Li Qin’s air bangs walk away from the airport, wearing leather clothes alone, not fastened.

Now Li Qin can be described as more and more beautiful, and more and more girl feelings. No matter what type of occasion she attended, she is full of fresh girls. It is really elegant and sweet and cute. My sister is imitating and borrowing from Li Qin’s private server!

Recently, Li Qin, who rarely walked the sweet style, even played the sweet girl style at the airport. This time, Li Qin appeared in the rehearsal road of the Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Niu Nian’s rehearsal. In her private clothes, her private clothes are really sweet+cool. It is not suitable for Li Qin. It is also worth learning from everyone.

In the photo, I saw Li Qin’s black velvet leather coat with a Seifini Poanli brand full -print lemon three -dimensional sweater. Fairy Qin.


◎ Small directory in this issue

1. Analysis of Li Qin’s dressing;

2. How to match the black velvet sweater to highlight the sweet girl style?

Analysis of Li Qin’s wear style

This time, the appearance of Li Qin’s dressing is really high -level and fashionable, and it is very suitable for the young ladies and sisters to learn. Her upper body is a black plush leather jacket. This leather jacket is very handsome on the upper body. In addition, the short version is also particularly displayed. It instantly lengthe the proportion of the figure and is very advanced.

At the same time, the inside of the leather clothes is still plush fabric. This is really warm. Don’t be too suitable for this leather dress in winter.

The matching of Li Qin’s lower body is also very nice. She chose a pair of black -gray straight jeans and a pair of black Martin boots, which looks very handsome and stylish. This pants are a straight version. The upper body is very thin and long legs. It is very cool with leather. Martin boots are also a particularly high -end item. Girls are particularly handsome and very temperamental.

I have to say that Li Qin’s shape is really handsome and cute, making her look like a little sister.

How to match the black velvet leather jacket to highlight the sweet girl style?

Tip 1: Martin boots high -level and handsome

Martin boots are a fashion shoes that have always been particularly popular. It is an indispensable shoe in many young ladies’ shoe cabinets. It is also a super versatile and practical item.

If we choose a black plush leather jacket, we can learn from Li Qin with the matching of the lower body. We can choose a pair of black straight jeans with a pair of black Martin boots, and it is very OK, and it can also highlight your unique handsome and charming side.


Martin boots can not only choose Martin short boots, but also Martin boots. If the ladies’ legs are not straight, then we can choose the Martin boots of the long tube, so that we can cover our leg flaws. If the ladies’ legs are relatively straight, then we can choose Martin short boots or boots.


Tips 2: Qi Liu Hai’s long hair is super sweet

Now that the sweet style discussed today, then the above discussion is cool, let’s discuss the sweet fan. In this regard, we can work hard from the hairstyle, and spend some thoughts that you are also a sweet girl.

We can leave a long -haired style with the same model as Li Qin, which is not only very small, but also adds a lot of cute sweetness.

If the younger sisters are fleshy face, you can choose Qi Liu Hai’s long hair, so that the super face is small, it is also very gentle and elegant; if the younger sister is a goose egg face, you can choose Qi Liu Hai’s short hair, so it is neat And high -level, very temperament.


Well, what I shared with you today is temporarily ended here. If you also like this type, come and learn.

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