Wang Banting Poetry: Thirty Songs of Yongmei

Envy the waters of the west, and once came down to the Tomb City.

Wang Banting, the net name of Jingchu Shanyu. Born in the Jia Shijia family of Tianmen City, Hubei Province. After dropping out of school, going to the countryside, laid off, and sea. Although the years are sharpened, — the raw waves are dull and mediocre, but they still have beautiful longing, and persistently determine the wandering of “poetry and the distance” …


Snow recklessly the mountains and the mountains, the plum blossoms, the three made Yuqiong. Since the Jin people have adopted a pan -pronunciation method and played the “Three Plum Blossoms” to play “Plum Blossoms”, it has been used to praise the plum blossoms and the noble poems of Aoxue Lingshuang.

Regardless of “sparse shadow horizontal, dark fragrance floating”, or “a group of groups of jealousy, only incense is as good as the old”; or Aunt Qiong Yao interprets the plum blossoms, or the plums are faint, or the Mei Tong Yunxia, ​​or the Mei Tong Yun Xiawei, or the San Nong Meipei and pitch. There are all routines and gorgeous, and Ling Shuang is proud of the red plum.

If Mei Xuelian is like a classic and sincere love in the longing, there must be an impulsive impulse, then it should be Mei Xue -like Bing Rong love. Whether it is the love of the young boys and girls in the fog, whether it is the love of the young boys and girls in the fog, or the sunset, the last beautiful Xia Yun’s dusk of love that cannot be missed is the beauty of the world’s expectations, it is Qing Ai, who promised life and death, attacked him. Just like Mei Xue’s love is stunning ice, Mei Qiao Xuehao, Mei withered. If it is difficult to do it, I would like to choose the beauty of Xinmei and Ai Xue’s beauty, or the hidden love of Mei Wife Hezi. Xin Yong.

Everyone in the world:

Mei Xue did not want to fall, and the Sao Ren took the pen to comment.

Mei Xuxun Xue was white, but Xue lost a piece of fragrance.

But I said:

Snow cold Meiqi is pretty, and there is no dazzling snow.

The snowfall is also crusher, and the snow is graceful.

Envy the Xue Xuejiao, Tao Ranliao is beautiful.

Mei Kai Zi Zi Zi drunk flowers, Xueying Xuan Xingyu.

Plum Blossom Poetry Song (Xin Yun) Thirty Songs

【Five Laws · Meiyun Two Pose】

One Nianmei

The ice crickets are gorgeous, and the branches are delicate.

The appearance is shy, timid Xin Yuexi.

Xiyuan Voli Garden, Yuanpupi Lanxi.

The valley was clear, and Chehong infiltrated Yi.

Two Lada

Xuan Xuan Xuexue, blooming the soul.

Xuanliang Cangxing Ridge, Golden Twilight Cloud.

Xuan window is rich, Qianmeng pillow is warm.

The Xi Ximing Qingxiao, ascending the branches to report early spring.

Three Peeli

Cold frost frozen rain, Xue Xue Xiaochun Meng.

Charming and gloomy, reserved Runleong

Xing Xin listened to the joy, and Qin Hui was warm.

Wake up Qun Fangxuan, people are 姹 Zitong.

4. Yin Mei

Shining the ice wheel moon, the snow -capped mountains.

The silver frost is very good, and the gorgeous buds are crystal clear.

The charming and graceful posture, reserved.

The fragrance overflows the garden, and Qianying moves the building.


Mangling Ai Xue, Qionglou obliquely reflected the moon.

Yinshuang Yiyuan Xuan, Bixuan Ningfang.

Quiet lying lying ice, Yan Yue Yinbi.

Spring is coming to the gorgeous bile, and the Menglan Pavilion post.

Sixth Hansome

The old twilight was rampant, and Yan Shuang raged.

The deserted mountains are reckless, and the dark haze.

Available and arrogant, enchanting magpie.

Calculate Purple Michellen, warm and colorful snow.

Qi Xuemei

Dao Dao Mei is arrogant, Qiong Zhi is bored.

Mei Tong traced the snow, and the snow was cold.

There is Xue Lei Xuanyu, no Mei Xue Mangxiao.

Mei Xin is rich, and the snow is crying.

Eight Chunmei

Lingling Yang Yang Cong, the rainbow is overflowing the rainbow.

The cliffs are gorgeous, and the valley is half -slope.

Washe Ning Jincan, Juanxi Ying Ruitong.

Cooking the smoke village wild, Zi Zi Xiaochun Meng.

Jiu Runmei

Yan Shuang was crowded, and the snow invaded the wind.

Er Ya is graceful, and he smiled and smiled.

Han Jingli Lei Xuan, blooming Qin Fangfen.

Weiyou Wuyuan, Kaiyuan Changmu Spring.

Ten Lingmei

Mangling wild Jing Mei, flickering.

Yan Shuang sowed, frozen rains bulls.

Thin bones, the cliffs are handsome.

Cangluan is beautiful, Xue Xue Qinfang 馡.

Eleventh Hongmei

Dongsheng dyed Dundtong, Chan Yan Yang Danqiong.

Gorgeous and beautiful landscape, Xuan Xuan Xueling is sunny.

Yan Ran burned the wild, Wan was empty.

Angao cliff pretty, Ling Xun wanted to kiss the rainbow.


Twelve Fu Mei

Solo show frost, lonely love Ziwei.

Cangluan is arrogant and gorgeous.

Lugu Qingfen is gloomy, and it is pretty.

Picking Yingxin Su, feeding the Jun Jun.

[Seven Laws · Listening to Meiyin Ten]


Yixin Mei

Lusu Mei Yin is graceful, causing butterfly love to bid.

The buds are tender, and the buds are pretty.

Yushu Linfeng inquire about the gorgeous bud, Shao Jingmu Lu Xiao Chunhui

Lanping is rich in Yixin Yiyang, awakening Qunfang Zi Zi chasing.


Hui Yan Hao Xuexun Meixiang, Ying Xiaoxin Meinxue.

Snow, Mei Tong jumped into the bird, Mei Yanxue kissed Yanzi.

Jiangnan Mobei Mei Mei, Rui Xuan Mei Feng Yizhao.

Three · Pick Mei

Displayed the mountains, the lonely and steep.

A cluster of gorgeous bile Bingyang, Manling Ling Tongcai Jinfei.

Qin Rui Xuanyan welcomed Shuyu, Ling Shuang Ao Xueyiyan.

Jianzhi Jingyu leaned back, stepped across the stream bridge.

4. Jie Mei

Yan Rujiao is pretty, and she is beautiful, Shuo Bingbing Xuefen.

The twilight of the Xianxian was static, and Chen Xi laughed Yang Xichun.

Xuan Xuan loved Han Jingti, Qin Yue reeds on Xuan Leixin.

Lugu Youxi ranked Biyu, and the bamboo cricket covered Mu Jianzhen.

Wan Ao Mei

The deserted mountains are silent, and the west wind is 弑 雅 雅.

Is Qiong Zhi Qu Mangling, and why Yu Rui scorn haze?

The ice knife slammed the strict frost, and Rui Xuezi opened the bud.

It was another year, and Qunfang Zi Zi Qiaochun came.

Liu Meiyuan

West wind, Xiaoxuan Pavilion, cold cold light 躏 躏 躏 躏.

Xue Yunxian is purple, and Frost Ling Nen is moist and crystal.

The exquisite curvature is overflowing, and the Qiong Zhi is full of sparrows.

Raising the stern helplessness, Chunlai Zi Bi Chi Ying.

Qi Mei Niang

Chu Yingyu is round, Liangxiao is quiet and happy.

Xie Haohuan thought of his family, Xie Peiyuan’s sleep.

Leaning the pillow of Qinghui, Lin Xuan Yuqian explored spring.

Xian Qi is rich and hearty.

Bayi Mei

Xue Rong Mei Qinwu Ranchun, Grandona Tingxuan Ziyi.

Du Bo watched Yu Yifei, and Zifang gave up his conscience.

The song is rippled, and the haze is dark and dark.

There was no trace of the crane, and the village was lying in tears.


Jiu Chenmei

The tender fiber Yanyi plum, deserted and lonely in the endangered.

Bud to be abused by strict frost, and the buds were so cute.


Du Xiu Jinghua was blocked, and the lonely and pretty were surrounded by haze.

The red note was soaked in the spring girlfriend, and the slim Maxiche was embarrassed.

Ten · Fu Mei

The always Mei Hong is spring.

Every time Pan Ying encounters Hongying, she often thinks about her tears.

The people smelled the soul, and the bridge saw the soul.

Rhododendron cried and prayed for Qingxuan, cutting cold plums.

Yongmei Word Eight

[Drunk flower yin · Mei Yan’s graceful]

It is expected that the cold spring and the buds are cold, and the deserted deserted. Hao Xue Yunxin Xuan, thin bones, cold eyes and severe winter.

Yan Bao was shameful and shy, and the purple fibrous posture. Qiao Ao Xiaochun, awakened Qunfang, Qin Rui Hong Tongshuo.

【Drunk Huayin · Mei Xin Yun Xiawei】

The year of the Mu Dingjing, the essence of the snow, and the essence of the snow. Jiao Yongyu Qiongxuan, Ying Shui Lanxiang, and dancing dance.

Han Ting borrowed Bin Fenrui, Xue Yunyun Xia Wei. The magpie is jumping into the fragrant cluster, the Luyan Xintong, the beautiful spring is charming.

[Drunk flower shade · Mei Tong’s richness]

Peerless Tianjiao Mo Yue, desire to Cangshan Snow. The cold wind is raging, the lightness is thin, and the dandruff is strict and cold.

Lan Ting Ziyuan Huatang, Yu Pei Jinlan Post. And Edi Ying Ting, Fengfeng and Ming, water pavilion.

【Langtao Sha Pie Mei】

, ,, Who knows lonely?

Heat Frost Douxue pregnancy.

Stalling the ice and bones, not afraid of Ling Chi.

The tender buds are fine, rich in Qiong Zhi.

The soul -souls are knowledgeable.

Just wait for Qunfangchun to rotten, red and leaf poems.

【Langtao Sands · Lianmei】

At the beginning of the waves, he loved Junjia.

Gu Fang rewarded himself contempt.

I still remember that the trench was strong last night, and cooked Xueya.

寞 寂 缱绻, lonely Shaohua.

The red note is soaked in gorgeous.

Thoroughly bone Han Ling’s dreams, the waves of the sky.

【Linjiangxian · Mengmei】

Canglang Chenghong Bo Yang, Qingyi 潋 Neon.

Lingbo Fairy Hyun Dan Qiong.

Xianyan dissolved Haoxue, pretty reflection of ice.

The butterfly dream of diligent words, Fang Cong stretched out of grace.

Bingfen is rich in Chunmeng.

The arrogant posture is loud, and the lame is red.

【Yu Meiren · Meiyun】

Long winter, the citate, fine fragrance. West wind was surprised by all the disability, and the fiber, He Nai, Qin Xinlan.

Mei Yan Shengbinfen sprinkled, Liang Ying’s sketch. Chaohui was late in Hanling, Shui Yidan Qiong nourishes and gorgeous.

【Pavilion sheep · Xinmei】

Jinfeng Musa, Laniel dance.

Qiong Zhi Shangyuan Xuanxuan.

Rui Congxia, Lao Zhana,

Fang Fei Qin Blooming Yixin.下 Mo Xuanyun Yuncai.

Gorgeous, not stingy; withering, not deceiving.

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Snow cold Meiqi is pretty, and there is no dazzling snow.