In winter, a must -have artifact pure color scarf, will you match it?

In winter, girls like to surround a solid scarf. Why? I heard them say that it was because a solid scarf was good with clothes. So stand on the street at a glance, most people are surrounded by a solid scarf.


With 1 Luo Si

Luo color is closer to the color of the land, giving a sense of safe, mature and stable. Girls are light -colored, and they look fair skin. It is very fashionable with black, white, and beige coats.

With 2 gray

The color of gray is liked by many people. Clothing, bags, and shoes are very popular, but gray scarves are the best! It is beautiful with a light pink cold -proof suit, or black coats and cotton clothes. It is also very powerful with a grid jacket, noble and cold, with aura.

With 3 black


Black is the most classic color and the most mysterious color. In the costume drama, the assassins are basically wearing black clothes, which coexist in danger and mystery. Black scarves can be said to be versatile. Different colors of clothes can be matched, and clothes of the same color can also be matched, so don’t worry about matching problems.


Match 4 white

White as the name suggests, white is as jade, elegant and moving, and the white scarf is even better. White can also be said to be versatile. It is also possible to match the gorgeous clothes, such as red, yellow, pink, and blue.


Let me tell you here today, I tell you a little story. A friend of me particularly likes a solid color scarf. She has the color I said above, and she also has a gorgeous solid color scarf. Every time I see her, it feels different, so girls do n’t want to suffer themselves to have no money. She is the capital, so she is more prepared in winter.