Thick coat + inside = autumn and winter king fried

Recent changes in the weather really make us very difficult to wear clothes,

It ’s hot and colder, wearing less cold

Essence But there is no need to enter the stage of wearing cotton clothes so quickly, this is a dozen degrees of climate.

Now wearing cotton clothes, that winter is really unable to live!

I specially stood up with the little partner of the studio. They were all coats. The difference was that the inside inside was different.

So liya was inspired by immediately, and hurriedly gave the fairies for a period of time.

Thick outer set collection

, So as not to go to work, go to school, and don’t know how to wear it!


Suit jacket+inside

I have worked for a suit before, and I do n’t know if the fairies have prepared one for themselves.

This climate, a suit can fully meet your daily needs.

Most suites are pure colors, so you can just have a T -shirt in you.

厚外套 + 内搭 = 秋冬王炸

It feels that this body is especially suitable for the art girl who learns music, and it is no problem to control whether it is long legs or small children.

Wearing a skirt this season may be a little bit windy,

Light leg artifacts can be arranged

It’s right.

I don’t know how many of the bottom socks, I don’t know how many pieces, and the fairies have to learn.

Use bottom socks to wear

厚外套 + 内搭 = 秋冬王炸


Don’t think that after autumn, the shirt is pressed at the bottom of the box. At this time

The best season for shirts to base

The texture of the shirt and any coat will look very temperamental.

The matching with the blue and white in the bottom, a dark suit outside, the inexplicable sense of high -level sense!

If it is rigorous and regular to stuff the underwear into the pants, the random fall under the shirt is very natural.

Remember French style?

厚外套 + 内搭 = 秋冬王炸

Jeans+white shirts, yyds!

Take another suit jacket to modify the outline of the upper body.

厚外套 + 内搭 = 秋冬王炸

Only show the local position, and then roll the cuffs for two times.

Leisure is very strong, very suitable for daily wear

, Comfortable and comfortable.

If the weather is suddenly cold one day, you can replace the inside inside into thicker

Sweater or sweater

It will not affect the beauty at all.

The inner parallel like this color stripe has a lively and playful feeling.

厚外套 + 内搭 = 秋冬王炸

Choose sports pants if you like casual clothes, choose in tempera

Wide -leg pants or straight pants


厚外套 + 内搭 = 秋冬王炸

Sweater cardigan jacket+inside

If I only let me leave a jacket, it must be a sweater jacket. In my heart, it is easy to wear and have no friends.

Do not pick the style, do not pick the style, do not pick your body

Most people can control a single product.

厚外套 + 内搭 = 秋冬王炸

For example, such a simple T -shirt is a very ordinary one outside, is it very Feel?

Not very picky, whether you are equipped with skirts or such sports trousers,

The style is free to switch you

This kind of dark one is still less picky, and the material is very comfortable. When you touch it, you can soft FUFU. Wearing it is the appearance of Korean gentle sisters!

When drinking afternoon tea with a friend, even if he puts it on his shoulders, he is very highlighted, giving people a girl who can wear it.

厚外套 + 内搭 = 秋冬王炸

If a fairy who likes to wear a hat, you can try this beret, add a little bit

Elegant retro atmosphere

, It’s just a fashionable girl ~

Don’t forget to use your shirts before, as easy to use in the sweater.

厚外套 + 内搭 = 秋冬王炸

I even think that when the shirt and suit are matched together, it is

Girls at work

厚外套 + 内搭 = 秋冬王炸

; When you put it with a sweater jacket, it becomes the eyes of others when shopping.

Miss Korean

The last set of decisiveness is left to

厚外套 + 内搭 = 秋冬王炸


In the formula, warmth is still what we cannot ignore.

Especially with high -necks, it is absolutely praised to prevent wind! but

Fairy with big breasts may not be suitable for high collar

What you should be cautious when choosing.


Baseball jacket+inside

The sports style is still more tested. If you don’t pay attention to the feeling of exercise, you will be like a student who has not graduated.

Because the style will be more complicated, so

厚外套 + 内搭 = 秋冬王炸

The color choice should be simple and simple

Basically, if you choose a light -colored solid color in the bottom, you will not make an error. If the two are neutralized, there will be a sense of harmony.

There is also this short style of temperament, which is more suitable for the fairy with a cold -looking appearance, with high -level noble spirit.

If the leg shape is good -looking, you must try it with denim tights,

It looks like the leg length is good

, Fashion Up Up!

The khaki jacket is relatively suitable for the fairy who follows the cute leisure route, because

The color is softer

厚外套 + 内搭 = 秋冬王炸

There is no aggressiveness.

You can use it appropriately

厚外套 + 内搭 = 秋冬王炸

Light solid skirt to supplement

Help, if the inside inside is not short, it must be stuffed into the skirt. Don’t forget the point!

In the area of ​​sunglasses, no one loves it, and it is okay to create a cool girl in a baseball jacket!

The version of the three -dimensional style gives the upper body a better outline

, Including the details of the neckline, also play a role in modifying the neck.

The lower body is paired with a pair of wide -leg pants. It is not always a person asking how to wear wide -leg pants. Alas, just wear it like this!


Little incense wind jacket+inside

Xiaoxiangfeng is known as “Human Chanel” that is indeed unable to refute. Why can there be such a rich atmosphere!

I have not worn the suggestions from dark, because it is thick enough, so

Inside you need to be thin

Otherwise, it will look bloated.

If you are a fairy with a short face, you can try this big V -neck jacket. The design of the collar allows the upper body to make the upper body

The proportion will be divided more coordinated

And this kind of Morandi’s little incense wind is really gentle at home, and you can try shorts and skirts on your bottom.

If you want to continue gentle, continue to choose

Low saturation

That’s OK!

厚外套 + 内搭 = 秋冬王炸

Those who like this style must arrange a set for yourself

Small incense suit

The gorgeous pink really has the meaning of watching the dishes.

If it is a yellow skin, it will go

Hot girl

; If it is worn by white skin, you will wear a kind of

Miss Gentle’s temperament

It can be regarded as wearing metaphysics!

I really don’t like gorgeous, and dark colors can also be as fashionable.

This round neck that fits the human body is more suitable to match this high -necked inward. The suggestion given here is that if you choose a dark small incense suit,

You must make a lot of color in the inside

Otherwise, the whole person will be very dark, reflected in the eyes of others, you are not very good.

The above is about today

【Thick coat】

All sharing, in fact, many people think that autumn is an embarrassing season, not very cold, not very hot, and has no own characteristics.

In fact, Liya doesn’t think so. In some places, it is in a hurry and in a hurry to make people easily ignore it. But this is actually one that can

Sweater, suit, skirt

A season that is blended together also gives us more inspiration!






厚外套 + 内搭 = 秋冬王炸