Throw away your black boots! 5 shoes with the “highest return rate” this year of autumn and winter, fashionable and not easy to hit shoes

While pursuing harmony and comfort, we cannot discard the sense of fashion. In autumn and winter, ordinary girls use black boots with various trench coats. Although there is no error, is it really beautiful?

The classic of black boots can be comparable, but there are always people on the street, and who is ugly and embarrassed. I really want to be a person with a goddess Fan. The types of shoes are not only one type of shoes. I will tell you that this year’s highest rounding rate is a few pairs of shoes, followed by matching, it looks good!

1. Several shoes with the “highest return rate” this year

Wearing shoes in the cold season is the first, thinking of boots. In addition to wearing boots, according to different popular wind directions, casual shoes can also be worn. The following pairs make your dresses in autumn and winter no longer lonely.

First double: square boots

Wearing a variety of boots, it is fashionable and individual than classic black boots, which is square boots. Wearing a variety of round heads, the steady personality, capable and advanced of the square head, which makes people love. Girls with a wide back of the foot, wearing square head shoes, and small feet girls are more appropriate.


Second double: thick bottom British shoes

The thick bottom is the popular design of shoes all year round. The thick and stupid shoes that have been disliked before can become popular this year, because of the changes in style and vision, making this shoe more solid and comfortable. Like to wear real sense, recommend thick -bottomed British shoes, changing the traditional image of British shoes, increasing leisure, but there will be gentlemen.

Third double: Daddy shoes

This year’s sports style, casual style, sneakers are no longer a single item when running, becoming a must -have for daily fashion. The daddy shoes are the new embodiment of sneakers. They are designed with thick bottoms and complex slopes, which are loved by the trendy people. In addition, in addition to the leisure and comfort of sports shoes, it can also reveal a trace of retro.


Fourth double: white short boots

In the boots, it is still short boots to repair the leg shape. The bangs are picky on the leg shape, thick calves, and unbelievable girls. They will not wear them more clean than short boots. The contrasting color of black short boots, white short boots are more fashionable, light -colored in the same color system, gentle and intellectual. In dark clothes, white boots can light up.

Fifth double: denim boots


This year’s shoes are not only pursuing versatile classics, and highlighting personality and design will be more loved. Like a chic denim boots with unique design, it turned out to be the boots worn by denim in western United States.

Slightly tilted toe -toe+pleated boots+V -shaped boots

The unique sense of design is memorable. And the effect of the upper foot, the flesh and the problem of the legs have no trace.

2. The integration of the shoes into the match is the “king fried” this year


Popular shoes have been introduced, of course, not to be worn directly, the matching with clothing is the key. According to the style of your own match today, choose the most satisfactory to the five pairs of shoes. You must also choose the most suitable one based on your own installation. You can do the important points you wear and you are the most eye -catching!

1. The style of shoes and clothing should be worn


The shoes are really good -looking and effective, in line with the style of the entire clothing, neither the villain and the value of the shoes can be used. This is a win -win situation.

Age reduction college style: British shoes

The college style is unique in the style of dressing in recent years. It relies on sweaters, shirts, and small suit jackets to present with short pleated skirts. These items seem to be comfortable and casual, but the texture has a grade temperament. Shoes cannot be selected. British shoes are the best, leather texture, plus middle boots, perfect ~ perfect ~

Casual neutral style: Martin boots

Just pursuing femininity, many women are tired of seeing, to reverse style neutral wind, and immediately show amazing and unique. The neutral style pays attention to choosing a single product without gender, such as suit and wide -leg pants. With a pair of neutral Martin boots, the neutral casual style is immediately available.


Intellectual elegance: square boots

Adhering to the original style, it continues to be popular and elegant, and there are many clothing that can be matched. Plush lamb hairy jackets, small incense wind jackets with straight skirts, checkered skirts, etc. in autumn and winter. , Shoes should be hard -fled, the square boots are just right, holding the entire dress, the foundation matching is no longer ordinary.


Mature wind: boots

The mature style is not just a mature clothes we wear, but the methods of our dressing must be mature, but under the basis of minimalism, it can make the mature style look high -level, not greasy and vulgar. Slightly exposed meat increases sexy, like creating a disappearance of the lower body. It is most suitable with long boots.

Casual comfort wind: canvas shoes/daddy shoes

Of course, the new and different dressing is unique, but the current dressing is more pursuing comfort, so the casual and comfortable style can also become fashionable. The whole match is loose but not collapsed. Win -win. Wind coats, shirts, jeans and other items are stacked at will, coupled with comfortable canvas shoes and dad shoes.

2. Shoes should be worn with the bottom

According to the style of the style, the shoes have been fully perfect according to the general direction, and the small details of the lower dress with the shoes are well done. The whole dress is successful.

① Short under -assembled denim boots


When we wear a variety of coats and trench coats, we will prefer short clothes, especially the shortness of the lower body, exposing most of the legs of the legs, and the most suitable for denim boots. Lead first.


② Nine -point pants with thick bottom British shoes

The most popular when wearing trousers is cropped pants and straight pants. It is practical for girls with long legs and short legs. Most importantly, it can expose ankle, which is favorable and thin. The shoes that are matched with it are recommended by British shoes, low -top design, and will not cover the most important ankle.

③ denim skirt with daddy shoes

There is a unique style in the skirt is a denim skirt. It has no femininity to wear, with handsomeness and chic. Obviously with women’s single shoes, it does not fit the temperament of denim skirts, but dad shoes and denim skirts only have a tacit understanding. Essence


③ Formula head boots of trousers

When it comes to the combination of suits and pockets, is the leather shoes? NO, that’s too dull, coupled with this year’s personalized square boots, has a flavor. It is also a leather design, but it highlights calmness and atmosphere, and the temperament of the trousers is the most integrated. Wearing long legs in long legs was loose, so I tied my trousers into the square boots and practiced it.


After watching the recommendations of so many shoes, the black boots in your hand are not fragrant, just put on the fashionable model!