Douban Diary: Wandering from a city, don’t you visit the ancient shop?

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豆瓣日记: 闲逛 | 来了一座城市,你不逛逛古着店吗?

Every time I go to a city, visiting the local ancient shops has become a great fun of me.

Unlike buying contemporary fashion, buying vintage is actually a two -way choice process. These items left after the sand after the sand have their own style. They will not be moved by the trend, and naturally they will not deliberately cater to any buyer.

豆瓣日记: 闲逛 | 来了一座城市,你不逛逛古着店吗?

You meet her with all fate. These clothing from all over the world was selected and wiped by the ancient shop owners, showing the original glory. It walks from time to you.

豆瓣日记: 闲逛 | 来了一座城市,你不逛逛古着店吗?

So buying ancient times is very particular about Timing. When I happened to meet the beloved items at the time, the feeling of love at the time was no less than love.

I enjoy the feeling of shopping in ancient stores, not just shopping. The owners of ancient shops have always been good at incorporating their aesthetics into every setting in the store and entering the store, as if they have entered a preset world, and everything is waiting to explore.

豆瓣日记: 闲逛 | 来了一座城市,你不逛逛古着店吗?

But it is interesting that I have been to the ancient stores in many cities, but none of them have the same style.

When recalling each store, my minds could not help but emerge in their minds. If they are human, what kind of personality will there be?

In the past few months, I went to these four cities and visited the following different ancient souls.

-An Xiamen- “Earth”

“Maverick’s Strange Boys”

ADD: Interesting 3rd Floor (Near Tiantai) of Shapowei District (near the rooftop)

Xiamen is always a city with neither lack of sea breeze nor mood. As a resident of a small island, I have lived to my favorite area since I was a child, which is the tail of Shapo. And this ancient shop just happened to be in the west of the art of Shapo.

豆瓣日记: 闲逛 | 来了一座城市,你不逛逛古着店吗?

The green neon lights are printed with the word on earth. The cactus is planted in the abandoned model body, and it is unknowingly drilled from the crotch, which looks absurd and weird. Although the store is small, it is unique in style. Not only can the store buy ancient and weird ancient, but also the earrings and cloth bags designed by the owner themselves.

豆瓣日记: 闲逛 | 来了一座城市,你不逛逛古着店吗?

The place where this shop attracts me the most is its childlikeness. At the end of August, I saw a denim jacket, a faint water washed denim, and the three -dimensional Mickey mouse pattern was printed on the back. Edition, color, texture, everything is right.

豆瓣日记: 闲逛 | 来了一座城市,你不逛逛古着店吗?

At that time, Xiamen was still at the end of summer, and I bought it ignored. It was true that I did not put it on it until three months later.

I am a person with Mickey complex, and I especially like the old version of Mickey. Therefore, in my “Sweet Honey”, in order to please Li Qiao, Brother Leopard had a soft spot in Mickey’s clip.

This scene, every time you see it, you will tear

To be honest, I have been looking for this denim jacket for a year, and I am adhering to the mentality of not being able to move around until I meet it. It is worth it.

-Luanzhou- “Chizi Space”

“Go to the simple and fashionable customers”

豆瓣日记: 闲逛 | 来了一座城市,你不逛逛古着店吗?

I saw this picture attracted on Weibo at the time

I have introduced this shop in Quanzhou travel notes. It is a very self -style Cafe & Ancient & Buyer Integrated Store. It is not only tolerant and exploring inward, but also in line with Quanzhou’s urban style.

Smelling the fragrance of coffee, you can choose your favorite ancient on the second floor. Most of the ancients of Chizi Space have brands. Obviously, it has been selected by the owner, and it is simple and simple. It is purely with a sense of design. Because the appearance and texture are good, the price is naturally higher.

I met a Yamamoto Yamamoto from 80s here. Thin -wing -wing white suit, cotton and linen material, with a little wrinkled, but the cuffs lifted a circle of champagne silk, put on the body and easy to wear, but there is unrestrained style and unique temperament.

Small golden high school also purchases from the store

Champagne -colored cuff roll edge

Although the price is not cheap, the feeling of heart is not often available, and it is eventually bought. I still remember the satisfaction and joy in my heart when I bought it, it was really only when I met Dream item.

-Guangzhou- “Qingyuan”

“Living in the city well, elegant and self -sustaining cheongsam female”

豆瓣日记: 闲逛 | 来了一座城市,你不逛逛古着店吗?

Qingyuan shows the charm of Guangzhou to a large extent. After dinner, we passed through the old city of Dongshankou, a well -being composed of the five -color signboard, and came to the Yantun Road where Qingyuan was located. This is a residential area. The street wall is a unified red brick and green tile, which looks particularly moving against the street lights.

Qingyuan opened the depths of such a quiet and elegant street. The courtyard was open, and the colorful glazed tiles on the main entrance flashed light. The scenery in the shop showed a corner, like a silent invitation.

ADD: No. 3 Yantun Road

The store is very delicate, and the tiles are paired with simple wooden furniture, and the clothing and accessories are stubbornly shining. There is also a room drinking coffee in Qingyuan, and the jumping color is injected into the vitality of the times into the tone of retro.

I bought a triangle scarf here, almost at first sight. A free hat was also received, and it turned out that the basket was free to take away.

豆瓣日记: 闲逛 | 来了一座城市,你不逛逛古着店吗?

Unlike my other Vintage silk scarf, this scarf is a cute feeling of a girl, white tone, red small fruit jump playfully

豆瓣日记: 闲逛 | 来了一座城市,你不逛逛古着店吗?

It is strange that I just think that the ancient is a bit proud. If the process of shopping is like you raise your hand and bend down to express his invitation, she is still qualified to pick your eyebrows to examine you. If you can’t control it, even if you cover her beauty, you can only put her back again.

This is also the difference between it and seasonal fashion.

When packing, the owner took out a bottle of small perfume and sprayed gently on the packaging paper, solemnly wrapped the scarf. Set a successful ending for this shopping.

豆瓣日记: 闲逛 | 来了一座城市,你不逛逛古着店吗?

-Beng | Gulou District-

豆瓣日记: 闲逛 | 来了一座城市,你不逛逛古着店吗?

There are too many ancient shops in Gulou, and there are various styles. MEGA Vintage and DDR Vintage, which are famous far and near, are scattered in many small shops. Instead, I dug a lot of babies in the shop.

“Me too”

“Elegant lady from 40-50s”

豆瓣日记: 闲逛 | 来了一座城市,你不逛逛古着店吗?

ADD: No. 84 Gulou East Street

Attracted by the beautiful color matching of the window model, we walked into this shop. The owner is a well -dressed and very gentle sister, which once again confirms the high unity of store aesthetics and personal style.

Most of the ancient clothing in the Me Too store comes from Europe. The colorful shirts, checkered umbrella skirts, and a well -textured all -woolen coat are placed together according to the type. There is a jewelry promenade in the middle of the store, all kinds of earrings and brooches and rings, which are dazzling.

豆瓣日记: 闲逛 | 来了一座城市,你不逛逛古着店吗?

I encountered two white shirts in the store. The degree of good -looking level was really difficult to make me who never bought two similar items at the same time, but in the end it was all in, because it was really beautiful!

One is a minimalist shirt with a little artistic sense. For the small high -necked small neck of the short neck, the neat fold is the reason why I fell in love with it. It allows it to fold different forms with the body’s swing, which is really charming! Think of Issey Miyake.

Another piece is with a large exquisite embroidery, with just right white. It is a romantic feminine temperament with the elegant lantern sleeves.

豆瓣日记: 闲逛 | 来了一座城市,你不逛逛古着店吗?

The trial photos taken in the store, but unfortunately wearing the plaid umbrella skirt is a bit tight, otherwise I want to enter

豆瓣日记: 闲逛 | 来了一座城市,你不逛逛古着店吗?

In addition, I also took a ring, the reason was that my basic black sweater seemed to survive at once.

“Tiger Vintage”

“Japanese men with a denim, a Japanese man with a slag”

ADD: No. 21, Gulou Dongjie Street

豆瓣日记: 闲逛 | 来了一座城市,你不逛逛古着店吗?

The name of this store is the same as the horizontal dress, which is slightly rough and non -trimmed, but it is full of flavor. There are a lot of clothing in the store, closely sticking together on the shelves, waiting for you to dig.

豆瓣日记: 闲逛 | 来了一座城市,你不逛逛古着店吗?

There are many checkered suits and trousers in the store. The competition is exactly the same as the current fashionable style. My friend Coco and I chose a checkered suit pants and suit jacket respectively. It was inconspicuous on the shelves, but it was amazing to wear.

豆瓣日记: 闲逛 | 来了一座城市,你不逛逛古着店吗?

Coco selected suit jacket, taken in the store

To be honest, the plaid is very colorful and version. The difference is the distance between rustic and fashionable. But what is satisfactory is that the trousers I chose with intuition are really good.

Surprised found that it was very good at the watch and the previously purchased watch and loafers

In this shop, I also bought the Vintage Burberry, which may be the most favorite of the year. Even the ancient shops in the UK did not find such a trench coat! It is my favorite style, the texture is very stiff, the windbreaker is falling straight, and the British gas is sexy.

豆瓣日记: 闲逛 | 来了一座城市,你不逛逛古着店吗?

Wearing the same shop to buy west pants in the same store

The last owner of this Vintage Burberry may be a Japanese man. I found his name “Murakami” on the neckline.

豆瓣日记: 闲逛 | 来了一座城市,你不逛逛古着店吗?

The story of the owner has also been integrated into this clothing, becoming a unique mark.

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豆瓣日记: 闲逛 | 来了一座城市,你不逛逛古着店吗?

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