear themselves. (Who makes it tide and cute, is there any men and women and children, are there any ~)

But advise everyone,


Don’t go to a certain treasure to buy piracy!

Otherwise, the quality you buy back, let you understand the sinister of this society in minutes …

只要40来块钱!就能斩获国际品牌paul frank大嘴猴

The positioning is a big -mouth monkey for middle and high -end people. Honestly, the price is really not expensive, and the average price of clothing items is generally around two or three hundred.

What’s more, our welfare price today is

Two yuan 99 yuan!

Buy 2 genuine big -name yoga pants with 99 yuan, is it wore than pirated incense?

只要40来块钱!就能斩获国际品牌paul frank大嘴猴

You know, piracy and genuine patterns look similar, and it is very easy to confuse them with falsehood. How to distinguish it? Just touch the fabric!

The pants wearing in this kind of exercise are very demanding on the requirements of raw materials and textile technology.

只要40来块钱!就能斩获国际品牌paul frank大嘴猴

Genuine big mouth monkey yoga pants are especially adopted

Technology fabric-

Wearing a light and comfortable body, it feels very textured.

As a pair of yoga pants,


That’s also a must!

360 ° Elastic stretching

It is very comfortable to put on its fitness, do yoga, and run! There will be no marks on the legs.

只要40来块钱!就能斩获国际品牌paul frank大嘴猴

Just say that, it is too comfortable to change when I exercise. I simply go downstairs to buy food and wear it. Anyway, these colors are beautiful, and they are super Easy with clothes!

After all, many stars in Europe and the United States are supermodels, and they are also dressed like this. Is it too tide?

For forty dollars to buy genuine international big names, you can wear more pants, and what bicycles do you want! Buy it! Intersection Intersection


Three -dimensional slimming

Put out peach hips and small waist in minutes!

In addition to good fabrics, the version is nothing to say.

In a word:

It can tighten the fat, but it will not panic

只要40来块钱!就能斩获国际品牌paul frank大嘴猴

After wearing it, it is the abdomen and hips, and the fried chicken shows curve.

High waist design can tighten the small abdomen fat

只要40来块钱!就能斩获国际品牌paul frank大嘴猴

——This is the secret of our heart girl!

只要40来块钱!就能斩获国际品牌paul frank大嘴猴


The hips are outlined very well, and in minutes, girls who weigh more than a hundred can also wear peach hips and small waists.

This pants are cropped pants

Because the elasticity is good enough, the length of 71-75cm is a normal range. Girls with 150-172cm tall can be worn ~

In the end, it is also what you care about most: are you complete color?

rest assured! rest assured!

Lake blue, black, denim blue, iron rust red

A total of 4 colors are waiting for you to call them!

You don’t have to worry about the coloring of such a beautiful color at all.

No nonsense! The inventory has been in a hurry, and the welfare price like this level is still the two -installed combination price. Intersection Intersection

Prepare two of your own two, and then prepare two girlfriends, which is the standard version of the order form!

Today’s good things

只要40来块钱!就能斩获国际品牌paul frank大嘴猴

Avann beauty pants that wear seconds to change legs

This breathable fabric with a sense of natural pendant

It is suitable for spring and summer!

It can hold the laziness and comfortable wear on the weekend

It can also dominate the workplace Yujie style! Wearing it is significant and thin ~

Let you walk with the wind! The gas field burst!

Boxhood skinny leg jeans super bombs 0 restraint!

Use skin -friendly soft imported yarn and four -sided bomb denim fabric

Lift your hips and waist after you wear

And it is not tight at all

Even if you wear it to practice yoga, it is super comfortable

It looks like I lost 10 pounds!

listen to me! Natural latex underwear imported from Thailand

只要40来块钱!就能斩获国际品牌paul frank大嘴猴

Can effectively prevent mites and antibacterials

Classic models, light V -neck gathering models, comfortable suspension models

All three styles are very simple!

You must wear it!

只要40来块钱!就能斩获国际品牌paul frank大嘴猴

The better you get better, it is worth using a better one

You can buy international big names at dozens of dollars! Intersection

Big mouth monkey:



只要40来块钱!就能斩获国际品牌paul frank大嘴猴


Three -dimensional slimming