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Recently, the weather has been getting colder, and every time I drill the quilt, I have to be careful because the quilt is colder than myself. I want to bear it, but think about the winter for the winter, we can’t ask the warm bed division, and we can still afford to buy an electric blanket. Therefore, I started to find the information of the electric heater online and choose the electric blanket suitable for myself. I have this article today.

1. Traditional electric blanket vs water heating electric blanket VS graphene electric blanket


There are currently three types of electric blankets on the market: traditional electric blankets, water heating electric blankets, and graphene electric blankets. Talk about their advantages and disadvantages:


1. Traditional electric blanket:

The advantage is that the price is cheap, the operation is simple, and the disadvantage is that it cannot be folded and washed, and the internal heating wire is easy to aging, and the safety is poor.


2. Water heating electric blanket:

The advantage is that the safety of hydropower isolation is high, and the disadvantage is that it is thick and inconvenient. The heating speed is slow. It needs to be added with water and drainage. The circulating pump work has a certain noise.

3. Graphene electric blanket:

The advantage is that the low voltage operation is high, the heating speed is fast, and the far infrared promotes blood circulation. The folding water can be washed. The disadvantage is that the material cost is high and the price is more expensive.

2. Eneca graphene electric blanket experience experience

Compared with the advantages and disadvantages of traditional electric blankets, water heating electric blankets, and graphene electric blankets, I personally feel that in addition to the more expensive price, graphene electric blankets are doing well in terms of safety, storage, and efficiency. So, I started a graphene electric blanket on the Internet-

Eneca graphene electric blanket



Let ’s take a look at what it is?

1. Open the box

Enelca石墨烯电热毯采用礼盒包装,由于它是原装进口,所以外包装上的语言都是英语和韩语,大致能够看出它碳纤维材质、12V电压、60W功率、四档调温、四档定时、 The characteristics of iron can be washed, Korean KC certification, and EU CB certification.

Open the outer packaging, which contains an electric blanket body, two sets of power adapter+controller, a storage bag, instruction manual, and a second packaging with plastic bags and carton boxes to ensure the stability in product transportation.

After taking out the electric blanket, you can see that Eneca graphene electric blankets are like ordinary clothes. It can be folded and stored. It is not used in the storage bag when not in use. Looking at the label of the electric blanket, you can see that it has passed the Korean KC certification and OEKO-TEX 100 international textile certification, which is safe and guaranteed.


Some people may be curious why they have two sets of power adapter+controller? In fact, the electric blanket supports the temperature control of the left and right sides, and the two control one side. The power adapter, the controller, and the electric blanket are used in a fast plug -in mechanism, and the power cord is very long. Even if the socket at home is not close to the bedside, it can be covered.


2. Putting bed


Put Eneca graphene electric blankets on the bed. I bought a double payment with a size of 1.5*2.0m. My bed is 1.8*2.0m, leaving 15cm space on each side. I was wondering why the two models were not 1.8m? After checking it, I learned that the double bed in Europe was small, and 1.5m was the standard size of their double bed. Later, I used the experience by myself. I felt that the size of 1.5m had little effect, and I usually didn’t go too far from the bed.

The Eneca brand is the subsidiary of Mario Cavelli, the largest indoor textile manufacturing company in Italy, and has a history of nearly 90 years. Eneca graphene electric blanket fabric is made of carbon fiber. The needle feet are very delicate and have both thin and stiff characteristics. Kneading with your hands and driving fabrics, you can feel the fabric is smooth and skin -friendly, and can quickly return to display and have no folds. The blankets were also treated with a thick knit belt with a thick Eneca knitting belt, and the overall grade was very high.

Eneca graphene electric blanket was partitioned in the middle. The thickness of the edge of the electric blanket was 1.4mm, and the double layer of the internal fabric was only 0.6mm, which was very thin. The fabric is interspersed with a graphene inner core at 1.5cm interval with a high thermal conductivity. After power -on, he can quickly increase heating heat within 10s. The graphene can emit far -infrared light waves, which helps blood circulation, promotes the body’s metabolism. It is also helpful, and now far -infrared therapy is also very popular. It is within the normal radiation range of the human body. Don’t worry about radiation. Moreover, Eneca graphene electric blanket official introduction is basically 0 radiation, and infants and young children can also use it. In addition, its fabric has antibacterial and combustion resistance characteristics, with antibacterial rates> 99.9%. Obtaining Italian combustion -resistant certification, the safety performance is relatively high.

This electric blanket structure design is very careful. It is not inserted into the graphene internal core at the pillow to avoid sweltering the bottom of the pillow. In addition, a loose band is designed in the four corners of the electric blanket, which can be hooked on the mattress or bed to ensure the stability of the electric blanket.


3. Installation


Eneca graphene electric blanket installation process is much simpler than water heating electric blankets, just connect the interface together. The interfaces use fast insert structures, and they are equipped with buckle to effectively avoid the accident of pulling separation.

After connecting the controller and the electric blanket interface, fix the other end with the adapter interface.


Although this electric blanket is imported from Italy, it can be seen that the input voltage of the adapter supports 100-240V, 50/60Hz, equipped with a 220V voltage in my country, and the plug can be universal with two-phase holes and Chinese sockets. In actual testing, the plug can be smoothly inserted into the two -phase hole.

4. Control


Just now I also mentioned that Eneca graphene electric blankets considers different people’s adaptation temperatures. The partitions are specially set up, and the controller is independently equipped on both sides:

The controller has a dual turnover protection. Dip the side switch during use, and then press the front power switch to prevent the child from accidentally touching the situation. Settings are also very simple. Just click temperature, time+, time-three keys to control, support 4 gear temperature and 1-8 hours regular settings.

5. Use


Eneca graphene electric blanket adapter output voltage is 12V, which is far lower than the human body safety voltage, the safety is high, and the amount of power is between 30-60W. Based on the maximum 60W It is very power -saving. In terms of heating, I specifically tested:


The electric blanket supports the left and right partition control. The initial temperature of the left side is 18.3 ° C, the temperature of the 2 gear is set, the initial temperature of the right side is 18.6 ° C, and the 4 gear temperature is set. The partitions on both sides are powered on for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, the temperature rose to 24.8 ° C, an increase of 6.5 ° C; the temperature on the right rose to 29.2 ° C, an increase of 10.6 ° C. It can be seen that the temperature of this electric blanket is still very fast, and it is convenient to control the temperature on the left and right.

6. Washing and ironing


After the Eneca graphene electric blanket removals the power adapter and the controller, it can be machine washing like ordinary clothing, which can always be kept clean and tidy. This is what traditional electric blankets and water heating electric blankets cannot be done. In addition, if the electric blanket is used for a period of time, it can be ironed with an iron (non -steam) for ironing, which is very convenient.

3. Summary

Go through

The experience of the past week, let’s talk about the use experience:



Eneca graphene electric blankets are better than traditional electric blankets and water heating electric hot blankets in many aspects such as light, skin feel, safety, and storage. Carbon fiber fabrics can be folded, washed, ironed as traditional sheets, and also antibacterial refractory resistance. Properties. 12V low voltage, maximum 60W power, passed the dual certification of Korean KC and EU CB, is both safe and electricity. High -guide thermal graphene internal core, basic 0 radiation, left and right partition independent temperature control, 4 gear temperature adjustment, 8H timing, etc., can fully meet people with different needs such as rapid heating, time heating, and different temperatures in the same bed.

Disadvantages: Because Eneca graphene electric blankets are imported products, packaging and instructions do not have Chinese language, the first operation may be a bit difficult. In addition, it is recommended to launch 1.8*2.0m size, which is more suitable for Chinese families.

In short, if you want a light, simple, safe, and efficient electric blanket, you can consider

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Eneca graphene electric blanket

Eneca graphene electric blanket