Give your feet a new feeling, put on a pair of waterproof platform shoes, look at the increase and look long

It is also a matter of time in the style of autumn.

However, there are still many shoes in the autumn, such as high -heeled shoes, leather shoes, Martin boots, Chelsea boots and even sneakers canvas shoes.


All shoes that can be selected in life


But in the type of high heels, we can discuss today.

The essence of high heels is to increase the role, and it is precisely because it is free to increase its own heels.

But what is the way to increase the back of the feet?

This makes it a big problem that requires more high fairy.


So today we are going to talk about the increase in the front section of the shoes. So this is such a shoe–



The so -called waterproof table shoes are the same part of the position of the roots and the front foot.

It’s like the waterproof platform we involved in our lives,

So it also names

But the role of waterproof Taiwanese shoes is not just for waterproof waterproof


Today, let’s take a look at how waterproof Taiwanese shoes are matched in our clothing fashion

1. The history of waterproof Taiwanese shoes

The development of waterproof platform shoes is very interesting.

It is actually the puffy cake shoes that we have popular in the past two years. In the first 15th century, France had designed such shoes and at the stage of the Qing Dynasty in my country.

The wooden crickets in the palace are the same as the shoes designed by France at that time

In other words, even in the same period of the same period, the two regions have the same understanding and aesthetics about the increased shoes.

Then to the later evolution,


Napoleon also designed a higher waterproof platform shoes for his height.

He also painted high heels into bright red in order to show his identity and status. So as the evolution swept the frenzy of waterproof Taiwanese shoes at that time,


Both men and women like to wear such shoes

And it has occupied most of the market every year.

Many brands have designed a lot of waterproof table shoes to win the popularity of the public. And it will make some improved styles, such as the design of straps on the waterproof table shoes of high heels, which is a bit like the predecessor of Mary Su shoes.

However, because of the high height, there are many people, but there are many people who are injured at the same time.

So Britain severely prohibit wearing this style of waterproof table shoes to reduce injury to the ankle.

It is not difficult to see that this shoe is very OK on the flat ground,

But when it comes to rugged roads, it will still increase the possibility of danger. However, with the development of waterproof platform shoes, we must gradually return to the extremely unique increase in the fashion circle. Win the popularity of the public again


2. The show of waterproof Taiwanese shoes

Because it feels because its unique design is also a big display in the show

, Its exaggerated show -shaped costume costumes are similar to the same work, so waterproof Taiwanese shoes are very suitable in the show

And with various clothing matching, it can show personality,


The increased design is also a better display of clothing to everyone

3. How to choose the right waterproof platform shoes





) Press the heel of the waterproof platform shoes:


1. Flat waterproof platform shoes

The flat waterproof Taiwanese shoes are more suitable in our daily life, because it is not as exaggerated as high -heeled waterproof shoes, but it also plays the same role.


The waterproof platform design at the foot of the flat waterproof table can be more stylish. Designers can create styles on the waterproof platform to show style

And the increased effect increases the weight visually, and some chassis feels calm.


It looks more caters to the visual feelings of our public in clothing matching. The flat waterproof table shoes are not so picky in matching. As long as the style is uniform and color phase matches


The flat waterproof Taiwanese shoes can create a feeling of leisure sports. So don’t worry too much about its style

Essence And for the flat waterproof table shoes, there are still many styles of sports shoes and leather shoes.


Also match with different clothing

2. High -heeled waterproof platform shoes

The waterproof table shoes of high heels are slightly exaggerated in the shape, but it does not prevent the fashion sense in fashion matching.

Although it is not so suitable for our daily wear,

But when we are shopping with girlfriends, we can choose such a pair of waterproof platform shoes. This is a big benefit for the little fairies that need more high fairy

And this exaggerated and exaggerated waterproof Taiwanese shoes is also more individual. In the matching, it can also be matched with more gorgeous colors or clothing with strong quality.

For example, knitted sweaters with a gentle and soft texture or leather pants with rock texture

But high -heeled waterproof Taiwanese shoes always give people a sense of unstable standing, but in fact it is the same as ordinary high heels, but because its roots are higher,

There is still a certain possibility of danger when walking, so be careful when wearing this shoe

(2) According to the material texture of the waterproof Taiwanese shoes:

1. Highlights of patent leather


The reflective leather shoe itself is eye -catching, and with such a pair of waterproof platform boots, then your shoe shape is already very exaggerated, right?

So be sure to pay attention to the matching of this kind of shoes

Either low -key clothing to highlight our waterproof platform shoes, or it is an exaggerated clothing to exaggerate and crazy with the style of waterproof Taiwanese shoes. total

In this way, the bright patent leather always has some reflective texture that will be more advanced. Therefore

2. Patent leather matte


The matte waterproof Taiwanese shoes are relatively low -key,

It can be used in our high -heeled waterproof platform shoes, because the high heel waterproof platform boots are not so stable visually

Because everyone will have a worry about the psychological existence, so the use of reflective fabrics will be more prominent and enlarged this effect.


So matte is very suitable and matte waterproof platform boots. It also takes off the tacky impression in the past.


(3) Selected color pattern of the waterproof platform shoes:


1. Classic black

Classic black waterproof table shoes are generally improved on our Oxford shoes.



And it has a more advanced texture with leather.

Black in matching is a versatile color, so as long as the black waterproof Taiwanese shoes are the same in style, the color matching is not a big problem.

Whether it is a high heel or a flat black waterproof Taiwanese shoes, it will be more harmonious with skirts

2. Other color pattern

And other styles of waterproof platform shoes have changed on the classic black models,


Add some different colors, such as the style made by white brown is also different.

Or the design of the waterproof platform adds some patterns of patterns, which is very eye -catching and personality.


Even the design of some high heels on some high heels is very different. In short, the waterproof platform shoes are large because of the large upper area and the heel area.

In the matching, such shoes have a strong sense of existence,

So we need to choose a relatively low -key pants and clothing to match it to do it without fighting.

(4) Tightly selected according to the waterproof platform shoes:

1. Tight -mouth waterproof platform shoes

Due to the high height of the waterproof table shoes, there are tight and loose design on the shoes.


Generally, the tight mouth is very suitable for high -heeled waterproof platform boots, because the design of the tight mouth can make it more convenient and safe when walking on the foot.


At the same time, although the tight -fitting design also more modified the lines of the ankle and the leg lines of the legs, it can show the effect of long legs.

It is very fashionable and stylish in matching skirts or shorts


Of course, you can of course be in the flat waterproof platform shoes of the long cylinder, because the long -tube design of the long cloth in it can make the shoes integrate in your leg line

It feels like it is integrated with the legs, which is very fashionable and beautiful, so this must not miss it for the small fairy of the legs of the legs.


2. Songkou waterproof platform shoes

The waterproof table shoes of Songkou have a slightly casual style in style,

So the waterproof platform shoes with a flat -bottomed short tube are very suitable.


Give people a very comfortable feeling at the same time in the wear at the same time

Fourth, star waterproof table shoes wear


In our daily matching, waterproof table shoes can be matched with jeans. For example, this dark straight jeans on the picture are very slender,

With waterproof table shoes, it has an increased effect, which also makes the leg lines display very perfect.


And dark jeans and black waterproof table shoes are also very suitable.


The upper body is arbitrarily paired with a black inside and outside and a black coat. You can add a fashionable sweater. This set of outlet is very fashionable and personalized


After today’s introduction, you must have broken the impression of the exaggerated shape of the waterproof table shoes?

In fact, waterproof Taiwanese shoes are still very common in our daily life

The design with a slightly higher front foot on boots or high heels can be called waterproof platform shoes.


And in the process of matching our daily matches

The practicality of this waterproof platform shoes is very strong, which not only plays a higher role for us, but also can give people a more heavy feeling visually.

This method of adding weight to the face is very fashionable and beautiful

So today’s combination introduction is a great benefit for the little fairies who want to increase the height. Whether it is high heels or flat shoes, you can use this to increase the aura.