Dust -proof masks are different from the general people, and they must pay attention when choosing

With the popularization of pneumoconiosis prevention and control, more and more people know that pneumoconiosis is terrible, and also improves the consciousness of preventing pneumoconiosis. The dust mask has become the first choice for workers to protect themselves. However, there are many types of dust masks. Many people do not know which one to choose. Today, the editor helped the workers to inquire about the difference between the national standard about the dust mask level. When choosing, the workers must pay attention.

The dust mask is also called the anti -particle respirator, which is closely related to our lives. Common KN100 masks, KN95 masks, N95 masks, KN90 masks, etc. are dustproof masks.

KN is one of the levels specified in China’s standard GB2626-2019

N is one of the levels specified in the US standard 42 CFR 84, and these two levels of technical requirements and test methods are basically the same. The filtering effect of KN95 and N95 mask is basically the same, that is, it can block at least 95 % of the very small (

0.075 ± 0.02 micron level


) Test particles, filtering efficiency of 95%.

The filtering efficiency of the KN100 mask with the highest protection level in the national standard is 99.97%, which has an important role in filtering micro -dust in workers and avoiding pneumoconiosis.

There are many kinds of protection of dust mask, which is difficult to understand for ordinary workers. The KN100 mask is the highest protection level specified in the respiratory protection standards. By filtering out 99.97%of the fine particles, the probability of workers suffering from pneumoconiosis.


Be sure to pay attention when choosing.