Shen Yue wore it into “five or five points” again, but the vest+checkered skirt showed fresh literature and art, and she really raised her eyes.

Many women want to wear a sense of youth, but when they are tender, if they blindly try the colorful color scheme of the girl, the possibility of errors is often high. Especially women with yellow skin tone and dullness need to be more cautious to choose bright colors.

In fact, the basic literary style items can also help us create age reduction. Just like Shen Yue’s recent skirt, the colors and elements used are not uncommon, but it can also look exquisite and fashionable to stack the multi -style basic items.


◎ Small directory in this issue


1. Analysis of Shen Yue’s wear;


2. How to match a literary and fashionable skirt shape;


Shen Yue’s wear analysis

Shen Yue’s plaid skirt is a typical Mori style. It is not enough to see it alone, but it can create a casual and fashionable atmosphere. Although the skirt itself is very loose, after wearing knitted vests, the shape does not look bloated.

The dark tone and light -colored clothing are stacked together, which can look layered, and meet the principles of simplicity, that is, high -level matching principles. The medium -length skirt just shows a slender calf, and with retro and advanced black leather shoes, it can look more delicate.

How to match a literary and fashionable skirt shape?


Tip 1: Style casual casual nature


In the impression of many people, it is difficult to attract sight of literary style, and it will look cheap when the tide people gather. However, the recent demonstration of Shen Yue relying on the matching skills of stacking, the loose and bloated clothing is matched with new ideas.

Everyone’s wardrobe has a lot of basic items. In order to improve the utilization rate of the basic models, we must also try to stack the shape. In addition to adding three -dimensional sense, stacking can also have the effect of keeping warm, which is very in line with the needs of wearing in autumn and winter.

The loose checkered skirt has the disadvantages of bloated, but with a knitted vest, there are obvious waistlines. When choosing a skirt, we must avoid the long style of the skirt. Otherwise, wearing a petite person will affect visual height and proportion.

Tips 2: Low -key color matching and fashionable color

Some people choose some novel colors to wear a sense of avant -garde sense. However, the exaggerated tone is often very picky, especially the Asian woman with ordinary yellow skin tone. It is not only affected by the color, and the shape may also exude a non -mainstream atmosphere.

Although it will be much safer to choose a solid color system, it is also difficult to appear colorful in the crowd. Although Shen Yue’s shape is not colorful in color, it rely on different products with different levels of depth, with a layered and three -dimensional sense, giving a novel and fashionable impression.

In order to make wearing more colorful, we can also use some classic prints. For example, a dress with a checkered and ripple -dot model can show a simple and simple modeling effect after being paired with solid color vests. The eye -catching degree is much stronger than wearing a solid color clothing.

Tips 3: Advantage of accessories

Shen Yuexuan’s clothing fabrics are soft, so if you want to create a high -level fashion sense, you also need to rely on detailed accessories. For example, you can wear a retro -modern black leather boots under your feet. It is convenient to match it. It can also enhance the texture of the overall shape.

Although the small leather shoes are very strong, they are full of college temperament, which is very suitable for creating age reduction. In addition to the jewelry matching, Shen Yue’s iconic short hair style not only looks very refreshing, but also emphasizes the playful and cute side of a woman.


After analyzing the shape of Shen Yue’s skirt, we can find that as long as we know how to improve the sense of layering, many ordinary clothing can be rejuvenated. If you want to emit a retro temperament, you can also use some classic prints and modern accessories.

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