AOC Mermaid 838 All -in -one, ultra -high -performance office allocation machine

In the past, we always abandoned the traditional all -in -one because the configuration was poor and the dissipation difference. In modern office, the office’s requirements for performance have also improved a lot compared to the past. The all -in -one machine even disappeared into major offices. Today, the AOC Mermaid 838 all -in -one we are going to introduce. Although he is a all -in -one machine, he has excellent performance experience and excellent scalability, so it is very suitable for office and business persons who have certain needs for performance and scalability.


The AOC Mermaid 838 All -in -one machine is equipped with the Ten -generation Intel Core i5 10400. It is not right to you. This is an all -in -one machine equipped with a standard pressure processor, and it is equipped with the ten -generation i5 processor, which is relative to traditional low -pressure treatment. The device has stronger performance and more processor cores, and the main frequency of the CPU has greatly improved, and even with powerful nuclear display UHD 630, which makes the computer not only perfectly handle any office needs in the office. You can even complete the map repair work with certain performance requirements, and play some online games. If you do n’t have such high performance requirements, you can also buy the version of the i3 10100 processor that is also a label processor but a lower price. In addition to the strong processor and nuclear display, the machine also comes standard with high frequency memory and solid -state hard disks.

For example, the League of Legends, which is high, can also play perfectly. Usually we can already play normally when we are about 60 frames, and the number of hundred frames of the machine can be said to be very smooth.

With such a good configuration and such a simple appearance, will the heat dissipation be as bad as the traditional all -in -one machine? The answer is not. The power output power of the AOC Mermaid 838 All -in -one machine is 120W, the power consumption is 35W during standby, and the power consumption of the League of Legends games is 67W. The three 6mm heat pipes are dissipated, the turbine fan is exhausted up, and the maximum temperature of the CPU is only 60 ° C.


Through the disassembly of the machine, we can see that the CPU slot (LGA1200) of the AOC Mermaid 838 computer all -in -one machine is also the same as the desktop platform, which means that the all -in -one machine can even upgrade the processor, and there are even memory insertions inside Tanks support laptop memory, so we can also expand memory in the future.

In addition to conventional performance and heat dissipation, the interface of this all -in -one machine is also very rich. DC power interface, HDMI interface, COM interface, 4 USB 3.0 interfaces, 2 USB 2.0 interfaces, RJ45 network interface, microphone, audio 3.5mm interface, with COM interface means that we can use his traditional COM printer, from the from the traditional COM printer, from the from We can also see that it has a strong compatibility.

Therefore, whether it is performance or heat dissipation, the AOC Mermaid 838 all -in -one machine is perfect, and the possibility of upgrading even has a lot of room for upgrading, which means that the available period of the all -in -one machine will be longer than the traditional all -in -one machine. At the same time, it is extremely high in office efficiency, which is different from traditional office machines. This can be said to be an office magical machine.