People rely on clothes! The younger sister looks average, a military green cotton clothing+high waist pants to improve the overall temperament

The face value is not enough to wear! A purple lamb cashmere jacket with beige pants is low -key and playful


Although not everyone is naturally beautiful, each of us can change our image through the matching of the day after tomorrow. For example Or the checkered jacket with leggings is absolutely wearing the temperament.


look1: sweater+casual pants

The rough twist sweater can actually reflect the retro temperament, especially with a dark green strap pants. The entire version of the pants is a super exaggerated casual sense, so this styling sense is compared to us compare Familiar Japanese literary style.

There are many choices for sweaters. In addition to the previous thick -wire sweaters, we can also choose this conventional wool -woven casual model. It’s just that the color of this sweater uses dark green, and then the sleeves choose the lantern sleeve. The trousers of the lower body are made of dark brown cadron velvet material. The version of the pants is wide -leg treatment. It looks like the leisure style of choice, but in fact, the effect of self -cultivation is very good.

look2: coat lookk

Although we have always emphasized that stacking and mixing and mixing are a fashionable way to wear shortcuts, but it is not to say that as long as the clothes are worn together, this feeling can be achieved. It is bloated and has no sense of fashion. We can replace pants with tight models, so it will be much better.

For example, this kind of match, last time we still use black leisure base sweaters, and we choose long woolen models, lower body pants, we use silk -made casual pants here. This combination has a special sense of fashion in the Korean cities, which is more suitable for the workplace style or daily wear.

The checkered long casual lapel shirt, with military green casual pants, and a black long trench coat. Although the whole match looks a bit decadent, it is a different kind of personality. It’s just that this style still has a little cold tone, so it is not that every girl can control it well.


Green is actually a color that sets off skin tone, but if our skin tone is dark yellow, then it is not so suitable, so if you really like green, but the skin is not good, we can choose a one The gray hair collar is made in comprehensive treatment, and then with this waist design, it will make your temperament instantly rise.


look3: casual jacket+casual pants

If a girl with a short child, then we can choose to use the method of improving the waistline to make our legs look longer. The upper body is randomly paired with a casual clothes. In the pants, with a casual jacket with this kind of denim, wearing a military green cotton jacket on the outermost, such a stack is what we call a sense of fashion.


In fact, if we want to choose this super casual casual pants, the upper body is not recommended to choose long hips. Because this will make our entire body ratio look very strange and very short. But whether it is a jacket or pants, this material and version treatment are quite good, so we only need to choose a slightly shorter model of the clothes.

The checkered suit jacket has always left, with a lot of retro, and this jacket is not slim, so the retro temperament will be more intense. It is also a straight process, and the two are mixed and matched are Japanese retro models.


The white round neck T -shirt is equipped with a beige high -waisted casual pants with a purple lamb cashmere casual jacket outside. This coat is very distinctive, because it also made a military green splicing treatment. This fake two -piece suit is also very easy to appear in the street shooting style this year, so it can be seen from its fashion level.


Today, most of us shared with the method of leisure pants of the light core velvet material. This set of light core velvet materials that are also selected are also selected, but the color of the pants will be deeper, and the trousers are relatively collected. The upper body is paired with a dark gray casual top with a blue casual jacket outside. The material of the jacket is also made of core velvet, and the pants have a certain corresponding effect.

look4: checkered jacket+leggings


Presumably for this traditional method, everyone will not feel strange. Use a long casual trench coat or woolen coat outside the outside. Choosing a pair of leggings or socks is the most common and most basic fashion matching method in winter.

These matching is very simple, and it is especially suitable for everyone to learn and learn from. Many times it is not that our temperament is not enough, but that we are not wearing enough.