The general configuration of the band and its basic acoustic principles-understand a little principle, a little more common sense!

The development of the management team cannot be blind and unreasonable, otherwise we can only move forward at low -end horizons; so the scientific concept of development is not only suitable for Chinese society, but also the education of Chinese management music and its management music. China Guanle never has a decent administrative leading organization, and has an administrative requirements and overall layout for the development of Guanle; no decent music college establishes professional management music to cultivate management music talents (the PLA arms band student team is the only professional Cultivate the system), let alone set up an independent major for the cultivation of the top talents such as the training of professional management and music composition. However, all of this, government education and cultural institutions in the United States and Japan. They not only have macro management, but also have more detailed guidelines and policies such as the outline of music development and complete management, performance, and competitions. All this is not now, there are more than 100 years ago. Therefore, how logical and not surprising that the United States and Japan have the most developed managing and music career in the world; we can only deeply sigh and lament this.

We know that modern Chinese education has introduced the education system of Europe and the United States, but we can only say that we have introduced external things. How much do we introduce inner things? Knowledge is not equal to culture. Culture must be sublimation beyond knowledge; so the height of cultural quality is the basic guarantee of a national rise and fall. This should cause us to pay great attention. Our nation often occurs the problem of “Chongyang Mei” and “thick and thin today”, but how these problems need to be treated calmly. From the perspective of music art, the basis of the world music culture is Europe, and Chengdu of the world music culture is left by Europeans. The world music culture we talk about is: opera, symphony, ballet, management music, and pop music. World Music Culture, these music culture belongs to the common music culture of all human beings, and they all come from the West. Since these things belong to the attributes of the European cultural tradition, we should follow all its art rules. Narrow nationalism is unnecessary and is mistaken for the country and the people. This has nothing to do with “Chongyang Meiwai”, otherwise how do you understand that our great mentors and Engels are Europeans?

In the home, I still answered some of the confusion of many people when setting up a management orchestra, which may be helpful for our management of the development of our management. The composition of any orchestra must meet the basic requirements of Guanle and sound, otherwise your orchestra will never be a sound music that can play a plump sound. Music acoustics is a complex discipline, and I do n’t have much mastery. At most, it is just a little fur. But for all band organizers and band commands, we should still learn to understand the basic principles of some managing music.

It constitutes an orchestra that must have different types of instruments; these different types of instruments can cover almost all the sounds on the piano, but there is no tube instrument to have such a range. Therefore, the composition of the orchestra is a management music performance group consisting of different sounds and different tone instruments. Essence The composition of the orchestra must follow the basic principles of the pipeline method method, otherwise it is difficult to complete the music performance needs of the composer.

Different difference between the sound of management


The so -called vocal strong is the “strength” of music terms. According to the theory of traditional orientation, the intensity of all wooden ducts belongs to the basic level; this can only be said to be a relative concept. Due to the different levels of control of the performers, each instrument has different strength in different sounds. Differences, but we will ignore all human factors in the orientation, and we will unify it to a level, that is,: 1 flute = 1 dual scruple = 1 clarinet = 1 saxophone = 1 tube. Therefore, all the wooden instruments in the band in the dual -tube band are the same numbers. This first guarantees the theoretical balanced relationship, and then the balanced relationship in the performance.


The trumpet, long number, low -chanting number, and large instrument in the copper tube instrument are basically strong, which is about two wooden tube instruments. Only because the round number is the rear of the bell mouth, the two round numbers are learned in the orientation. About three wooden ducts. However, in the theory of modern organs, the circles and other copper tube instruments are basically equivalent; this is a very professional topic. For our orchestra organizers, we should not go deep into this issue. The author believes that the round number is a very special musical instrument in the copper tube instrument, and the dynamic range is very large; when it is strong, it is not inferior to other copper tube instruments. When it is weak, it can be weaker than the wooden tube instrument. So the round number is a special copper tube instrument. We can only treat it specially at all times.

Frequent characteristics of tube instruments

The so -called frequency characteristics refer to the frequency characteristics of a musical instrument in music, commonly known as sound. The composition of the control band can basically cover all the sounds of the piano, which is basically the same as the orchestral band. Due to different frequencies instruments, their dynamic range, different sounds, and sound wave delivery distances are completely different. Therefore, when configured the instrument, you must fully realize that each instrument is a sound source, and the characteristics of each sound source are different. Unable to achieve perfect sound effects. Overall, high -frequency instruments are the nearest musical instruments.

The percussion instrument used by the orchestra is the same as the orchestra, but the pink player’s percussion is more frequent and important than the orchestra. The dynamic range of percussion (changes in strength) is very large. For example, the fixed drums can gradually get stronger from 30DB to 110 DB, and the strongest strength can almost compete with the entire band. In addition, the percussion is used alone and rarely uses double, so the balance between percussion and band is more complicated. This should be considered from the needs of the entire music. At this time The balance relationship of the voice and the intensity of music performance. Absolute balance is not existed, and absolutely balanced bands may be the least charming band. When music needs to break the balance, it may be the most exciting time. Based on this, we can draw a conclusion: the physical balance of the band’s balance relationship is the first, and the second is intervention balance.

Physical equilibrium relationship

The so -called physical equilibrium relationship is the proportion of wooden ducts and copper tube instruments, high music instruments and secondary, secondary sounds and low music instruments. According to the above analysis of the differences in the strong pipe music, we can basically set up small and medium bands in this way, because small and medium bands are the core skeleton of the control band, and the symphony orchestra only increases the expansion of the instrument on this basis. It is just extended to the sound range of the sound of the voice. The essential sound color belongs to the same type. From the theoretical point of view of pipe music matching, the purpose of increasing special musical instruments or sound instruments on the edge of the sound part is to increase the power of mixed sound; Essence Using them will make the sound of the symphony band richer and better mixed.

Basic compilation of small and medium -sized tube bands:

1. Flute 3-4 people (1 person and flute),

2. 1-2 people,


3. 2-3 people in the clarinet, 2-3 people,

4. 2-3 people in the second sound of the clarinet,

5. 2-3 people of three-sounded scriptures,

6. 1-2 people,

7. 2-3 people in Zhongyin Sax,

8. 1-2 people in Sakuchi,

9. Tombs 3-4 people,

10. 3-4 people,


11. 3-4 people, 3-4 people,


12. Substitute 2-3 people,

13. Large 2-3 people,

4-6 people

Note: Small 31 people, medium -sized ones can be about 43 as the ideal balanced relationship.

Basic compilation of the symphony management band:

1. Poor 1 person

2. Flute 3-4 people

3. 2-3 people (1 person can also manage the British),

4. 1 person in the treble monocular scretching,

5. BB clarinet tone 3-4 people,

6.BB clarinet two-sound 2-3 people,

7. BB clarinet three-sound parts 2-3 people,

8. 1 person in the middle of the soundtrack

9. 1-2 people in the bass monounum (which can be double bass monocular scretch)

10 major tubes 2-3 people,

11. 2 people in Zhongyin Sax,


13. Blot saxophone, 1 person,


14. Tips 4-6 people (can be short-not)


15. 4 people,

16. 3-5 people (can be available in bass long)

17. Lotus number 2-3 people,


18. Large 2-3 people,

19. 1-2 people, 1-2 people,

20. Pacific 4-6 people

21. Piano and harp (according to the need to join the work)

Note: The preparation of the symphony orchestra from 44 people to large 58 is available. There is no absolute standard; of course, it can be appropriately increased to about 65 people according to its own needs.


The symphony orchestra is not the better, the better, the best sound preparation should be controlled at 52-54 people; this is the best preparation index that the international acoustic sounds believe. According to the law of acoustics, an increase in a musical instrument is just a superposition of the sound. The superposition of the bass sound will make the sound thick, and the superposition of the high musical instrument will become darker. Of course, increasing the performers will increase the sound, but when the environment is limited, the increase in sound strong will not increase without restrictions, and it will only increase the thickness of the sound. The aesthetic concept of sound does not agree with the thicker the better, but the clearer the better. Increasing more performers will cause a collision, and the band’s voice is strong due to insufficient brightness. Therefore, we judge the level of performance of an orchestra. The important criterion is whether the hearing has achieved clear and distinguished, layered, and pure tone. Of course, the most important thing is whether your music can move the audience.


Intervention balance relationship

The so -called “intervention balance” refers to when it is considered that when a certain physical condition (including personnel, instrument configuration, training venue, and acoustic environment) cannot meet the needs of audio balance, the band command needs to use its own good theoretical knowledge and sensitive hearing discernic The ability to make timely adjustments to the ratio of the band. Whether these problems are properly handled is enough to reflect the comprehensive ability of the band command. The argument of the conductor is: there are no bad bands, only bad commands. Every excellent band must be accompanied by an excellent command. In the field of band art, band art is the art of command, and any performance of the band reflects the will of the commander. A piece of musical instrument, whether the performance is pleasant, depends on the training and careful cultivation of the command. The intervention balance depends on the comprehensive quality of the command, and the comprehensive quality is not a empty words; he first has a professional foundation and proficient in composition knowledge, and must have good listening ability (not like school audio). Of course, you need you to have first -class The ability to play the tuning band, otherwise your intervention is a “troubled” intervention. This is very similar to in the hospital. Good doctors can save their lives, and witch doctors can be terrible; good commands will make bands, and pseudo -command to practice bands.

The theory of equilibrium relationship

The balance relationship is due to a basic concept of music aesthetics. A performance group formed by dozens of people and dozens of musical instruments. Without a good balance relationship, it is impossible to express composer works. Each excellent composer will do his homework on the band ornament. Of course, those composers who have insufficient composers and ornaments have not enough level and experience; if you encounter such a work, you need to do your homework carefully as a command, prepare for the case before rehearsal, and unbalance the band in the rehearsal. The relationship is handled well. Although adjusting the band ornament does not belong to the second creation, it belongs to the deep “processing”. At this time, the command must have the skills of the composer. Otherwise, you should not act easily. It’s terrible.


Absolute balance is not existed, and absolutely balanced bands may be the least charming band. When I was studying, Mr. Li Yinghai, a well -known composer, theorist, and music educator of my teacher, once told me: Europe has a coach called “Army Captain” sound. They do not know the music theory, but they know how to balance the band balance The relationship, the band is flat and steady, and it sounds stable at the beginning; however, if you listen too much, you have to sleep without any infectious power. Therefore, when music is needed, it may be the most exciting time. Based on this, we can draw a conclusion that the physical balance of the first place in the band of the band is endless; the second place is intervention balance, and intervention balance is complicated and endless.

The above two forms of bands are two common forms of the band. The copper pipe band, the marching band and the free group band are not within the discussion of this article. But the combination of any band has a basic principle, that is: there is a musical instrument it plays the melody, there is a second instrument to play the bass; there is a third instrument to blow the inner sound; The money must be a coat. The second money must be bought with pair of shoes, and then the money is available. In reality, I often find a lot of band jackets, and underwear wearing several pieces of underwear, that is, I can’t bear to buy pair of shoes, or even barefoot.

Now many school bands and training institutions are often due to their own faculty, and the band configuration sometimes is seriously unbalanced; if it can be understood from the perspective of cultivating interest, but from the perspective of scientific development, a band with a good balance relationship is very very good It is difficult to play a complete and perfect music, and it is difficult for students to feel the beauty of music from the band. Such music quality cultivation will lead to their bias and misunderstanding of music.

Play orchestra

There is no certain regulation of the performance of the orchestra’s performance, and each command can make an acoustic characteristic arrangement that suits them according to the specific preparation of their orchestra. However, scientific arrangements will have excellent music performance effects, otherwise they will also affect the performance and appreciation of music due to the poor performance of the graphics. No matter how many types are there in the orchestra playing graphics, there are roughly three types, namely: trapezoidal, horseshoe -shaped and one -shaped or graphic, trapezoidal and horseshoe shapes suitable for the use of indoor training performances with good acoustic conditions; and the word one word; Stand -ups suitable for outdoor interest activities are not suitable for concert halls or indoor concerts.



It is more flat, the three -dimensional sense of the sound is strong, the sound direction is clear, and the disadvantages are easy to cause the sound part.

Horseshoe -shaped graphics characteristics

It is more integrated, the sound of the sound is better, the overall is excellent, the disadvantage is poor, and it is easy to turbid.

Plane characteristic

The trapezoidal shape is strictly unified, the front sound is strong and magnificent, the disadvantage of the disadvantage is not clear enough, and the sound of outdoor performance is easy to dry.

The above three types of bands are played on the stage of the stage. There are no absolute differences. In the rehearsal halls and concert halls of different acoustic conditions, they can make performance graphics suitable for their orchestra, which requires the hearing judgment of command. A scientific rehearsal hall that meets acoustic conditions is very important, and it is the most important thing to change the band performance graphics in a timely manner.

The common musical instrument percussion of the band is as follows:

Drums: Dingyin Drum, Symphony Drum, Big Army Drum, Symphony Drum, Small Army Drum (Muchou, One Thick each), Kangjia Drum, Bange Drum, Chinese Drum, File Drum (Set Drum)


Class: 18 -inch pair (one paid for large 镲, Shabinjun 镲 each), 20 -inch Zhiyin hanging 镲, 36 -inch Chinese gong

Metal: piano, triangular iron, piano, wind chime, bell bell

Woods: wooden piano, bell drum, wood fish (5 sets), sound board, mule, sand hammer

Other categories: sending guns, whistles, bird whistles

The expensive musical instruments (1 each): British pipe, double bass tube, double bass scretching, tube bell, Malinba, vibrato, harp, clock, triangular piano, etc.