Teach you to choose the right leather shoes for the suit

For men, the suit is just like the meaning of high heels to women. A suitable suit will make your whole person’s aura different.


But when wearing the right suit, but when wearing the wrong shoes, it will be counterproductive! So how can we match the right leather shoes? Yesterday I listed several commonly worn leather shoes, and distinguished their respective characteristics. Let’s briefly review the shoes and the occasions they apply.




Oxford shoes


There are two obvious features: the leather on the side of the upper extends to the middle extension to form up the upper or the lap with a shoe -belts is sutured below the upper; Live the tongue.

Recommended occasions: serious and formal occasions such as wedding business meetings. It is best to attend the match.


Brock shoes

There is only one distinctive feature: there must be those “small holes” that appear on the upper, they are different in size, and they are arranged in a beautiful pattern.

Recommended occasions: Brock carvings can be carved whether it is formal shoes, boots, and casual shoes. So suitable for any occasion.




Derby shoes

There are also significant features, that is, open plackets, that is, two tablets are separated, leaving a gap.

Recommended matching: Suitable for business occasions, with business casual or casual outfit.


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Mengke shoes

Or the biggest feature of monk shoes is that there is no shoelaces, and there is a large horizontal belt decoration and metal ring buckle on the upper, which is attached to the tongue.

Recommended occasions: business and leisure daily. Formally and leisure, the first choice of Mengke shoes. Its style is between Oxford shoes and loafers. In short, it is very appropriate to wear Mengke shoes to wear Mengke shoes. It is also appropriate to go out and go out with friends. It’s no problem to be casual, with jeans. A pair of shoes are done all occasions.


Lefu Shoes


Features: flat bottom or low -top leather shoes without shoelaces, easy to wear and easy to take off. “One step to kick lazy shoes” everyone understands.


Recommended occasions: Daily leisure. There is no problem with loafers with denim or jackets, but it is not suitable for supporting.


Chelsea boots


Features: Low heels, round utensils, laces without shoe, non -high heels, high and ankles. The shoes are made of different leather raw materials before and after.

Matching occasions: it is just idle and easy to wear. Whether it is formal, casual or even jeans. Welcome to the severe winter with you, it must be added to Chelsea.

Former British Prime Minister Cameron favored him.


The above, is it clear? You can figure out a few times. Some little friends have to ask, why do I see that there are some mutated shoes on the market, nice and unscrupulous, and the bleachy, how do I choose? It’s very simple. If you pay attention to wearing suits and leather shoes, you can find customized leather shoes.

So, how should we match the right leather shoes correctly? Continue to look down. Let’s take a look at the color matching selection.


Beige suit

With TIPS: The rice white suit looks clean and tidy, exuding a soft taste. Try to match with gray -brown, yellow -brown, light brown shoes complementarity will have a good feeling. Remember to avoid black, too deep colors may destroy your set.

Light gray suit

With TIPS: brown, black, dark red shoes are good choices, but colorful shoes are too public, and it is not suitable for the office atmosphere.

Brown suit

With TIPS: Brown suit, the impeccable advantage is that it is very coordinated to maintain the overall style. However, the combination of black and brown should not be mixed in formal occasions. Too solemn and solemnity is not only full of fashion, but also reduces your affinity. It is recommended to pair with tan, dark brown, wine red leather shoes.

Dark gray suit

With TIPS: A pair of black leather shoes will be perfectly matched with your dark gray suit. The wine red is also good. You can also choose the classic feeling of partial deduction. In addition, try to ensure that your shoes are simple and generous, and do not have too many design elements. And brown, brown leather shoes will greatly reduce the face value.

Blue suit

With TIPS: The blue suit is the best choice for many young people who entered the workplace. Not only is young, it looks dynamic, but also has a certain sense of fashion. Red brown black is a good choice with blue, but you must pay attention to the unity of the style. At the same time, try not to choose white shoes. If you don’t want to wear in the office like a hippie in the last century.


Black suit

With TIPS: This may be the easiest combination of shoes and clothes, a black suit with black leather shoes.

There are a lot of content. Maybe I ca n’t remember it for a while, and I ca n’t learn it.


1. Formally business occasions: Oxford shoes, Derby shoes and Mengke shoes are available.

2. Business can be casual occasions: Derby shoes, Mengke shoes, Chelsea boots.

3. Leisure occasion: Lefu Shoes.

4. Brock carved is a decoration rather than the style.

If you want to know more about the matching and customized knowledge, you can pay attention to the WeChat public account: Zhao Hanyu’s suit customization.