Aviation technology carried by astronauts with them

On October 16th, Shenzhou 13 manned spacecraft successfully sent three astronauts from Zhai Zhigang, Wang Yaping, and Ye Guangfu into space. They will open a 6 -month -old stop. Curious friends may ask, what watches they wear in the sky? What is the difference between the beautiful female astronauts? Today, the answer is here-


They are wearing a space clerk watch specially developed by the aerospace industry. Since Shenzhou 5, Feiya Aerospace Watch has entered space 8 times.

What do the space clerk -specific watches look like?

Astronaut’s special watch with Feiya’s autonomous mechanical movement has multi -functional timing function. The unique AM/PM display box of the watch can facilitate the timely recognition of the earth time in the chaos day and night; in 45 minutes as the timing unit ” “Features” has become a unique sign of Feiya Aerospace series. This function is originally set for space flight tasks. The progress of blue and green fan warning tasks is completed; The staff can complete each rigorous operation in seconds.

What are the requirements for space clerks?

Extraordinary to expectations

Outside the space service watches are worn outside the space uniforms outside the cabin, and directly face the complex and harsh space working environment, including space temperature environment, radiation and magnetic environment, mechanical environment, and vacuum environment.


Space is a cold and black space with a temperature of 4K and 1 absorption coefficient. The temperature is the highest when full -day, and the temperature is the lowest when the shadow is in the shadow. The spacecraft runs around the earth and is in an environment where temperature changes. The temperature range is between -100-80 ° C. The space service watch outside the cabin also needs to withstand the corresponding temperature environment.

The sun is a powerful radiation source. Its radiation includes γ -rays, X -rays, ultraviolet rays, visible light, infrared, microwave, and radio waves such as electromagnetic waves. For manned space, the greater radiation danger is the sun universe radiation accompanied by the solar explosion. There are magnetic fields on the earth and near -ground space, which is called the ground magnetic field. The geomagnetic field at the high altitude is like a magnetic field produced by a magnetic puppet pole in the center of the earth. Outside the space service watches outside the cabin outside the cabin, directly facing the radiation environment and magnetic environment in space, the effect of isolation of the space radiation environment and magnetic environment through anti -magnetic shielding.

The spacecraft will be affected by vibration, random vibration and different accelerations in different states during the take -off landing stage. The sine vibration environment is caused by the sine load and narrowband random external forces generated on the carrier or spacecraft during the flight. The random vibration environment is mainly caused by take -off sound fields, dynamic vibration and structural transmission vibration, return compartment re -entry and landing environment. The manned spacecraft will generate a maximum acceleration (overload) when launching and returning, or escaping life, up to more than 10g. The space service watches outside the cabin must follow the spacecraft to withstand various vibration, impact and acceleration environment with the spacecraft.


The manned spacecraft is running orbit with a height of hundreds of kilometers. The atmospheric density is thin to one billionth of the top of the ground, and its vacuum environment is below 10^-5Pa. In addition to the normal waterproof gas tightness, the space service watch outside the cabin also needs to ensure that in the complex mechanics and temperature environment to ensure the internal normal atmospheric pressure and high vacuum negative pressure environment.

In order to resist the harsh environment, after three years of technical research by Feiya, there were almost no technical materials to refer to and learn from, and overcome many scientific research and technical difficulties, and completed the development of the space service watch outside the cabin. The first mechanical timing movement of Feiya has been developed and has achieved a variety of powerful watch functions.

Special feature innovation of mechanical timing movement

In order to facilitate the time to maintain time with the command system in space, it is convenient to read the time of the earth. In order not to increase the thickness and weight of the machine’s heart, to avoid excessive indication windows and unconventional 24 -hour instructions. On the basis of 12 hours, the machinery timing movement of the space service watch of the cabin will be designed separately to increase the AM and PM instructions.

According to the needs of the space officer’s out of the cabin, the cumulative timing of the machinery timing of the space service watch is 30/45 minutes of special time timing and instructions. In order to meet the needs of 45 minutes of walking out of the cabin space, a new movement with a “45 -minute feature chronograph” is developed. This is the first time in the world with a total of 45 minutes of mechanical measurement. The core breaks through the limit of the cumulative function of the traditional mechanical timing movement.


The overseas space service watch appraisal product passes-80 to 80 degrees Celsius vacuum temperature identification test. One of the invention patents for the lubrication technology application. In contrast, the test data of similar products in Switzerland is -18 to 71 degrees Celsius, and the test data of similar product tests in Germany is -45 to 80 degrees Celsius.

Anti -magnetic performance

The space service watch outside the cabin passed the 48000A/m anti -magnetic test, which was ten times the national standard (national standard).

Special mechanical structure

Outside the cabin’s space suit uses a elastic suspension shockproof structure, solving mechanical performance of mechanical movement. Can withstand the vibration environment, acceleration environment and impact environment of the landing stage.

Special negative pressure structure


Outside the space service watch adopts an overfuration of wedge structure case and front ring to protect the glass, and can withstand positive and negative pressure to ensure gas tightness.

Man -machine work

The appearance design of the space service watch outside the cabin is simple and powerful; the color display of the main scale and segmentation of the dial is very eye -catching; the time scale, pointer, and feature time warning sector are long -effect luminous performance; Glass coating is soaring to avoid strong light reflection light to interfere with the operation of astronauts.

Can rotate the ring and the anti -broken strip head

The space service watch with two -way rotation and locking functions outside the cabin has a cumulative timing function of the cabin. In contrast, the existing diving timing activity is one -way rotation before the circle without locking function. In order to solve the outlet of the off -cabin surface, when the manual upper strip is full, the thread handle head is locked when the strip problem may be generated.

And when the ancient “flying” goddess superimposed with the actual female astronauts, it collided with the most right inspiration. Feiya Aerospace Watch, accompanied by the first female astronaut in my country to create a new journey of space exploration. In addition to outstanding watchmaking skills, perfect artistic accomplishments are even more indispensable. Therefore, in response to Shenzhou flight mission, Feiya specialized in the world’s first handmade silk enamel space women’s watch that can be applicable to the space environment.

The watch has a handmade silk enamel disk: the craftsman uses the 24K golden line to exquisite silk on the silver chassis, which outlines the graceful “flying sky” image of the Dunhuang murals, and the pure black enamel surface as the main background, as deep as the night, is deep peaceful. The entire dial is as if the goddess of the flying god soars in the vast night sky; the dial is engraved with the code of the Shenzhou series rocket- “Feitian”. At this moment, the ancient flying sky dream and modern technology have achieved perfect collision.


Unexpectedly, a “chronograph artifact” contains so many black technology. There are many cases of helping to carry aerospace in the aviation industry. Pay attention to us to listen to us slowly!

I wish the astronauts work smoothly and return safely! Our journey is also the sea of ​​stars!