Cadio electric heating towel rack for family must

Winter in the south is difficult for children in the north. It is cold without tight quilt, and even towels are cold. In the cold winter, you need to dry it in time after bathing, but the cold towels not only do not bring warmth, but also take away some temperature.


The intimate editor found an electric towel rack with heating function. Towels, bath towels, and small clothing can be placed on it. You can also heat it regularly. Set the temperature you want. , Dry it with warm towels, don’t be too warm. When you encounter rainy days, you can also put wet clothes on it. From then on, there was only warm spring, no longer cold.

1. Dry clothes and towels


Ms. Ma in Shanghai said: The style is simple and generous, which can fully meet the daily needs. The cold weather in the south hangs towels, bath towels, or some small clothes to dry on it. After taking a bath, dry it with a warm and dry towel, it feels great!

2. Good texture and good feel

The bathroom heating artifact is no longer having to fight with the teeth and teeth when taking a bath. Usually drying towels, underwear, and warm and comfortable to wear.


The reader “Xiao Qing”, the towel rack was collected for a long time, hesitated and eventually couldn’t help but start. It feels heavy as soon as I get the hand, and the texture is good. After the amount, I found the master to install it. I installed it in a while. I looked at it with a comfortable service these days.

3. The area can be hung up with abundant

The reader “Miss Shi”, bought 1 meter long, a MUJI towel bath towel, can easily open up. In fact, with the heating ability of this shelf, hanging 2 to 3 towels and 2 bath towels is not a problem. You can also hang some underwear trousers. Hanging T -shirts in summer is very convenient. I bought it for a long time, and I bought it.

4. Wet dehumidification and moisture -proof antibacterial


Since the bathroom is relatively humid, find a way to fight the humidity. This electric heating towel rack not only has the function of heating and drying, but also dehumidify moisture and antibacterially. The towel rack is very practical; the quality of the overall pipe rack is very good. Static electricity spraying technology is not only resistant to corrosion and high temperature, but can effectively ensure that the pipe rack does not fade.


Last winter, I helped my dad buy one, which seemed to be a little bigger than expected. It was often rainy and humid in winter in Shanghai. After buying this towel rack, sometimes I still feel warm when entering the bathroom. The drying effect is very good. The sheets washed in the afternoon basically dried in two hours. When it rains, it will be dried with clothes. Generally speaking, it is quite practical.


5, detail display

The frame uses high -quality low -carbon steel, which is safe and stable, and has excellent performance.

Foreign advanced technologies are fully automatic three -dimensional spray paint, surface static spraying, corrosion resistance, durable.

6. More clearly to show the size and structure of the towel rack


7. Electricity towel rack display effect

Intelligent temperature control is safer, green and environmentally friendly, that is, plug -in heat, use the mode full power output, the towel rack can reach 70 ° C, or even faster to reach 50 ° C in 15 minutes. The overall waterproof design, the silicone waterproof pad is designed at the gap between the button, and the front and rear cover is equipped with a waterproof tank, which is suitable for the bathroom. It has strong waterproofing ability and safe and reliable.