Clothing match a suspender dress fixed in spring day, beautiful new realm

Spring is here, it’s time to take off the thick winter dress and show a good figure. In the spring of spring concave, a simple and extreme suspender skirt is absolutely indispensable.

I still remember that the photos of Ni Ni’s rose red sequin suspended skirt spread throughout the network, and a ripple in the fashion circle also set off a ripple. The beauty of a suspender skirt is direct and strong. It does not cover up, which is to allow you to intuitively feel the exposed collarbone, arms, and slender ankles, allowing you to appreciate the visual transmission of female bone skin.

In the spring day, there is a gentleness of the early spring in the light. A camisole dress, combined with the coat and inside, has the spring of spring and the cool summer, ensuring that it is not affected by the cold of the spring, showing the charming posture of the woman. Let’s take a look at Xiaobai ~

Velvet suspender skirt

The velvet fabric has a delicate texture, different angles, and different luster. The high -level texture is revealed. The hidden blue is subtle and calm, and it is lined with skin tone. It is the color of more audiences in the velvet fabric.

This Tibetan blue velvet skirt, the style of the straight tube, is loose and not personal, and the bottom split design ensures the freedom of action. Stacking a round neck top, a pair of sports shoes, simple and comfortable, it is advisable to go shopping on weekends.


Pure cotton sling skirt

Cotton fabric is a material that many girls like, skin -friendly, open skirts, and the pink of the girl, with a sweet breath that comes on the face, a long -shoulder white shirt with a mask ensures warmth. The overall shape is clean and comfortable, and there is a sense of closeness to the sister next door.

Satin sling skirt

The satin fabric is one of the high -end materials, and the satin camisole dress is even more absolutely; the gloss follows the lines of the body, and the skirt is softly affixed with the curve of the body.


>>>> suspender dress+suit


In the spring and autumn matching, the suit is extremely frequent, and the suspender skirt is a single product that shows the feminine femininity.

A beige satin camisole skirt, tailoring, highlighting the charming curve, the slim legs and beautiful feet exposed from the bottom of the skirt, full of endless attractiveness; put on a wide version of the suit, slipped off the shoulders inadvertently, and let the entire streets make the entire streets all all the streets. Pressing the pause keys, the beauty made people forget to breathe.


>>>> suspender dress+shirt

The black satin sling skirt always has a mysterious and sexy taste. It is stacked with a Cuban collar white shirt with a charm of underwear, and a trace of restraint in sexy. The contrasting color of the black and white is strongly conveyed.

>>>> suspender dress+bottoming shirt

The universal of the bottoming shirt is reflected in the early spring season. The loose suspender dress, with a slim bottoming shirt, combines relaxation and degree, warm and stylish, comfortable and wanton.

A pair of black ankle boots on the feet, the same color with the top, make the overall color simple and generous, highlighting the gray golden sling skirt. In the run, the elegant skirt swayed in the spring light in the spring, playful and vitality.


>>>> suspender dress+windbreaker

If you do n’t like to wear it, you can go directly to the upper body of a suspender skirt, which is simple and clear; of course, the weather is cold, and then choose a versatile khaki trench coat, and it is easy to get a sense of advanced.


In addition to the elegant and sexy suspender skirt, it has a different type of gas field against the khaki trench coat. It is easy to walk on different occasions, and there is no problem with the party.

The suspender dress has sexy beauty, charming tenderness, no matter what kind of clothes with, it cannot cover up the charm of women. If you want to be more feminine, you can try a suspender dress.




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