“Notre Dame”: The real lover is not necessarily beautiful, but it must be kind

Hugo once said in the preface of “Notre Dame”:

“The time of the years is far more than the church. It is far more than seized. Time has painted a dark century tone on the front of the church, turning the vicissitudes of the building into a charm.”

How many centuries have passed, and now the Paris Virgin, located on the Sina River in Paris, has disappeared into the history of history with a fire of the sky.

The novel named “Notre Dame” left by Hugo, but with the passage of time, it has become more and more glorious, thus shining a great human glory and the greatness of immortal love.


There is a bumpy boat called fate

Hugo once said: “When the fate is handed to me a sour lemon, let us try to make it a sweet lemon juice.”

“Notre Dame” is a glass of lemon juice prepared by Hugo’s wine glass for our fate, but its taste is not sweet at all, and it is even full of sourness.

Most of the lives of the heroine Aismerada and Cassimado are mostly sad.

Aismerada was originally French, but unfortunately her mother Bagget was a prostitute at the bottom of Paris society.

When Ace Merida was born, she was an illegitimate daughter.

What’s even more tragic is that she was secretly replaced by a wandering Bohemian woman shortly after she was born.

It was a little monster that stayed, which was Cassimado, who later became the bell of the Virgin.

Ace Merida became the Egyptian girl in the eyes of people. When she grew up, she became a street -like Bosmia girl with the wandering Bohemians.

She was naturally intelligent, beautiful and charming, with an excellent figure and curly hair like golden silk.

It was just a deep layer of underlying imprint on her body, becoming a shame of lingering in her life.

Aismerada’s mother lost her daughter and found a ugly boy who stayed.

He has geometric faces, tetraonal noses, horseshoe -shaped mouths, uneven teeth, one -eyed, deafness, hump … It seems that God has come to him.

Bagrt, who lost his daughter, certainly did not tolerate such a little monster, so he abandoned him at the door of the Paris Dames and was adopted by Cloed, who later became the deputy bishop.

Bagrt, who had waited for 15 years in despair for 15 years, became a selfish and indifferent hidden woman.

When she saw her daughter again, Aismerada had faced the fate of being strangled.

We have to say that Hugo has formed a cup of sweet and sour lemon juice into a glass of bitter wine.

The sweetness and sweetness in it can be described as mixed flavors, which is really difficult to swallow.

There is a kind of love called blind

“The Song of the Vietnamese” once sang like this: “There are beautiful women in the north, peerless and independent.

Aismerada is probably this kind of beauty, who has paid attention to the country.

When the deputy bishop of the Paris Dames saw the dancing posture of Aismerada on the street, his heart was messy.

From that moment, he knew that his life was over.

He devoted himself to the sincerity of dedicating himself to God for decades, and all fell at this moment.

He wanted to get Ace Merida very much, but the identity of the deputy bishop determined that he had to dedicate his body and soul to God in this life.

Over the years, Cassimodo has been a kind of benevolent signboard.

He also made Cassimado’s adoptive father, and for many years, he hid him in the scoop of the church and asked him to be a bell person.

Day after the roar, Cassimodo was shocked by the bell into deaf. Claude taught him to read his lip and let him obey himself.

When Ace Merida appeared, Claude sent Casimodo to grab Aisimrada.

Unexpectedly, Ace Merida met the Royal Guard Captain Fibes during the escape.

Fibes rescued Ace Merida from Casimodo.


Ace Merida fell in love with the hero who saved her.

Fibes is romantic and active in high society for a long time, and many ladies and ladies surround him.

Ace Merida is just a small flower on the roadside for Fibes.

But in Ace Merida’s heart, Fibes has become her all.

Her heart can no longer tolerate anyone.

But no one can know exactly where this kind of love wants her.

So Yu Guo said:


“Love is like a tree. It grows deeply, deeply rooted in our hearts, and can continue to thrive even on the ruins of our soul. The more blind this feeling is, it is even more stubborn.”

There is a kind girl named Aisimraida


Andersen once said: “The innocent conscience is a gentle pillow, and we can sleep with peace of mind.”

It is such a pillow from beginning to end.

After Acemerada was rescued by Fibes, he fell into the kingdom of beggar thieves composed of the lower group.

When he encountered a downfall poet Grand Gulawa, the leader of the kingdom had a gangcow in Grand Guwa without a compatible and unbounded chicken power.


In accordance with the provisions of the beggar thief kingdom, as long as a woman comes forward to recognize the Gutra Gulva as a husband, he can forgive him to die and leave him in the beggar thief kingdom.


At the critical moment, Aismerada came forward and claimed Grand Gulawa.

But her heart has secretly promised the Royal Guard Captain Fibes, so Gran Gula can only be a nominal husband and wife with her.

The reason why Aismerada came forward to save Grandwa, but he couldn’t bear to be executed.

Then Cassimodo was captured by the King’s Guard. After the trial, he was tied to a shame pillar to be punished by whipping. Clort was unwilling to publicly come forward to save him.

Cassimodo was thirsty in the sun, and none came forward to send water, and Aismerada came forward without any suspicion.


The beauty and kindness of Esmerada just conquered the hearts of many people at the bottom in this way.

It was her kindness that made Cassimodo ashamed and happy after being released.

Because when everyone disliked him, insulted him, and abandoned him, the most beautiful girl in the world saved him. And she was still hurt by him.

Since then, Casimodo has made up his mind to guard her with life at any time.

The benefit of kindness is that sometimes it does not help us get wealth and benefits, but it will definitely make this world admit your personality.

In other words, the biggest failure in this world is not our poverty and ugliness, but the reason why people are qualified.

Lost in the world is the biggest failure in this world.

The ugliest person, the most beautiful soul

In this world, most of the love that disregards the body runs through life and death.

Simply Ace Merida thought Fibes really fell in love with himself, so he met Fibes about in a tavern.

But Fibes told her very straightforwardly that he could not marry her. What he likes is only her beauty.

Just as Aismerada was extremely disappointed, the Deputy Church of Cloed knew the news of their conference from Cassimado’s mouth, because he was too jealous and burned in anger, so he came to a short knife with him. The tavern, took the opportunity to assassinate Fibes, and then escaped in panic.


When Fibes fainted, when the owner of the tavern came, only Aismerada and Fibes were at the scene.

Ace Merida was regarded as a murderer, bending into a trick, and was hanging.


In fact, Fibes did not die, but was stabbed. Ace Merida also recognized the assassin of Fibes, the deputy bishop Clort, but no one was willing to believe her.

On the eve of Essmerada’s execution, Clort also tried to make Aismerada succumb to himself so that he could save her life in the name of religious asylum.

But Aismerada thought that his beloved person died because of himself, hated Clood in his heart, and would rather die.

At the execution scene, Cassimodo found that Ace Merida was about to be executed, climbed down from the church’s tower, rushed to the twisted rack, killed the guards, and snatched Essimrada into the Paris Virgin. And sheltered her in the name of religious sacred land.

Since then, he has really become her guardian. Sentened by her day and night.

Even though Klord found that Ace Merida did not die, he tried to possess her again, Cassimodo rushed forward and fought with her adoptive father just to give her a guardian.

However, when Ace Merida found that Fibes was still alive and ignored his life and death; he knew that Klord had to give himself to the execution team again because he was unwilling to yield.

She is really desperate. She found that the only person who could rely on was Kasimado, who was guarding herself.

The two lonely and sad souls once replaced their lives because of the teasing of destiny, but at this moment they formed an alliance because of the situation of survival.

Although he is the ugliest person in the world, he has the most true and good heart.

This is as if Cassimodo once said to Ace Merida: “If you are willing to fall from the clock tower, even don’t even need to say a word, as long as you look at it for a moment.”

Esmerada was eventually hanged under the twisted frame.

And Casimo killed the hypocritical self -self -adopted father, Klord, and then died in the bear fire in the Paris Virgin.

After their death, their bodies hugged tightly, and after touching, they instantly turned into ashes.

Hugo said in “Notre Dame in Paris”: “Ugly is next to the beauty, the deformity is close to the beauty, the ugly hides behind the lofty back, beauty and ugly existence, light and darkness together.”

The greatness of “Notre Dame” is that it tells us that the beauty of seeing the naked eye is not necessarily beautiful. It has a beautiful body and is filled with decaying thoughts. It is just a walking dead.


On the contrary, under the ugly appearance, there may be a gentle soul hidden under the ugly appearance, a good heart.

He is not necessarily beautiful, but he must be kind enough.


| Xinfeng, the post -80s grass root writer, the pen name is sad and hated.


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