Korean version of high waist hot pants wear long legs to see the sense of vision

A pair of slender legs is the most eye -catching, especially if you put on hot pants, show a pair of long legs, how can people can’t help but look back? Hurry up and take a look at these Korean high -waist hot pants!

【Korean version of high waist hot pants】


01 Classic high -waisted wide -legged design, irregular tailoring of the hem and sidelines, casual and unruly, the pants body is messy with some grasping patterns, which is more unique. It is very attractive to make an old light color design.

“” “” “” “” Sexy and beautiful legs, a pair of hot pants make you all own!

02 The small gap in trousers legs is a casual street style, making TA look simple and not monotonous. The top of the back pocket is also a hair edge design, highlighting the details of the details.

【High -waist light denim hot pants】


The 01 version is a very simple optical version. The irregular hair grinding design of the hem is also preferred by me. It is a bit like cutting, which will be more interesting and casual. Its color is clean and refreshing.

02 Denim fabric with a good texture, soft feel, you can match it if you want to match it! With a T -shirt, the hem of the front chip of the body is slightly stuffed into the pants, and the waist line can be lifted well, showing long legs.

【Korean version of high -waisted denim shorts】

01 The Korean version of the high -waisted denim shorts with long legs and long legs, the curling effect of the pants feet is very casual, the short and long trousers length is visually lengthening the leg lines.

02 The classic high -waisted upper body can easily stretch the proportion. The effect of the upper body is very good. The fresh denim blue does not have much problem in matching. Simple T -shirts or vests are suitable choices.

【Rolling Width -leg Denim hot pants】


01 The loose version of the upper body will not have a sense of restraint. The version of the wide -footed pants can also cover the legs while wearing it comfortably. Various elements such as wool edges, curls, and holes are concentrated, making people’s eyes shine.

The high -waisted high -waisted design of the 02 trousers not only has a good visual modification ratio, but also does not allow hot pants to go away. The soft denim fabric experience is also very good.

[Break -edge streamy side denim hot pants]

01 Denim hot pants are old color design retro and fashionable. The design of a buckle placket is simple and beautiful. The overall high -waisted wide -leg version, the high -waisted design stretches the body proportion, and the upper body is properly long legs.

02 The irregular wool design of 02 pants is unique, which is more fashionable than others to wear, simple and personalized style design, no matter what you install, you can easily control it.

【Smoke Gray Crowd Denim Hot Pants】


01 Smoke gray shorts are not so depressed compared to black. Compared with the classic denim blue, it has a clear handsomeness. The design of wide -legs is a thin effect, and it can give you more room for activity.


02 The short and long design visually shows the length of the legs, and the sides of the pants are slightly forward. Be careful of the details of the machine, which can better modify the leg lines visually.

Alright ~ I brought you a Korean high -waisted hot pants, but let you wear a long legs!