Japanese women are really not afraid of cold! I still wear lace skirts in winter to see how they set up

Japanese women like to wear skirts, even in winter, many people wear skirts. In my impression, winter skirts are usually skirts such as knitted and wool. But in order to look good, Japanese women are really not afraid of cold. In the winter, there are many women who choose to wear lace skirts that they only wear in summer. You must know that lace is hollowed out, and the warmth effect is almost zero. Take a look at the winter lace skirt of Japanese women.


White lace skirt in winter

White lace skirt X knitwear

The white lace skirt can leave a deep impression that it is a single product that improves the neat image.

The long silhouette tight skirt also increases the effect.

Combined with simple beige knitting, an elegant atmosphere is created.


For adult women wearing beautiful winter clothes, the grid is added to the shape, making it a highlight of matching.


White lace skirt x high neck knitted


A white skirt brings a light and stylish appearance for a dark winter dress.

The tight contour of the over -knee length gives a soft impression.

Winter with standard high -necked sweater, bringing a light and leisure atmosphere.

By adding belts to the large knitted fabric, the clarity of the outline has also been improved.

White lace skirt X casual hoodie

The feminine lace skirt is suitable for winter casual clothes with hoodie.

This is a subtle balance, and the usual shape is gorgeous and exquisite.

This fashionable feminine long skirt is paired with exquisite flower lace, and the waist is tightly designed without pressure.

If you have a gorgeous flower lace design, it will bring a touch of highlights for your winter minimalist.

White lace skirt x black jacket

The fashionable white lace skirt with a speaker wire is a popular item of Uniqlo.

If you add a black jacket on a lace skirt in winter and you can wear it in all seasons, then you will get a calm atmosphere.

Uniqlo’s lace skirt can be compatible with short boots, so it is useful for winter.


Black and gray chic winter with white skirts brings a sense of light.

White lace skirt x no collar jacket

Lightly and ready in winter, with monochrome white lace skirts and collarless jackets.

The length of this lace skirt is soft and elegant.


Just put a point in winter, and the bright white lace skirt can give a gorgeous impression.

This is also a fashionable winter dress, adding a pair of black leggings to form a contrast.

Black lace skirt in winter


Black lace skirt X V -neck jacket

This lace skirt has a clean and tight outline and a sense of lightness and softness.


Fashionable black lace skirts can improve the level of light cooked. It is a reliable item that can be used for winter office work and non -working hours.


Balanced short boots and over -knee lengths give people an elegant impression.


Use lace skirts and calm neutral colors in winter to increase gorgeousness.

Black lace skirt X knitwear

Elegant lace skirts with casual loose tops will make your winter dress more eye -catching.

The unique black lace skirt is combined with a clean green knitted knitting, creating a simple sense in winter.

Light -cooked women can use exquisite men’s lace -up shoes to wear in winter.

Using exquisite watches can also improve the light temperament.

Black lace skirt x high neck knitted

The lace skirt adopts a stack design, bringing a more elegant image.

If you add a skirt to a simple winter dress, your design will make you look very fashionable immediately.

Leisure image is matched with high -necked sweater, bringing casual style.

If you combine the black accessories together, you will get a unified winter dress.

Black lace skirt x short leather jacket

A fashionable high -level winter wear, a black lace skirt on the jeans.

Choose a locomotive jacket as a coat, and has completed the sweet and spicy mixed shape in winter.

By combining the internal sweaters and bags with a logo, a leisure atmosphere is created.

The red sports shoes used to emphasize color are the highlights of winter monochrome shapes.

Black lace skirt X locomotive jacket

This cute light winter dress combines hooded sweaters and long lace skirts.

By combining motorcycle jackets from above, it has transformed into a fashionable and handsome way.

The classic shoulder bag increases lightly.

The surface is determined by the black high -top sports shoes, giving a casual atmosphere.

The exquisite winter dress does not make the lace skirt look sweet.

Gray lace skirt winter shape

Gray lace skirt x gray collarless coat

Elegant lace skirt, gray brings a sense of calmness to women.

The casual appearance of elegant tight lace skirt will be added to the simple winter dress.

A vertical tight skirt can be shaped at will.


Gray lace skirt x black collarless jacket

The lace skirt, the waist is decorated with buttons, which brings three -dimensional effect to the outline.

If you expose a lace skirt from the hem of the long coat, then the simple match in winter will add a gorgeous atmosphere.

Over -knee long lace skirt is very useful in daily scenes.


You can applies a variety of scenarios, including leisure to beautiful wear and party occasions.

Gray lace skirt X knitwear


A long and tight lace skirt brings out the softness of adults.

The difference between the length of the lining and the length of the lace skirt makes the line below the knee point transparent.

By matching simple skirts with gorgeous lace skirts and beige knitted skirts, it can achieve a good balance.

A pair of white short boots add freshness to winter wear and increase creativity.

Gray lace skirt x clean knitted knitted


This skirt has exquisite overall lace design, bringing luxury to the basic winter costume.

By using the gray lace skirt with feminine sweater, this is a light and intellectual fashion dress.

Depending on the accessories, you can wear lace skirts in various scenes.


For example, practical and beautiful high heels are combined with chain shoulder bags to create a gorgeous atmosphere.

Gray lace skirt x high neck knitting

This lace skirt has a wavy hollow design.

The gorgeous skirt can be raised with a simple casual sweater.

The chic winter wear, the overall gray monochrome is worn, with a light -colored bag, which adds a sense of lightness.

Navy blue lace skirt winter match

Navy blue lace skirt x no collar jacket

Uniqlo’s naval lace skirt is suitable for adult women who usually don’t like too sweet design.

It increases dexterity without becoming too sweet, and completes it in a mature atmosphere.

The tight lace skirt is very suitable for clean office, and the white collarless jacket creates a clean atmosphere.

Finally paired with black leggings to create a fashion effect.

Navy blue lace skirt x large silhouette knit

Lightly casual style, fashionable navy blue skirt with loose large profile sweater.

The beautiful lace skirt with the knee is slightly longer, which can also enhance the elegant image.

Your black short boots and bags are very suitable for lightly wearing.

Navy blue lace skirt x cashmere knitted

The lace skirt can be used for various winter scenes. The advantage of the navy blue is that you can enjoy different atmosphere according to the matching of accessories and tops.

Combined with high -quality cashmere knitting, a light -like atmosphere is created.

Golden hand bags and red light shoes are the colors of winter, which improves the fashion level of winter shapes.

Navy blue lace skirt X plaid jacket

The lace skirt can create a fashionable atmosphere even in the office.

This is a skirt that is very suitable for mature women, with an excellent and cute feeling.

The lady -style skirt and the modification of Prince Prince of Wales bring a sense of exquisiteness.

This is a fashionable winter dress, which keeps the color of the inner sweater and the bag.

Navy blue lace skirt X solid color jacket


By combining the navy lace skirt and blue jacket, this is a clean winter fashion.


The lace skirt came out of the hem of the coat, adding an elegant image.

Increase the brightness of the inside and bag to achieve the balance.

Green lace skirt winter match

Green lace skirt x no collar jacket

The lace skirt has a pleated design to create a lady -like effect.

The wide ultra -long lace skirt is very suitable for light winter.

The gorgeous lace skirt and simple collarless coat can complete the beautiful winter dress.

From the hem of the long coat, it can be seen that the lace design highlights the winter dress, making winter look casual.

Green lace skirt X windbreaker

A green lace skirt with a horn -shaped outline with a swing is full of femininity.

With a windbreaker, the sweet and spicy combination, salt and sweet style.

With men’s shoes, maintain a perfect balance.

This is a fashionable casual mixing look.

Green lace skirt x hoodie


The lace skirt plays a leading role in wearing and converts different styles.

Putting complex design lace skirts with casual sweaters can create a feeling of omissions.


The white shirt stacked in it exposed a little hem, giving people a sense of vitality.

Combining the usual casual outfits with gorgeous lace skirts will immediately eliminate the tasteless sense of shape.

Green lace skirt × casual hoodie

By stacking this feminine pleated lace skirt and jeans, this is now popular matching skills.

The top is casual and fashionable, and is equipped with a classic pattern.

With Lefa shoes, it blends the traditional atmosphere and enhances the sense of fashion.


Green lace skirt X denim jacket

This is a richly designed skirt with a ribbon decoration with velvet.


Combined with casual denim jackets and gorgeous lace skirts, this is a stylish upgrade.

After the black leggings and short boots were completed, the feet increased firmly.

The chic green skirt can retain the sweetness.

If you are not afraid of cold, or you live in the warm south, you can also try the matching Japanese lace skirt in winter. I hope these different colors of lace skirts will help you create beautiful winter wear.