How to do math early education before the age of 6? “Tonight 7:30” played

“Mathematics Early Education” is a controversial topic. Some parents think that children should be educated happily. “Play” is the king. Mathematics is a matter after school. After the child entered school, the progress of the teacher was kept in the teacher; and some parents were excited to put the child into the early education institution after the first time they found that the child would count …

No matter what kind of affection above, many parents quickly noticed that their children do not like to learn mathematics after entering school and have poor mathematics ability. In the face of mathematics, children and parents are “difficult households”.

So, before the child is 6 years old, how to do mathematics early education enlightenment?

After more than 20 years of mathematics, from the teacher’s college that cultivates the “elementary school teachers”, to the prestigious school in Beijing, and trained his son into a doctor of celestial physics from Princeton University

Qu Shaoyun

Teacher, this one is

Famous school teacher & Niuwa mother

The teacher of the halo, I have been bowing and doing it

Mathematics Family Early Education

The topics of the subject in teenagers, small steps and early education are very popular.

Teacher Qu said,

Mathematics early education is the enlightenment of thinking. Before the age of 6, it is a critical period for the formation of logical thinking

, Be sure to catch it.

And the child before the age of 6 has no academic pressure and sufficient time, so that the child is constantly repeating and exploring the fun of mathematics. It is accompanied by the favorite parents and mother. The atmosphere is relaxed and happy. Good.

Before the age of 6 is the critical period of thinking enlightenment. I believe that mothers understand, but the problem is that children are born with curiosity and let them be patient. Reading books is a difficult problem faced by parents around the world.


Teacher Qu has summarized experience from her many years of mathematical education practice and raising her son, and broke mysterious machine -is to design it

Early education form and content that meets children’s minds


For example, letting children understand numbers, and they can use their favorite real objects to gradually build a child’s digital mode from the aspects of corresponding, points, identifications, and numbers to understand the digital relationship;

Let your child understand the shape, you can start from the building blocks, leaves, etc., lead the child to learn and identify step by step …

Overcoming children’s curiosity, full of competitive characteristics and short -term and efficient 10 -minute mathematics games, it is very suitable for pre -school children.

Teacher Qu What kind of game do you practice every day, what kind of what your child masters, what kind of thinking ability to improve, and gather this set

“Gaming Class of Mathematics Moms Moms” at 7:30 tonight “


Just like you invited a math expert,

Help you plan your child’s advanced mathematical thinking advanced journey

Qu Shaoyun


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The games in the book are as close as possible with daily life.


Let your child learn

Observe life with the eyes of mathematics, understand the world

The content in the book, for example, the “number in life” in the first volume, has time in the upper left corner, gives the child a clear sense of time, know that it has played on Sunday games, and also praise yourself every day; There is a point of learning in the lower right corner to let adults know that the key practice direction of this section.

Can you also add some guidance? Can you think of your children in life and numbers in life?


Remember to be more

Encourage children

This is what Teacher Qu has always emphasized.

The color game background and black and white game theme will highlight the main theme of the game.


The way of the game in the book is the favorite type of children, changing to play, and the children always feel fresh.

Make such a 10 -minute scenario game with your child every day, accumulate every day, finish 280 games in this book,

Children’s thinking will definitely be “mathematics”

After the child is rushing into elementary school, the parents can easily complete the mathematical tasks and consciously complete the mathematical tasks.

Moms are still embarrassed-

“The child always forgets that the learning effect is not good.”


As a first -line teacher for many years, Mr. Qu said: This is not a child’s problem, this is a common problem for many children.

What is the reason?


that is

Children’s learning does not match the mental memory and forget of children’s minds. The child does not obtain a good study plan


If you say too much or the problem of learning methods, is there a solution?

Of course!


The content of the content of “Mathematics Mother’s Game Class” is followed by 7:30 tonight

The 7 -day recognition cycle of memory

, Cleverly blend with the mathematical knowledge of all aspects with the cycle of each week, it sounds a bit mysterious, right? If you look at the picture, you can understand:

In other words, children can practice a game that develops different capabilities every day. After a week, they practice in accordance with such rules. The difference is that the difficulty of knowledge will increase slightly.

This allows the child to be within 7 days,

It can consolidate the learning, but also get a new improvement

, The child is not burdened,

The knowledge I have learned from the short -term memory to the growth of memory

This is a problem of learning methodology. Xueba’s learning method has been used since childhood.


The parent -child mathematical concept of “7:30 tonight”, Teacher Qu has proposed a few years ago and published a book, which is the best -selling model of the year.


In addition to revising the previous version, Teacher Qu has also made an important additional booking, adding a 5th volume.

Why increase?


This comes from an experience of Teacher Qu’s many years of teaching.

She found, “

Only with the help of other background knowledge can children be able to learn mathematics and become mathematics. Both partial and knowledge shortcomings are stumbling blocks that continue to learn mathematics.


This is based on the current trend of education -emphasizes

Fusion between disciplines

Very consistent.


Teacher Qu said, “Perhaps the child’s IQ is not a top -level or a mathematical genius, but if the reading comprehension ability is strong enough, he can understand what problems to solve mathematical games; if he likes historical stories, he can enhance the background of the story and enhance the background of the story to enhance the background The judgment of mathematical issues … “

Well, I finally know where Zhenxue is powerful.

The fifth volume is the focus of the fusion of mathematics and other disciplines. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is a “big math” game book.

You will be surprised. The relationship between mathematics and ancient poems, idiom stories, English letters, astronomy, geography, and history is so close.


Literature and sciences, comprehensive development


Teacher Qu hopes that such a design can start from the first day of mathematics, so that children will not rely on each discipline.

One more thing to add is that the answer to each game adds “prompts” before, that is, an additional 80 prompts, in order to provide the answer, but also from the knowledge point of a game and the corresponding knowledge point corresponding to the answer. Methods, as well as the knowledge of teaching materials in the future, provide help to parents, which is beneficial to


Improve the quality of family mathematics education

The leader of a discipline is critical.

There are many books in mathematical thinking games, but they really have their own unique ideas and methods.

Following Teacher Qu’s mathematics class, no mother at home, and the child becomes studying.

Next, sort out the content of this set of books.

Sky game game,

Reasonable planning,

Improve enrollment eight major mathematics capabilities


A principal said in a meeting to the parents of young children: “Zero starting point is not terrible, and it is terrible if it is not prepared.”

A game every day, 10 minutes a day, will not only allow children to develop a good habit of planning learning, but also slowly improve the mathematical thinking ability in the day of practice and lay the foundation for elementary school learning.


Each game in the book is performed in the scene that the child likes, and it is associated with the child’s world to greatly stimulate interest.


There are 56 games per game, a total of 280, and the directory is very clear.

Each book involves


Calculation of knowledge, calculation, quantity knowledge, quantity calculation, graphic problems, graphic laws, logical reasoning, comprehensive application in life seven sections

Knowledge points, simultaneously enhance all mathematical capabilities.

The ants are vigorous, and the amount of fun is explained with a funny weightlifting competition. At once, the child understands what the abstract “equivalent” is equivalent to the concept of “equivalent”.

This actually exercises children

Calculation and ingenuity ability

Mom’s mistakes, using the story of helping mothers solve the problem, through the conditions given, let the children eliminate the errors one by one, screen the correct answer, and test the children’s

logical thinking ability

The previous work of mailing, combined with the daily activities of mailing toys, allows children to have a preliminary understanding of the weight of the items. Knowing that different weights should be represented by different numbers, the expression unit of contact weight is expressed.


The application capacity of the unit.

Wonderful graphic street signs, combined with the scene of the zoo, allow children to practice identifying graphics and enhance children’s


Graphical discerning ability

How to swim in the little carp, exercise children

The ability to solve problems as required

Essence All games in the book will be designed around “solving practical problems with mathematics”.


In addition, the concentration, symbolic expression ability, and comprehensive analysis ability of problems will be exercised accordingly.

The gameplay is rich and diverse,


Including children’s favorite game forms

The types of games in the book can be said to be a game that children love to play, all of which are all included -coloring, connecting, cutting origami, handicraft, maze, painting, finding different …

Too much, at my house, as soon as the book is taken out, the 6 -year -old girl will jump and say: Oh, I have to play mathematical games again! After the child is done, he is still unsatisfactory and ask for another one.

The game is a child’s life. It allows children to learn easily and pleasantly. How can there be soaring blood pressure soaring chickens and dogs jumping!

Do a kaleidoscope, DIY, not only understands the combination of graphics and graphics, but also practice the superposition calculation of graphics.

The process of painting is also the process of practicing computing children.

The seemingly boring operation contains the mathematical thoughts of classification and finishing. The process of the game’s completion has become a process of creating beauty and artistic creation.

Space maze, integrate the graphic law into the maze, and finally name it for the planet found in your own name!

It’s so creative, and children like it too much.


Match games, let children experience the transformation of graphics in real objects.

The older the younger child, the more you need to cultivate the cultivation of the thinking, so that you can stabilize the child’s thinking process of abstract things, and gradually get the foundation for thinking from the fixes to abstract.

Following the laws of children’s memory, clever arrangement

The overall difficulty from simple to complexity


The combination of the seven -day cognitive cycle and mathematical knowledge is the soul of this set of books, and it is also different from other books of the same type.

Most books are linearly arranged according to calculation, graphics, logic and other volumes. Children can easily learn the front and forget the front. The learning effect cannot be guaranteed.

“7:30 tonight” allows the child to consolidate the learning within 7 days, and the difficulty gradually increases. The child is solid, and the adult is at ease. Such a method is super like!

For example, for example, the following is the first week of the first week, Monday, the second week, and Monday of the third week. Learn to write a number; the second Monday practice points and know the number of corresponding numbers; the third Monday, you need to make points through accurate observation, the difficulty is gradually improved … In this method, the entire book arrangement rules are It’s clear at a glance.

Integrate with other disciplines,

Real “Big Mathematics” game book

As mentioned earlier, Teacher Qu’s experience in the practice of mathematics education for many years, all kinds of knowledge -rich children have become more prominent in mathematics.

Breaking the barriers between disciplines and effective integration of multidisciplinary disciplines are also the main direction of the new version.

For example, the combination of mathematics and geography takes children to feel the world.

Learn ancient poems from the perspective of mathematics, and the angle is novel and interesting.

Cao Chong’s mathematical principle is actually an equivalent conversion. At the same time, parents can also tell their children a story about the Three Kingdoms.

5 answers, explanations, one of them

Attach more interactive parent -child games


After each unit is over, there is an answer, and it is also attached to Teacher Qu’s explanation of the knowledge point of the game. The adult is accompanied by the place where you don’t know how to tell the child.


In addition, the “teach you a trick” of each unit is also carefully planned by Teacher Qu, guiding the book, letting children and parents discover the beauty of mathematics in life together, and feel mathematics in life.

The 20 “teach you a trick” parent -child game provided by the book is very practical.

For example, sticking to the nose game is a parent -child game that helps children practice direction and orientation.


Feel the length of the rice and let the child understand the measurement tips in life.


Self -made puzzles are also fun, understanding part and whole, and knowing the source of their own puzzle toys.


There are also mathematics in science, which solve the secret of the hanging clock, not only cultivating children’s scientific thinking, but also increasing the knowledge of the encyclopedia.

In short, this is a real set of all -encompassing mathematical thinking game books, covering all aspects of life, using various fun forms, scientific editing logic, parent -child companionship, and finally setting into the improvement of mathematical thinking and mathematical ability. Don’t miss the good time of children’s thinking enlightenment, this set of books must be the best choice!


The scientific and clever design concept is comparable to the original study of the original European and American exercises. It takes 7 days a week as a cycle, a 10 -minute game per day, and focuses on practicing a child’s mathematical ability every day. The difficulty is gradual. Let children develop good learning habits and enhance eight major mathematics capabilities for admission. 2 Fun scenario games, every question of building mathematical thinking in practical problems comes from problems that may be encountered in daily life. In specific problems, teach children to think about ways, and use a certain amount of exercises to let children use skills. “Method”+”skills”, children no longer “silly questions”, but “cleverly brush the question”.
















“Gaming Class of Mathematics Moms Moms” at 7:30 tonight “

“Gaming Class of Mathematics Moms Moms” at 7:30 tonight “


“Gaming Class of Mathematics Moms Moms” at 7:30 tonight “

Qu Shaoyun


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