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Recommend 10 cost-effective good leather shoes for the 95th of the workplace

Everyone has an initial entry into the workplace, this stage is more like a turning point of life, not only from the students become professional workers, but more about lifestyle, as well as personal talks, dress dress up , Taste cultivation has a new change.


A good tuning taste must be the first flash point you can notice by colleagues and leaders. This feeling is like the unique Sprezzatura, which is a unique Sprezzatura, is general, which is the “well-designed senior feeling” that elegant gentlemen. It seems that there is a careful thinking behind it, and I tell the other side with every detail grade, I am a senior gentleman who knows.

Slipshoes as you have become a must-have gentleman single product, and the role of work in the workplace is very critical. In addition to the daily interview, work, sometimes some formal banquets and social occasions are available. You may have adhered to the Smart Casual style, suit with the ball shoe attendance to show personalities. But don’t forget the inner cultivation and etiquette in the gentleman, ask the shoes to match, or try to make the most basic respect for other gentlemen.

Today, MR Tiger is recommended for everyone to wear, the price is basically between 1000-3,000 yuan. There may be a friend’s doubt price too expensive, but in fact, when you spend four or five thousand yuan to buy a pair of frying price, Yeezy, then compare the shoes that spend the same price before the same price, you will find that the investment in leather shoes is far less than just It is reflected in wearing, and it also contains the perfect manifestation of the self-gentleman requests and temperament after you wear the leather shoes.


Loake Aldwych

Compared with the standard flat oxford shoes, the adhesive tip part has a piece of leather, also known as toea Oxford shoes, is the most widely wearing semiconal occasion. Aldwych selection texture flexible first layer cowhide, the upper is smooth, simple, and the perfect interpretation of elegant feelings.


Shoe model: Loake Aldwych

Reference price: ¥ 2298


Allen Edmonds Park Avenue

Park Avenue meets the design of the simple atmosphere as a classic three-fitting Oxford footwear shape, and the upper use of high-quality calf skin with the comfort of the lining and natural molded insoles. The body line is clearly applied to dress The occasion is wearing and adapted.

Shoe model: Allen Edmonds Park Avenue

Reference price: ¥ 2799


Allen Edmonds Fifth Avenue

Compared with this Park Avenue added a carved shape in the shoe, the light liner and leather shoe bed is more suitable for the high-income men, the six-hole belt can not only fit the wear, but also more formal feelings. This pair of low-key and non-smaller design for newcomers is not yet.


Shoe model: Allen Edmonds Fifth Avenue

Reference price: ¥ 2499


Cheyle Fenchurch

CHEANY has always insisted on the classic traditional English handmade craft since its establishment in 1886, but the oak tanning is not only breathable and foot, which is full of carving crafts to formally, this Fenchurch’s black head.

Shoe model: cheaney fenchurch

Reference price: ¥ 2600


Loake Cannon

Double-buckled Cannon has dark brown and black compared to Oxford shoes more style, and also adds difficulty in matching, but this is definitely the perfect interpretation of classic Monk shoes, and provides metal buckles The stronger package is more suitable for the autumn and winter season.

Shoes model: Loake Cannon


Reference price: ¥ 2299




This MALVERN shoe part uses the best aniline calf skin to make elegant and lost gorgeous, silky leather upper does not have too much modification combined with Goodyear sticker soles, it is a fashionable men’s tie shoes, very It is not too eye-catching in the work.

Shoe model: Barker Malvern

Reference Price: ¥ 2880


Allen Edmonds MSP Split-TOE Blucher

As the two American localized brand Allen Edmonds, the secondary ceremony of the US president is almost all of their shoes, and the production process is of course impeccable. This MSP uses detachable backheel with flexible XL warrior soles to be more lightweight as a business trip.

Shoes model: Allen Edmonds MSP Split-TOE Blucher


Reference price: ¥ 2329



Barker larry


Always insisted on the traditional hand-made shoes, every craftsman must have a training level for more than ten years. It is a must-see for the European aristocrats. The low-key elegant British wind is completely in this larry, simple The four-hole strap with a whole body carved and the head layer is more comfortable.


Shoe model: Barker Larry


Reference Price: ¥ 1980



Loake Ghost

In addition to Oxford Shoes, there is a large class of Ghost called Derby shoes. Debi shoes are also very popular in Europe. The biggest feature is that the shoes tongue with a leather with the entire upper, and the two shoes are fixed to some spacing, so that it is easy to adjust, wear The foot is more comfortable.


Shoe model: Loake Ghost

Reference price: ¥ 1530



Barker Darlington


In addition to distinguished, high-quality Barker synonym, the innovative design and technology advanced with the times continues Bache’s spirit. DARLINGTON is a hand-wipped men’s leather shoes, and the embedded carving of the shoe is adding a harmful person. The spring sheet and the cork filling layer in the middle of the shoe are the standard of Buckle. If the embossed flower is a bit exaggerated, then This DARLINGTON is worth recommending.

Shoes model: Barker Darlington

European handmade footwear brand collection shop ESTATE


Mr Tiger’s recommended Loake, Barker shoes can be purchased directly on Estate Tmall online selection store or online flagship store, Estate is an internationally renowned brand management and operation company, and the store brings together from the United Kingdom, Italy, France and Spain and other multinational luxury brands, such as Church’s, Barker, Spernanzoni, Loake, Berwick, Brunello Cucinelli, etc. In the sale of pure British, authentic English manual shoes for decades, but also focused on the development of its own brand.

Estate has always adhered to the high cost-effective sales concept near overseas, and in terms of new products are also sold in synchronization with overseas brands, saving everyone to find purchases or went abroad. At the same time, they are also very accurate for the taste of the selected brand, regardless of the different styles of business dress, fashion leisure, and trend movement, can be purchased in the store. Secondly, it is also extremely fine in the division of the shoe, not only for the shoe type, and even if there is also a clear lace functionality.

Estate offline flagship store address

Beijing SKP Layer 2 Shoes Estate

Tel: 010-85951267

Xi’an SKP Layer 2 Shoes Estate

Tel: 029-83699820

Beijing old Buddha department store Estate

Tel: 13366715717

Shanghai old Buddha department store ESTATE

Tel: 15000307302

Image Source: Brand official website

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Reference Price: ¥ 1980