Best Valentine’s Day gift in 2022, give it to those who like to travel backpack: 6 outdoor creative equipment

Valentine’s Day in 2022 is coming again. If your or her is an outdoor enthusiast who hike, climbing, Sichuan -Chongqing, and adventure, can you choose a favorite Valentine’s Day gift for him?

With the development of technology, there are many high -tech camping equipment and very creative outdoor tools that can help him enjoy a lot of fun and comfort when outdoors.

The following gift list is selected for 6 creative equipment suitable for outdoor enthusiasts for you to choose from:

1. SUSCELL 20000mAh Outdoor Solar Movement Power:


Moved power supply is made of durable and reliable ABS+silicone material, which can prevent rainwater, dirt and impact/fall.

Equipped with compass and two bright LED flashlights, with 3 powerful lighting modes, and the irradiation range can reach 40 meters. When you are outdoors at night, it can protect your safety. Other emergency use.

Double 5V USB port output, compatible with iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Go-PRO cameras, tablet computers and other USB devices.

Intelligent charging can easily charge two smartphones or one tablet at the same time at the same time, intelligent security protection, avoid overcurrent, overload, overload, short circuit, etc.

IPX4 waterproof level, easily deal with rainy weather.

The five indicator lights indicate the battery charging state in time, the green light is on during the charging of the solar, and the blue light is on when the USB is charged.

Due to these changes in the conversion rate of sunlight and solar panels, it may take a long time to charge the battery pack with solar panels, and only the solar charging function is used in emergency situations.

This solar charging power supply with a flashlight and a mountaineering buckle is very reliable and durable, which can provide a variety of convenience for your daily hiking.

2. Grayl Geopress water purifier:

The GEOPRESS water purifier bottle can filter out pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals and micro -plastic, and water to spread the pathogenic bodies, including cholera, Sammel and dysentery.


This is due to the electrical attachment medium technology in the purifier filter element. It can capture small pollutant particles like magnets.

Just fill the bottle filled with water, whether it is the lake or the suspicious turbid pond water, and then push the inner bottle into the water. This promotes the movement of the dirty water through the purifier to perform ion exchange in the purifier, combined with bacteria and viruses, viruses and viruses. Activated carbon absorbs almost all harmful chemicals and tastes, allowing you to get safe and drinkable water.

The operation is simple, only eight seconds, no water purifier can be comparable to the speed, simplicity and effectiveness of Geopress.

Within 8 seconds, it can produce 710 ml of safety and clean drinking water (5 liters per minute).

3. Jetboil Flash 2.0 Culinary System:


The characteristics of this backpack cooking system are related to the speed. Jetboil Flash 2.0 can boil 0.5 liters of water in 100 seconds. This speed cannot be achieved by other stoves.

Convenient and reliable buttons igniter, fast ignition, thermal discoloration indicator, let you know when the water is boiled, the cooking cup is heated, making boiling water insulation easier.

Compatible with other accessories of Jetboil, such as coffee pressing machines, suspension kits, pots, frying cookers, Fluxring cooking pots and tableware.

It is easy to pack and carry, and weighs 380 grams. It is the most convenient and fastest outdoor stove that is by far. It is also the ultimate deeds to prepare coffee, soup or dehydrated food in the wild. It is very suitable for backpacks and camping.


4. Panga28 diving backpack:


Panga 28 diving backpack is a 100%waterproof backpack. It is a water -proof backpack, combining the durability of the Panga luggage bag and the test of the test.


Dryhaul, which is in line with ergonomic engineering, adds a sense of comfort, and removable chest straps and belts can increase stability and safety during hiking.

Hydrolok zipper can prevent the water from entering the bag and keep your equipment dry. The thick leather case is suppressed by high -density nylon and thick TPU layer, which has the ability to prevent puncture and abrasion.

The Panga 28 backpack is the best bag of water activities. Regardless of surfing, drift, rowing, or even bringing it to the sea, immersion in water, it can also keep the bag dry.

5. Garmin (Jiaming) Fenix ​​7 watch:

Jiaming has been in the field of outdoor watches for a long time, and their performance is not disappointing.

Jiaming’s slogan is: using a solid Fenix ​​7 Sapphire Solar multi -function GPS watch to welcome any sports or outdoor challenges.


Its scratch -resistant Power Sapphire ™ solar charging dial, efficiently uses solar energy to extend battery life, providing motivation for advanced training, sports applications, and health monitoring sensors.


It is not surprising that Jiaming’s 24/7 health monitoring and GPS positioning.

Jiaming’s latest FENIX 7 uses improved touch screen displays, adding richer training tools and longer battery life, which can continue to wait for 5 weeks.

Although they do provide huge protection due to their solid ingredients, these solid watches are still very advanced equipment.


The Fenix ​​7 series is made of high -end materials such as titanium metal case and sapphire glass. It provides three dial size, namely 42mm 7S, 47mm 7 and 51mm of 7X.


For anyone who loves outdoor sports, Jiaming’s new sports smart watches are the first choice. The current standard version of FENIX 7 starts at $ 700.

6. Thermacell backpack mosquito repellent:


The thermacell brand has a variety of mosquito repellent equipment. Today, the mosquito device we want to introduce is called Backpacker. It can be seen from the name. This product is designed for outdoor enthusiasts.

In the wild, mosquitoes are not a small problem. Mosquito bite and irritable buzz will seriously reduce the comfort of camping.

The Thermacell brand is a mosquito repellent product customized by the US military. This backPacker mosquito repellent tablet can not only drive mosquitoes, but also drive other types of insects.

When Caica virus was raging, thermacell became an effective mosquito repellent product recommended by the World Health Organization.

The mosquito repellent has built -in electronic ignition and ignited heating element, which can heat the blue mosquito repellent sheet built into the acrylocol ester.

Theermacell backpack mosquito repellent is the best way to prevent insects from entering the tent. It is quiet and has no odor. It uses the same gas cylinder as my cooking utensils. The most important thing is that it is also very gas -saving.

In the wilderness, the effect of anti -mosquito spray and mosquito coils is not very good. Theermacell mosquito repellent is more effective and saved than mosquito coils. This is a must -have for mosquito counterparts in the wild. Essence

The Insect scientists and researchers of the Thermacell team have more than 100 years of experience in anti -mosquito prevention.

This backpack mosquito repellent is small and portable. It can be easily placed in the backpack. It perfectly solves the trouble of mosquito bites. It is an essential equipment for outdoor adventure.

Outdoor sports can be integrated with nature, which is very conducive to physical and mental health. However, good equipment can increase the comfort of field travel.

The six most representative creative equipment we listed are very suitable for the one in the minds of Valentine’s Day gifts. No matter what kind of wild trip plan is planned, it will be more pleasant to use the appropriate equipment.


The best gifts for these outdoor enthusiasts will make the field experience experience both interesting and comfortable.





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