The fashionable charm of the tight dress shows the beautiful waist of the beautiful woman, setting off the beautiful face

The elegant and low -key dress shows a pretty and generous beauty, easy and comfortable.

The matching of a dress, but a university question. Various skirts, there are various long styles, various fabrics and design categories. Today we will talk about skirts from the body type ~ Let’s talk about straight skirts from straight skirts first. Sensing means that some of them are directly crossing the upper body, which shows a figure. The advantage is that the waist and legs look longer.


This is what we want; if you haven’t worn it, what does it feel like looking at the straight skirt? The round neck top, stacked up, necks, shoulders, and exposed arms, the lower body can not receive the greatest extent. Overall is what you look like, what you look like,

There is no discordant straight skirt to be fat, and low collar is a good choice. Many low -collar skirts, such as gauze skirts, pleated skirts are also fat and fat, but there is no low collar. Meat”. For pleated skirts, you can choose a deep V -neck, but you have to believe me. Compared with straight skirts, the whole person does not look fat in a pleated skirt.


But girls with a relatively large contrast of the upper body are not recommended, unless the upper body highlights her body and advantage. In fact, pleated skirts and low -necks, pleated skirts, and large -degree clothes are all fat concentrations. Therefore, it is recommended that if you are a girl with a wide body, don’t try it easily, choose small round necks, or deep V -neck pleated skirts.

Let’s talk about the dresses. About winter, there is no need to wear “rustic” pleated skirts and straight skirts. Many girls are not tall, not to mention the proportion of thinness, at least the body proportion is not good. Whether it is a skirt or a sweater and sweater, it is best to find the length of the person, it is best to find it from the dress. Of course, the girl with a wide shoulder and wide chest is not said!

The next step is the split skirt. However, we need to find them in common. The split skirt is the best choice for highlighting girls. The color of the skirt is bright, and the higher fluffyness can help cover up “meat”.


If the length is to the ankle, do not find below the buttocks. There is also a type of dresses in a short skirt+big short sleeves. Do you feel more fashionable? (Large long skirt = “big”+short sleeve) The advantage of this match is that the two short -sleeved parts can help some girls with protruding hips with wide -leg pants (skirts).

Basically, the dresses are the least easy to show fat. The short girl must be thinner in the lower body! If your legs are not good -looking, you can avoid the skirt. Note: The tighter the better the better! The thin little girl is conservative, the length is on the knee! Unless you are particularly thin!


Dress = short skirt+low -necked dress again and talk about high -heeled shoes skirts are versatile of high -heeled shoes. It has a limitation that it is easy to wear a thick sense, and then show short legs. The large -scale printing pattern will seem bloated and cheap at once. So don’t think that the skirt is a slim high heel!