Human high -quality wearing guidelines, so that it is the most comfortable

Halo, everyone is good at night, here is Nicole ~

After the Olympic Games, many small partners in the studio are determined to exercise and exercise well, and they also supervise each other every day.

Of course I am no exception ~ In such an atmosphere, I ignite it again

Passion for sportswear

Essence So I studied it in recent times


Dressing on the sports style, dig out some of your own care

I can’t wait to share it with everyone.



2021 The popular sports style

How can we miss it ~


If you are interested, keep watching!


With our country


Comprehensive strength continues to improve


The patriotic enthusiasm and cultural self -confidence of the Chinese people have skyrocketed, plus many domestic products


The quality of quality is greatly improved


, Everyone’s domestic goods

There is a huge change in concepts

Essence The rapid development of the economy has also provided a huge consumer market in China, and also provides sufficient space for the growth of tide brand.


But today I want to talk about the “national wind+trend” in the traditional sense, but suitable for daily life.

Sports domestic trend


I call it it

Daily “light national tide

Essence The pictures are from these domestic sports brands from Hongxingrke, Tubu, Anta and other domestic sports brands!

Before that, our concept of these brands may still stay like this …

But today is different from the past, now


Domestic goods are all rising

Intersection They can be like this ~


Recently, if it comes to domestic sports brands, Hongxing Erk can be regarded as “killing the siege” and becoming a conscience domestic product in the hearts of the Chinese people.

Same sweater

Be worn

Different styles

Mrs. Madam is good ~ Is this Hongxingrk in your impression?


via: Xiaohongshu @小 v v via: Xiaohongshu @v v v


Let’s guess which brand is from this set of clothing?


via: Xiaohongshu @Sunshine Boy Eyex

If I say from


It is the joint name of the cherry blossoms, are you surprised? This set of clothes obey

The color and fabric to the silhouette make me look at Tibu

In fact, there is an important factor to catch the feeling of “tide”,

Choose oversize top

, Create a kind of

Cool on the street

(The Olympic national team is the same model, students can rush!)

via: Xiaohongshu @v tata via: Xiaohongshu @v v v

There is another kind


Retro sports style

Those who write

China, Beijing, Shanghai

The clothing, time seems to be pulled back in an instant still there is still there

The era of “the most glorious labor” was written on the cup.

via: Xiaohongshu @lavinia twelve

Anta casual contrasting color trend jacket

Reference price: ¥ 269

-· –

Anta loose sweater jacket


Reference price: ¥ 259

Step Seminan Series Short Sweatper


Reference price: ¥ 299


Hongxing Erk Great Wall series contrasting coat

Reference price: ¥ 169

Panda Shop Guo Chao Short -sleeved Zipper Cotton Jacket

Reference price: ¥ 289


American sports style originated from American rugby and baseball, wearing leisure

T -shirt, shorts, high socks


, Filled with youthful vitality and retro feelings. In the era when this fashion and sports can be “mixed together”, the American retro sports style is in one

More fashionable gestures, the concept of leisure sports is mainly, and it has been killed again!

(The picture comes from the movie “Leaders”. In the 95 -year movie, the clothing inside still seems to be on the front line of the trend.

Regarding the current American retro sports style, I summarize a law “


“, Form comparison. For students who love to wear European and American style, American sports style can be” love “~

Loose oversize top with high waist pants

The essence is

Roll in the top or plug in the waist of the trousers, and pinch the waistline out


Essence The baseball cap is wearing it, like it comes out of the European and American youth campus drama.


Like this

Big print

, It’s super classic, handle ~ By the way,


Don’t be too pure in color




There is a little gray in the fabric



Sweater with riding pants, proper supermodel wind

Essence No, it’s going to fall autumn soon. Taking advantage of the sky is still not so cold, students who like hot girls can do it!



With short tops and sneakers

, Drag the Sister Sister of California, California Sweetheart Sister ~



Polo shirt or sports vest

See we on the tennis court ~

The sweater sports suit is also a frequent guest of American sports style. Students who do not want to be restrained, try this kind of dress. Can


As a home service, you can go out and go out!


Vintagetang American retro sweater


Reference price: ¥ 119

SAPPHIRESTREET sports with money sweater short set


Reference price: ¥ 199

HONORE Guyue American retro short loose sweater


Reference price: ¥ 268


American leisure sports suit on the left


Korean leisure sports style should be each


The gesture style is the highest in borrowing, the minimum requirements for the body, and can easily control the style that is very suitable for our daily wear.

In fact, in my opinion, Korean leisure sports style is even more

Pay attention to mix and match and increase individual products

Essence For example, sweater with jeans, or short skirts Chelsea boots,

Mix the leisure style of different feelings to create a casual fashion atmosphere


The sweater stacking is the fastest way to open the sense of Korean system

Inside a white T -shirt with a sweater, the overall match will be more


Essence Outside stacking can be matched with simple

Vest or knit sweater as a shawl

It is a very good choice in early autumn.

In the Korean sports style,


Sweater+leggings+sports socks+sports shoes


It is the first choice for many fashion bloggers to wear, and it seems that the whole person is super dynamic. However, this kind of dress is very tested, and you can also choose


, The effect is also full ~

Sports pants are a weapon for creating a sense of leisure, and it is simple to match. In fact, loose beam sports pants can also be very fashionable,

With sneakers and tight tops, the contrast is opened visually, creating that kind of hot girl dragging sister -style Korean!

In addition to the common sweater and trousers, there are

Denim jacket, baseball uniform


Essence Speaking of the Korean sports style and menswear style, there are some similarities, all of which


Mainly loose, straight lines

Othermix Korean version of long -sleeved loose T -shirt


Othermix high street wind beam casual pants

Reference price: ¥ 115


Golden Suyi Korean version of leisure letter printing T -shirt

Reference price: ¥ 89

Chuu solid color round neck spouse sweater

Reference price: ¥ 279

Peacebird SuperChina sports sweater set


The word mixing has always been a “evergreen tree” in the fashion circle, especially this year


Athflow is popular

Essence Athflow is actually a reason


Athleisure (sports and leisure) and Flow (flow)


Two words merged. Form a

Fashionable and elegant and mixed with a new style of sports and leisure.

How to wear a suit to wear too much OL?

A pair of sneakers can be done ~ Zhonghe has the formal sense of suit, a little more free street feeling

, Super A.


It is completely immersed in the sports style and it is not easy to look rustic.

“Mix” into a suit


, Instant change of gas field.

The impression of floral dress is more temperament and lady, but after replacing small leather shoes with a pair of sneakers, it presents a different style.

Comfort and styling are wrong, both casual and soft!


The sports style is everything,


I was not afraid of it with Xiaoxiangfeng



Sportswear and high heels


You can also wipe out the spark and set out a

Gaojie Fan

And with an inexplicable little sexy.


Students who are usually paying attention to wearing should be no stranger to Zhou Yutong’s name ~ After all, her dressing strength is obvious to all, and she feels that she should catch up with the main business of the super female star.

She loves the sneakers, the sports style in the private server is still worth learning from. Although there is no tall and slender figure, fashion expression, we can learn

Her dressing ideas

, Experience the happiness of a fashion blogger!

Sports set, sneakers with plush jacket

To be honest, I dare not think about it at all. But seeing her wearing it inexplicably looks good ~

The whole suit with a suit with a suit

Students who don’t like to be bound by too formal sense can refer to it.


Worked suit, a must -have for lazy people ~


Leisure casual, free ~


Sweater jeans

The loose version is also very tolerant of the body, properly hidden meat artifact.

Let’s have a wave of small weekly sports wind and pure appreciation ~

Large letter printing T -shirt comes with sports style,

Simple and refreshing, full of vitality

Essence This year’s hot contrasting color edge is especially like the student party running on the campus playground.

With a short version, it is particularly easy to create a sense of sports

It is suitable for some places where you don’t need to pay attention to clothes.

The large T -shirt of the version is also suitable for creating a sense of sport.


A cardigan on the shoulder or waist

The shape is simple and layered.

Sports shorts+T -shirt

It can be regarded as one of the most common wearing in summer. It seems that there is no technical content alone, so you still need to jump out of the crowd.

Details such as color, style, or accessories

Get up and down.


Who said that cycling pants can only be left to the gym,

The relaxed daily wear looks more obvious ~

Sneakers are a necessity in everyone’s shoe cabinet. It also uses its own strength to prove to us what it means “

Sneakers can be set up


Matching suit pants and wide -leg pants to highlight women’s most calm and free gestures

The baseball cap born for sports, I would like to call it “


“. It can be matched with most of the daily styles you can think of, like a harmonious agent, you can wear it

The extreme sense of neutralizing a certain style, adding youth heroic qi

I just shot it with Miss INS.


In fact, exercise is not just attractive


The exciting moment on the game

More than


Healthy body and dynamic vitality

Essence The feeling of relaxing body in sportswear is unable to replace other clothing,

Even if you don’t like sports, it does not affect our love for sports style ~

This is the end of today’s sharing ~

What else do you have about sports style?


Welcome to share in the comments area


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Reference price: ¥ 299

Reference price: ¥ 119

Reference price: ¥ 268